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  1. Yeah, ive been having some problems with my hard disk latelly i did what you told me and it did found errors on the disk, i repaired it and the game launcher still doesnt work i was planning on doing a format on my disk for another thing anyways so, that may solve the problem thanks for the help though!
  2. https://pastebin.com/8pU6rihc
  3. Hello, does anybody know how to solve the Launcher.log error on the apb launcher? i cant open the game at all because i get this error in the launcher. I dont know where the error came from since i was playing the week before this happened. i have tried pretty much everything, run as administrator, reinstall, turning off my antivirus and also reinstall my game with the antivirus off, made an exclution of the game folder for the windows defender and tried reinstaling the game by browser launcher and steam, also tried with the hidden files option on the folder of the game. None of em worked and i still cant open the game at all. if somebody knows what could be the problem please let me know.
  4. Name: Sarah Cruz. AKA "Slingshot" Native city: San Paro Age: 21 Still counting few years missing to return to the street, it seems that the months were decades instead of thirty days raising hopes. She was 19 years old and she went to prison, 22 her friend the day he passed away. They didn't have to look for her, she just gave herself up, she said he deserved it for being a traitor. They were friends, the facts had won respect and love, for his birthday she went to give him a .32 but he found him making deals with the prentiss tigers. leaving her with no choice. She ruthlessly killed him, and after the last bullet she hugged him herself, "Brother, I couldn't, I hope God forgives you" only in seconds the ship sank. Life does not give you to choose the situation. "Your sentence will be lowered if you join the enforcers" but she prefer drugs to heal her heart. And then there she will be complete and satisfied, outside her people are waiting for her, "you just have to be patient take advantage". Some contacts of her talked with the Joker distribution to help, but they answered "If you want it, earn it"
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