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  1. the shotgun had their uses before, the problem comes from server issues now the shotguns are designed to compensate for that but now getting hit by a single pellet hurts like hell, its too forgiving and arguably broken.
  2. i take everything back about what i said on shotguns before, nerf them theyre too forgiving
  3. and my point is that that porsche is a supercar and its going to be expensive as any other supercar, i dont get why the appearance is an issue if it comes to "immersion" if that supercar is immersive enough for you, why would any other be unreasonable? i dont get this "it looks very expensive" yet the thing you find acceptable is still just as expensive
  4. that Porsche is a Super Car, the Countach is no different, nor is the Enzo, however im sure the buguatti is a hyper car, sports car would be cheaper cars that tend to be cars like corvettes, vipers, while they can compete against supercars, they still arent supercars because theyre built with lower quality parts.
  5. we basically have a porsche bodykit rapier
  6. Personally i feel like the JG is fine, they dont feel overpowered when I used them, nor do i find it impossible to deal with them, but the shredder however, yeah i couldnt find a way to properly deal with people that used that shotgun, I seen them mow down people easily and i feel extremely overwhelmed by them.
  7. it doesnt require less aim, i believe its functioning as it should, nailing hits where youre aiming at
  8. you have to be very very close to a jg to get 2-shotted by it, almost pig distance, which by then when youre far enough, an smg can arguably be more effective once youre not as close, this is why i hardly feel there is changes, it still takes as many shots as it took before to kill someone at the same distances as before.
  9. unfortunately my JG cant do that, it takes just about as many shots as it took before to kill in such ranges, that being said i cant feel the differences, maybe the effects are felt greater on the csg but for the jg, it virtually feels the same for me.
  10. the word Nazi has been loosing its meaning especially over recent years when you can get called one for simply disagreeing, people that make swastikas in video games usually only do it for memes and find it funny, you tell me how youre going to take a character cosplaying as goku with a swastika armband seriously instead of laughing at it.
  11. people will need to learn to adapt and take their distances from shotties
  12. That a lot of people now don’t like the improved rifling its more balanced now since it sacrifices cqc effeciency while improving long range as it should be doing
  13. i believe i can understand atleast a little, but ive dealt with much worse, like imagine putting years and years and money into a character of yours in an mmo and suddenly they shaft your race by shafting the one thing they were good at while keeping the handicaps that it costed for you choosing for its advantages. Meanwhile the other races remain as good or even better for what theyre for. Yeah it sucked balls, and no matter how hard anyone argued nothing was done about it and we essentially either lived with jt, made a new character with a more desireably race, or quit the game. And starting a new character would literally take years and tons of grinding to be up to the strength of your previous character
  14. no, no other gaming company does this, even when stat changes, why should LO? theres empty slotted weapons on armas too you know, why didnt you get that in the first place?
  15. yeah, make that the beginner vehicle instead.
  16. Trueno Sprinter please for pop-up headlights!
  17. What car do you propose? I have thoughts of the current dodge charger SRT or Scatpack, but i think that can just be accomplished with the Morai's body since the Morai is based of the 300 which happens to use the same body the charger uses. That said, there's no car i want that badly, but I was thinking maybe a Lexus IS 300 from the early 2000s, or maybe a 80s Camaro IROC, a Ferrari F40 would also be nice but i feel like it would be made of cardboard like the Growl is, a Shelby Cobra would also be very nice to see, maybe a Miata, one with pop up headlights, Heck throw in an RX-7, throw in the RX-8, theres lots of cars that look different enough without making it look too similar to the other.
  18. I think its just common sense when you look at the cisco and brz, obviously theres less of a resemblance when you use a bmw instead of the cisco. Im aware, but if we were to make another car based of the gt86, i think it would look too similar to the cisco. Whats the point of that?
  19. The Cisco still looks a lot like the 86/BRZ/FRS especially from the rear, and since everyone loves modding those, its body kits just make an even close resemblance. Like the Vegas that can look like a buck, or a charger, or a camaro, or a mustang, etc.
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