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  1. Kingley

    Life is a lie

    Thanks for forgotten knowledge chief
  2. Kingley

    2D Artists Thread

    By the Emperor...This is beatiful
  3. Kingley


    Continue in the shitpost kind sir.
  4. Kingley

    History repeats itself

    This.If you want to judge them give them atleast year.
  5. The best thing is to play with friends.I have noticed that when I cooperate with my friend the matches got A LOT easier.So thats my advice for you.
  6. Kingley

    What's up with Steam Login?

    I think there is something wrong with the steam.
  7. Kingley

    Im back, and im sorry.

    Put him behind bars mr.Timothy Aeronaut !
  8. Kingley

    Name and Praise: Say Somethin' Positive

    I think Schnitzels are very positive thing in our life .
  9. Kingley

    San Paro timeline

    Everything makes sense now!
  10. Kingley

    San Paro timeline

    Is this our Purgatory?