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  1. If we get the Parka(down) all people that bought that pack should get it for free. (Which includes the parka we got now)
  2. I would love to put a skin on my Ursus..
  3. So, ill update this later, I'm getting so many constant crashes upon entering a district. It's getting kind of frustrating. Edit: editing windows registry seemed to have fixed my crashing.
  4. Repairing got it to fix it for me. Did u try re-installing then trying again? That seemed to work aswell for me.
  5. i get this @Kevkof Also @Tunner I re-installed the game, at first i didnt even recieve the manifest for the update download. That way i did.
  6. Bva

    Client Manifest?? W0T

    Why when i try to open the launcher it tells me the Client Manifest is invalid? Why did i crash earlier this morning and get tons and tons of errors trying to launch the game? Edit: Managed to update the game via re-install now i get this error.
  7. I am getting so many errors/crashes after today. Really? manifest failed to download, many MANY errors/Crashes when attempting to launch the game, can't even get past district select, i get error.
  8. Really don't get why this would be a 2 hour problem to fix...
  9. It would be helpful if we could track said achievements via a role or a counter. Tho.
  10. Yes exactly, no need to extend it much further then needed.
  11. It's been 2 hours. Cmon, game is updated, put it online. No need for the extra 4 hours of waste.
  12. I've just used a VPN and bought joker boxes, i got Lucky and got the Ursus, not sure if i can sell/trade it tho, which i wouldnt want to.
  13. 6 hours? For what though? G1 did it faster.
  14. I hate to be that guy, but those are just leggings, converted to go on male with a bunch of added symbols? What is this new clothing?
  15. Credits go to myself for making the symbols/outfits Char Name - Fluffytof Server - EU Citadel
  16. And when exactly is this going live? Why post it when it's not even live yet.
  17. How do i fix this issue?? Edit: seemed like everyone had the same error. Link Removed.
  18. Thanks a ton for letting us know Lixil
  19. We've been waiting what? 5 years for the engine update? Pretty sure we can wait for a 5 year maintenence.
  20. So how long is this maintenance going to last for?
  21. Bva

    VoiP broken?

    Since i dont see my thread anywhere anymore i decided to post it again but this time in more detail. My VoiP has been broken ever since the BE update yesterday, i've already tried multiple things. Restarting PC, APB and Vivox; Repairing APB; Removing Vivox+Repairing APB; Updating Sound Card; Re-install APB; Disconnected all input devices and connecting them again; Closing Vivox whilst APB is running, and opening it again; Turning on ''Push to talk'' and turning it off, neither of them appear to work; Disabling/Enabling VoiP in-game. My voice communication works perfectly fine on Discord and Skype. I seem to be one of the few who is experiencing these issues, if anyone has any tips/fixes that i didn't try yet, please suggest them.
  22. Mate, APB isnt ''Other games'' WHy u gotta whine about custom crosshairs from the start of LO's takeover, just use the default one. Problem fixed, get good.
  23. Bva

    VoiP broken?

    Before the patch voip was working amazing, as of right now i try everything but i can't get it to work? @Lixil Any info on this or is this a known issue?
  24. I think, in my opinion. (this is my opinion, you can critisize it with constructive critisizm) Let's say, you get in a mission, teamed with a cheater, yes? Would you; Teamkill him? (Doing the right thing) Sit this mission out? (Doing the right thing) Or Play the mission normally, knowing that you're gonna win? (Not such a great decision) i would sit the mission out and /report ''Said cheater'' In my opinion, people that play with cheaters, are in my eyes supporting the cheater, and should be penatalized by some degree, Not saying a ban or anything. People who then proceed to defend said cheater should also be penetalized, because it all supports the cheater. Cheating in this game is a huge problem, especially now that Fairfight is turned to manual instead of automatic. With that you create more cheaters, because there are no consequences of using an Aimbot, wallhack, ESP or Triggerbot, etc. WHat do you guys think? Or do you think nothing should be done to those types of players? Sure you can say. ''But it's not premade'' or ''How do you know if it's premade or not'' It's still an issue in my eyes. Would love to hear what you guys think about this.
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