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  1. so many long texts about a game that barely hits 1000 players on peaks hours, come on guys, if you still enjoy the game, just play it, if you don't enjoy it anymore, just leave, like everyone else did.
  2. I don't get it how LO didn't figured out how to patch this, it's a REALLY simple exploit, i was like "it's that all?" when i understood how it works.
  3. Can we get a CaioSparkz phonecase? Pretty cool guy u kno :^)
  4. I'm not sure about that, but i do agree that it need to works to every south american player, i believe the Hoplon servers were in São Paulo
  5. This is probably the best idea i've seen in YEARS for this game, the only thing i disagree is the location for the South American Servers, i would change from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, i believe most of the Brazilian APB players are located there, including myself.
  6. Bring back the N-TEC 5 from 2012, is the most balanced version of the weapon :^)
  7. The Khajiits on TES IV look better
  8. Yeah, some beautiful muscular manly men, i loved it.
  9. Why did i search for "Bara" on google? I dunno, kinda regret it.
  10. I don't even what should i say, i'm disappointed but i totally understand that some sh*t went awfully wrong. Part of me just want to say "haha fk LO u never deliver stuff on the promised time", but a major part is so fukn glad that you guys still fighting to bring new stuff for this beloved buggy mess that we call APB. Hope you guys can fix everything in time.
  11. Você esta conectando em um servidor americano ou europeu, do Brasil e com uma internet merda e ainda quer reclamar do lag? Que piada.
  12. Loved the idea of perma weapons, i hope it won't be expensive, and if it is, at least should be slotted versions
  13. Like i said, reworking the map size maybe would made the place feel more populated, i also wouldn't like to see a smaller district, but i believe we can both agree with the amount of useless places need to have a purpose to it.
  14. Wow 9 mission? OH MY HOLY LOVELY JAYSUS! YOU MUST BE A PRO PLAYER, i wonder how often you guys get a streak of 9 to actually believe that this is something...
  15. Some time ago i've started a topic about my old clan's name had been changed for no reason: Since it took so long to be answered, i didn't even bothered to go after a solution, just disbanded the clan a moved forward. Some days ago i just randomly tried to put a clan name that i knew it was being used already, owned by an abandoned account, and maybe for the same reason i had to disband my old clan, i was able to create "G Kings". I know there's a posibility of the previous owner just said "f**k it" and disbanded the clan, but about the "glitch", is it really an error or this is just LO cleaning some names? This is not even u bug report, maybe i'm just conspiring, dunno...
  16. First of all thanks for sharing your thoughs, i believe the only way to make the game good for everyone is to make a good balance of each's opinion. I don't know if this still a thing, but Aion Online used to have "Fast Track" Channels, those where cross-server channels, to help players to level up faster, and to make easier to find parties, so yeah, it's totally possible, just need some work to make it happen.
  17. As some people say, the social district is the "Endgame for APB", and is kind of true, since some of the veteran players tend to go there and spend some time just chatting and customizing. Sadly, the social districts (both NA and EU) are pretty much empty, not only due to population issue, but place itselft is too big for only 100 player per district, so i had some ideas that might help with that. 1. Cross-server Social. This one, in my opinion, is the most important thing to make social feel crowded, making possible to have Jericho players interacting with Citadel people. This not only would make social more populated, but also would make the marketplace better, with a bigger variety of custom content (themes, clothes, symbols and cars) and more option of legendary guns on sale. 2. Change the size and/or the capacity of players. This topic pretty self-explanatory, but going in details, like i said before the social district is way too big for the player capacity, and maybe increasing the number of slots on this district in particular wouldn't be that bad. Combining higher capacity and maybe some rework on the map size would create a more crowded and vivid feeling. 3. Stores 3.1. Reworking some stores. Keeping on the "making the map a little bit smaller" concept, changing the stores interior with some stuff to make them feel like a real store, just like the Joker Store looks like a real shop. 3.2 Create new stores. This topic is not a full worked idea, but i was thinking about it while i was writing about stores, anyway, maybe the persona studio should be broken in 3 parts: The "body morphing" studio: The place to change the body and face of the character. The "Tattoo/Bodypainting" studio: A place dedicated to Tattoo and body symbols only. The "Hairdresser" studio: To change hair, brows, facial and bodyhair, and the colors as well. 3.3 Locations Moving some of the stores into the mall would be a good way to make the players spread across the map, like the Joker Store, that would leave a big empty area where the useless movie theater could be brought back, with some functionality if possible, or just throw that Red Hill NPC there, with a R.I.O.T themed place. 4. NPCs 4.1 Peds and Faction Themed Peds. Placing Peds walking around the map could help on making the place feeling more alive, and some faction theme peds would do the same on a different way, like some pro-Preatorians citizens protesting against the Idolization of the BloodRoses, or the legalization of Marijuana. 4.2 Interaction. This could make not only social better, but the entire game in general, making peds interact with more objects and the player. 4.3 Faction NPCs. Placing more Faction NPCs doing random stuff would be a nice addition as well, they don't even need to be interactive, like Javez skating on the QP close to Zombie, or Strega dancing, small things like that could make a difference. 5. Clubs The looks of both of the faction clubs are already good enough, they just need to be filled with some peds dancing, drinking doing club stuff. 6. Object/Item Interaction and Animations. Make objects interactive, like chairs, benches, stripper poles, QPs, bars, etc. Make the player able to drink, eat, lean on walls, sit on the floor and furniture. I believe that's all i have on ideas to make the social a better place to hang around, chat and even role-play. tl;dr: Cross-server, bigger player capacity, peds,better interaction.
  18. Horses on APB pls!
  19. That spot with a sofa and a pole for sexy dances on the criminal building :^)
  20. Where's that guy that used to ask for horses on APB?
  21. Weird how ppl gets so triggered when a different language pops up on the forum lol Mas respondendo a sua pergunta, macro é proibido, de programas executáveis e de mouse também. Uma dica: Quando tiver dúvidas sobre o jogo, pergunte no grupo do facebook, aqui algumas pessoas tem uma mania horrível de serem babacas sem qualquer motivo aparente.
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