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  1. i dont do it, i get teleported when its convenient for my enemy when im preparing my nades, as soon as they get thrown i teleport behind a wall and get blown up by my own nade.
  2. Fennel

    OCA Nano Gold

    FBW is such a bae... most reliable thing i ever used.
  3. then build a wall around it and make the ddosers pay for it
  4. There is a spiritual sequel being started actually. *contains hype*
  5. Fennel

    I wish...

    i wish for the Moirai to have good ramming power
  6. Fennel

    Low yield

    Grenades are literally the only reason I get kills in this game. if youre ever my opp, ill make sure to wear flak jacket
  7. Fennel

    Low yield

    people also get upset at the fact that i use LTL equips only whenever i stun them, then they begin to cry when pull out my HVR with my FBW. Similar effect happens if its a STAR instead of a HVR. ill take the whips and see if it makes them cry any harder.
  8. Fennel

    Low yield

    people get upset with low yields, they get upset with percs, and they also get upset with stun nades since they insta stun if the nade nails it.... they also get upset with normal nades and lastly they get upset with nades from a nade launcher yeah lets remove all grenades
  9. keep it up Matt, its relieving to know youre atleast trying.
  10. When you randomly crash into random crims that's not even griefing. That's your mistake and part of APB ok? what point does that address?
  11. the only time i find griefing funny is when im out of mission, i never do it myself because im usually playing the game the way its mean to be played, free roam works the way it works because it was also meant to fool around in, but not when im in a mission, the amount of times i get griefed in missions is irrelevant, i believe there's no place for it in missions thus why it shouldn't be doable against players in missions. Not sure what is also classified as a arena shooter since the type of shooters i played are rather limited. Also i dont understand the argument of "immersion" I play an enforcer, my duty is to kill or arrests criminals. Most enforcers probably killed more civillians than criminals through running them over, shooting them, getting caught in a crossfire, or maybe from vehicular explosions or nades or rockets, I also happen to see super models wearing high heels and surfing muscle cars at high speeds while being able to properly aim a rocket at such motions. What is there to feel immersed about? this game is fun but its also a clusterfock that i cant feel immersed in it over it.
  12. make those bad apples transparent during missions, problem solved everything else works as usual. As for immsersion, I dont understand it from a gameplay standpoint, youre going to be ignoring most of everything and just be doing your objective, its best that the experience for that isnt ruined by some a-hole that isnt involved in your mission while you remain defenseless about it.
  13. ^dont do that ever again please