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Found 2 results

  1. Hello folks! As i said in the N-TEC thread, my intention was to research and find what does the community wanted in terms of the N-TEC balance. The results have been quite impressive. As of now.. from 159 people, 59 want the other ARS to be balanced and 59 want everything as it is right now. Here is my opinion. Like most people i think the N-TEC is quite balanced and versatile and doesnt need touch. The REAL problem is that you have no other option in the AR department that can be as effective as the N-TEC. And thats a HUGE issue. Now we could talk about all ARs all day.. but why do that when we can focus on the only other AR everybody can get that doesnt ARMAS and the only other option you have in F2P. Here is where the STAR 556 comes in. This is gonna be a little long, but please take the time to read. WHY BUFF THE STAR 556? The Problem The STAR 556 is known for everybody as the starter weapon. The rifle with newbies start to get acustomed to the game. However, everybody switches to the N-TEC or other guns sooner or later and next to no one uses the star on high demanding matches. You wanna know why? Thats why i asked about the N-TEC in the first place. The N-TEC is a balanced and versatile rifle that has a learning curve but when you know how to use it is a power house yet is still counterable. Most important, its very good at Long, excelent at medium ranges and somewhat decent at short range. The STAR 556 is a decent rifle... with is decent at long, medium and short ranges. See a problem here? All guns in the game, no matter how are balanced now, are designed to Excel in at least one type of range. EXCEPT THE STAR!! IT DOES NOT FIT IN THE BALANCE!! Your enemy has an HVR? then you get another HVR or obeya/obir to counter. CQC? an OCA or Shotgun. Against a STAR?? ... EVERYTHING WILL DO! Even worse.. the delicate balance of the STAR cannot be touched by mods. Cooling jacket? gives to much bloom. Improved rifling? Also too much bloom on mid ranges. Hunting sight? Breaks your cqc capabilities. Reflex sight?. Barely works. Name me ONE mod setting you can use on a STAR thats is more effective than "decent" or works better than on the N-TEC. I DARE YA!! "but zea, the star is the starter rifle... is build so newbies can learn the ropes of the game." NO. WHAT IT DOES IS GIVING EM A FALSE SENSE OF A BALANCED GUN, AND THEN THEY HAVE TO JUMP TO THE N-TEC OR OTHER GUNS WITH A REAL LEARNING CURVE AND SUFFER FOR IT. All weapons have a learning curve.. you cant learn to play the game with a gun made to be "just good at all ranges" when all the rest of weapons have better odds against it in their respective ranges. (except the snub maybe ?? [Click and drag to move] ) What does this have to do with the N-TEC? The N-TEC is the REAL most balanced and versatile AR of the game. Yes, it takes time to master, but makes you learn the most about ranges, shoot discipline, cover, ttk and more. So now.. knowing that the N-TEC is the most balanced AR in the game.. WE CAN USE IT AS THE BEST FOUNDATION TO BUFF THE STAR (and maybe the other rifles... but more on that later) The Stats STAR 556 / N-TEC (Source APBdb) The Solution As you can see in the stats the star is pretty similar to the ntec in terms of damage drop and having notable differences in the accuracy and bloom recovery. So what do i propose for the STAR? to make it as the lore says: "A jack-of-all-trades in its class, the Somatic Tactical Assault Rifle works best at short to middle ranges. While not the most accurate of rifles, the STAR 556 can fire fully-automatic without extreme loss of precision, making it a useful training weapon. " In other words.. instead of how the N-TEC works.. (Very good long range/excel mid range/good close range). Make it the close range alternative (good long range/excel mid range/very good close range). How? Here are some ideas for me. - Change the ttk to 0.70 sec by giving 7% more base firerate. - Change the bloom recovery so it recovers the same way and same speed as the N-TEC, but with less per shot modifier, so it can burst at mid ranges properly and mantain cqc capabilities. - Reduce the bloom modifier for shooting on the move so you can reflex it properly and meaningfully if you want to. And there you go, you got 2 balanced rifles instead of one with fairly good leraning curve and versatility and arent OP. Conclusion Finally.. if they really do changes on the star... Make it a choice of the starter weapon between the STAR and the N-TEC. That way you can have legitimate good learning curves and you will have a good rifle either way in the long run. If some of my data is wrong please tell me and ill correct it as soon as possible. Any support, idea or opinion would be greately appreciated. Thanks for reading, hope this very little proposal can help to make a more balanced game with everyone can enjoy. PSD: We could make comparition with other rifles... but i think the STAR is the most comparable (and insulting) case.
  2. bambimble

    N-Tec 7 'Ursus'

    I just got a N-Tec 7 'Ursus' out of the golden boxes which you get from buying items in the arma store. I trade trading this item with a friend but even though i refurbished it i still can't trade the item or put it on the marketplace. So my question is since i see everyone trading it and been asking around in social why i can't trade it. other people don't seem to know the answer either is the weapon i have bugged ?
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