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  1. Hello, Since most people play APB trough steam now, and steam investing alot in new backgrounds and avatars. I was wondering is Little Orbit going to join in on this? because i think having nice APB art as background on steam would be epic, and could easily become one of the better and wanted backgrounds on Steam. also i would help to spread APB popularity because people will want the background or just be wondering what the game is.
  2. Hi, It might be the patch did not take well, and u are missing some components. If u play trough steam try verify cache. If that does not help, reinstall the game, this will give u a clean slate, and properly install the game. Also update your drivers!!! If that does not work i fear the new patch does not take well with ur pc , try using the advanced launcher for APB, and set ur graphics more personal !
  3. About Five Points: I created the clan because i felt that the criminals faction doesnt really have a clan, so i decided to start up a clan to make a home for every criminal out there .. new player, pro player, social district hugger, all of them.. The clanname was stolen from a gang that existed long ago and was created by Al Capone..., The logo (the Five with the star) was a symbol used to mark anything that belonged to the gang... And yes , the logo is up for debate lol. About me (Daan245 clan ldr/creator): I am 26 Male From Belgium Ive been arround on APB since 2010, i used to have another account, but that one is lost in time and space, I came back to APB because in the game is still one of a kind, And i trust that under Little Orbit their "new" ownership the game can progress and be the game we always wanted it to be. There is alot of work to be done, but lets help our Devs by becoming a tight supportive community. Ive been a gamer since i was 12 years old, and have been in various clans and led or co led various clans in the past. I believe in building a clan from the ground up with newbies and everyone who is willing to join. oh and i am a whale xd Requirements: The only requirement i ask from my future members, is to respect not only your fellow members but show maturity and respect to your fellow APB players. Voice chat?: I am willing to invest in a teamspeak or creating a discord server for the clan members (and friends) if the clan manages to get a steady base of members. Want to join? - I will be checking this forum post on a daily basis - Contact Daan245 ingame by whisper or mail. - When u contact me, please tell me your age, sex and why you would like to join.
  4. Hello Little Orbit and rest of the APB community. A little introduction, i played APB On and Off since the beginning. Now that LO has taken charge it is the first time in forever that i feel like this could be my main game. A month ago i got my new computer the best i could get of the market at that time, and i have been playing APB on max settings ever since. So what follows is what i find has been improved in the game, And what still has to change (in my opinion). It could be that some that i will point out has been mentioned before, but seeing how i am way to lazy to read the entire forum well xD. So first lets start of with the good. I am very pleased in noticing the latency laggs have been reduced alot, ive tested this before my new pc aswell. With my new pc i hardly get any laggs. Even though the community tends to cry about it alot, i feel that support has greatly improved compared to the previous owners. (not so difficult xD, but still) Also i am happy to have seen that not only the hackers account but also same IP accounts have been banned, gives us a view something is being done about these hackers. In general , all the good is mainly about the base of the game, as it should considering it is only the first year. I feel like Little orbit is right on track on where the game should be since u took control over it. U dont rush out new content, u dont rush out new untested stuff to put in premium shop so it gets u quick cash, like alot of games these days. In my eyes you have proven you are here to stay, and you are here to make this game work. You have my support (for what it is worth) and my trust. Now what i find that has to be improved. Lets start of with the clan system, We need some sort of clan hub for clan recruitement inside the game. Looking for good clans, or recruiting new members purely in the forum is too complicated. New players will not check out the forum, unless someone tells them to do so. We need need an easy way to be able to check out what the available (ACTIVE) clans are, how many active players they have, etc. And for the clans they should be able to promote themselves on an easy way, not spend tons of money in the hope someone notices that their clan sign is on a billboard. If you can accomplish such a clan hub , bigger and more competitive clans will form, opening a new door to competitive APB, clan versus clan... Clan ranking, that clans can earn certain special cars only available in premium shop, or permanent weapons, etc. Next i would like to discuss the matter of how we have to switch weapons. I know it is not little orbit their fault but ... , it takes too much time, it is unlogical on how it happends and is just pure cr*p? So okay when we are near a mailbox or an armaslocker or have our ammo box we can switch weapon. But why cant we switch classes? Wouldnt that make more sense, That we can switch our character mods, both our main weapon and second weapon, the car we use and our outfit, with 1 click. this will allow better adaptability in missions, and possibly that we see more than just the meta weapons in game. Than i would also like to talk about something that is more effecting to me personal. When i say i am from belgium you most know what is coming xD When i asked a mod what was going to be done about the fact i cant buy boxes in armas, he told me, you were thinking about selling legendary weapons in the store but not making them tradable. and at first i found this a good solution. However, i feel this is unfair towards the rest of the community, and not really what i personally want. I want to get my hands on tradable legendaries. get the full experience. what do i propose u ask me? well :p, dont put them in the store for belgian people.. But make extra missions, and not just for me but for the whole community, we are all equal. and make them hard to get, i dont want easy to get legendaries. or somewhat easyer to do solution and perhaps a bit more logical, make them buyable by joker tokens. this way i can grind that and buy the legendary i want by playing. And last but certainly not least. I feel like we need to get the comfirmation that our reporting of cheaters or toxic players is doing something. That whenever a player we recently reported gets banned or punished that get a message saying so. And perhaps even a small reward. like 5 JT (the reward thing i am doubting myself because this could lead to alot of false reports) knowing that our reporting works, will give us more trust in little orbit for dealing with these matters, and give us that little feeling of revenge for those games that we got wrecked by an actual hacker. and ones the trust is there that reporting works, and u keep meeting the same person u think might be hacking .. well than we might change our mind because well he did not get banned even though we reported ,so he must be legit. ps. some sort of player ranking system on a monthly basis. can perhaps filter out the good players from the hackers. people with ridiculous scores are obvious hackers. and someone on top of the board with just a good score, is just a good player Thank you for reading this. And hoping to see these changes in game (fingers crossed) Best regards Daan245
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