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  1. Legendary Stock Market bouta crash harder than Realtime Worlds APB
  2. You just triggered my nostalgia flashbacks
  3. I don't take too kindly to you loling at my forum posts mister, my ego is too fragile for that and you shall be punished to the highest extent
  4. "You know what would really make this montage amazing? Pincushion distortion!"
  5. Damn bro, I wish I knew. Can't find news about it anywhere, especially not on these forums, very weird
  6. petition to bring back the colby sub forums
  7. We've made it full circle, the apb forums now represent the Colby Sub-forums
  8. To think this released 6 years ago boggles my mind, ahead of it's time.
  9. my money is on a shooting from Iranian(s) based on the recent tensions
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