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  1. I think he meant that Talla should giveaway his guns.
  2. I would say that this whole thread is a pretty good meme.
  3. I always try to think positively about these situations.
  4. Everytime I look into this forum I find some threads that lower my already low IQ. Dont change APB.
  5. I miss the feeling of exploring the customization system and making my first outfits.
  6. I love the fact that Engine update meme is still alive.
  7. I think you are onto something,keep digging for more info
  8. Thanks for forgotten knowledge chief
  9. Continue in the shitpost kind sir.
  10. This.If you want to judge them give them atleast year.
  11. The best thing is to play with friends.I have noticed that when I cooperate with my friend the matches got A LOT easier.So thats my advice for you.
  12. I think there is something wrong with the steam.
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