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  1. Thank you so VERY VERY much for this I really loved it! It made me smile and have a small amount of hope for the community and yah know I do want to know the good side of it but most days I see worse than good. I play on the Jericho or whatever. So if people don't want this game so dead why are we not standing up to these people that are chasing away the people that are doing this I see very few people sticking up for bonze and trying to help them. I really enjoyed reading this has so many good points and really help me look at the game in another I wish more people in the game were like you its a very nice change to what you experience as a newcomer! Yes, I was thinking about that there may be some people that are REALLY good witch is cool I don't mind a challenge.. Again I can't thank you enough for this response
  2. How do I sound toxic when I'm pointing out the true facts about this game... This is not a solution Js. These very small 2 comments really proved my point. Merged. Also if they cant fight the things that make this very game CRAP! Then it should be just taken down. √
  3. I will also post my thoughts here as well I’ve been playing Apb about a month almost now and iv played a lot of it to know the community is pretty shitty! I’ve been called terrible names iv even be whispered some pretty disgusting stuff it seems to me that the ignore is a good thing but this really doesn’t stop the community from being TOXIC! I’ve seen it in many other games and it really takes away from the game and makes it not fun! *People stop playing due to this* I completely understand that this is a game of brute mentality but that Does not mean that you have to be a complete troll or pleasant fellow to everyone it makes me so bummed out cuz the game can be so fun but gosh the people really Suck patootie. All this hacker shit really needs to be fixed not only is it chasing your new players away but it makes it really hard for the people that actually want to play the game and be good at it when you have CHEATING going on. I hope this is fixed and iv also herd it's being worked on but this is kind of out of hand. What’s up with everyone saying this game is dead how is it dead when I go on a server and am constantly in mission regardless the shitty cheating opponents but you are constantly able to do something is it dead in the scenes that its broken and there’s hackers and aimbots and tones of rumors that make the game kinda cringy. (Is it possible for them to hack you? OR they just taking advantage like the banana bags that they are ? ) I think as a decent online game we need some answers as to why the chat is not moderated! I would donate my time if it meant having a more fun time without trolls and sore losers are banned temporally or even just take chat away for a while it’s a real buzz kill. The report option isn’t working clearly. Do not responded if you plan to be a complete patootie wipe as you saw in the first part I’m pretty fresh and would like to get some words from good parts of this community( don't be that guy/girl XD ) cuz as far as iv seen iv meet 2 nice people and that’s about it rest pretty much spew nasty stuff into chat it’s kind of annoying and frustrating as someone that wants to make a clan on here of decent people. The New servers are they meant to make the game better and why is no one playing let's help them collect the data needed to fix this shit ???
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