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  1. I'm curious to see the changes and progression after all this time, will be tuning in.
  2. 145FPS Limit is great for myself as 144Hz monitor user, although I assume there's also people with 240Hz monitors, will there also be an option for a 241FPS Limit or an option to set a custom FPS Limit yourself?
  3. Just deal with it and focus on the future, give them a new start as well. What we spent in the past is not their responsibility, just hope for better prices in the future. Although it would be really cool to see the difference in G1C back available on the marketplace. It's basically already purchased G1C, their product value is just changed which would give us more for what we payed for. It would be a nice thank you to those who supported the game in the past.
  4. I was looking on what to do with my male criminal, then I saw this clothing combination and thought, hey that's cool, maybe I could spend a little on this. Torn Top: Punk Clothing Pack: 2,599 G1C / 2079 G1C Arm/Shin Pads: Impact Bonus Pack - Combat Gear: Impact: 2,099 G1C / 1679 G1C Cargo Capri Shorts + Spray Cans Leg: Guerra Libero LE Bundle - Wargear Outfit: 5,099 G1C / 4079 G1C Desert Scarf: 369 G1C / 295 G1C Hand Wraps: 99 G1C Total: 10265 G1C / 8231 G1C = ~$110 / ~$95 Not quite sure about those pants tho.. Did I miss anything? Would be nice to buy things separately, since I wouldn't need over half of the stuff from those packs.. I wouldn't spend that ridiculous amount on this game anymore, hope Armas will change for the better. @Defiler Sick character though!
  5. Wow, isn't this basically what we've hoped for all this time? Solid communication? Keep it up! I feel like we're going somewhere, finally.
  6. @quote Had to check ESEA acc, Rank G is pretty nice /10
  7. Besides the issue of the achievements not appearing/unlocking on Steam at the time of achieving the achievement in APB. There are a few achievements on Steam that in my opinion should be removed or be changed. Some of them are not achievable at the current time, because a certain event necessary is not available. Although I played during this event and unlocked it on Steam, that doesn't mean it should be considered an achievement. This achievement is not achievable anymore, because the Infection event is no longer available. This should not show up as "unlock-able" on the Steam Achievement list. (No description) But as far as I remember it was earned by getting 100 kills in the Chaos District/Asylum? I used to have this "Provocateur" achievement/title on an old character which I deleted. This was before the achievement would even show up on Steam. It did not unlock, although the "Survivor" one did, since I did this on another character as well. The real problem however is the same as the above. These Anarchy achievements are no longer achievable, because there is no Chaos District available. These should not show up as "unlock-able" on the Steam Achievement list. I did participate in this event again and unlocked all of them on Steam, but.. They are no longer available because there is no longer a 2014 Halloween Event. These should not show up as "unlock-able" on the Steam Achievement list. Same thing as the Halloween Event, the Christmas Event achievements are no longer unlockable. This "Car Thief" achievement is just a ridiculous grind, 100 car deliveries are already a grind, I tried going for this at some point.. It was so time consuming, there is no way any reasonable player wants to grind this. To compromise just reduce the "Earned by stealing and delivering 1000 vehicles." to "100 vehicles", similar to the "Valet" achievement. Which is pretty much the same process except the "Valet" achievement is unlocked on the Enforcer and the "Car Thief" achievement on Criminal. I do know that there is a program out there called "SAM" or "Steam Achievement Manager" to unlock any achievements on Steam, although I prefer not to use things like that. All Steam Achievements should be unlockable to any new player of the game at any time in my opinion. It's not a pressing matter compared to other issues LO has to tackle right now of course, but it would be something to look at, at some point.
  8. Still was unable to create a character with that name. Give me please.
  9. I'm also kind of missing the spoiler button in the easy options. [spoiler][/spoiler]
  10. This will be the best topic on the whole forum! I remember I tried to do this myself, but I got lost in all the complicated steps. Hopefully everything will get supported for rendering! Looking forward to the new creations! #gummyarmsandlegs / #nopro / #couldnotdoit
  11. Wait, are we doing this here or the other topic?
  12. This! I wanted to post this as well, but figured someone must have had the same issue. #need
  13. Once a fan, always a fan. If the game gets interesting again, I'm very likely to order!
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