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  1. when i play enforcer i get way better spawns than i would be playing my crim and i play crim most of the time. i encounter the 150m spawns every match as crim, while on enforcer i get the 100m or below spawns. sometimes i even see enforcer spawn in cars that is within 30-50m of my character location. that never happened to me as a crim so far
  2. cobr-a and misery are the most awful guns in the game legit trashcans
  3. @Porcupineomg please respond i wanna see the drama
  4. I am looking for a song maker please pm your prices for a song
  5. radar tower spots anyone from under the bridge and across the planet tbh
  6. 22 days and no response on my ticket damn
  7. B00bie

    Rip jericho

    more like dead jericho
  8. FFA 3 = Yukon + sweets Condor = Ogre BM = DUCK Reply to this thread and ill be constantly watch this thread
  9. B00bie

    getting constantly dc

    i know my internet is pretty shit but god damn i get dc'd every hr before this week i wouldn't get dc'd at all
  10. Reply on this thread ************** SOLD ********
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