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  1. I will never open this game again, I will play only GTA V. Sad to see a game with good potential be picked up by a bad company.
  2. Jericho too, I couldn't complete my OCA Nano "chrome" mission. I really like this game but it won't be long before it dies for good.
  3. I will definitely waste my time doing this to have the same result.
  4. Do you think PC Servers are coming back today?
  5. I stopped playing for a long time, came back a week and now this maintenance begins sad ;(
  6. Does anyone know how long maintenance will take?
  7. I already tried to reinstall the Game, and Steam and I can not get past the first pisco of the launcher it keeps blinking several times and never install anything I just downloaded the official website, but I want to put cash on steam so it's not good for me Thank you for trying to help
  8. But I saw it in the game folder, some launcher comes and goes back. They appear to be deleted and downloaded again. I'm trying to download the game again, I have 1565 hours of gameplay on Steam before the download was very fast.
  9. I'm trying to download the game on Steam and the Launcher is loading and disappearing repeatedly, can you help me?
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