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  1. If you think someone in your team should be doing something then say so or take the initiative to do it yourself.
  2. Considering how much effort both the community and staff went into this and with the code so far being "6ac20d50-_ _ _ _-4f0f-_ _ _ _-3ec51de745d7", it would have to guess some sort of exclusive content would be the reward like a new unique gun skin. I find myself going this was fairly elaborate and quite well thought out for a reward which they could of done something like "RedHillnessRiots" as a 7 day premium code for example... but I have been proven wrong before.
  3. The fact it number 2 of 3 makes me question if we're to late for the first blueprint, or if they are not in order. I wouldn't hold my breath on finding all 3. Saying that we are just missing 2 more parts of the code still.
  4. Gee there's quite a bit to have to filter though here. Firs off I believe Redhill has been subject of 2 hackings, one by an activist group trying to warn people with the below picture The activist may of tried to write a message in black but the message: I suspect a second hacker caused the corruption of the RedHill Institute website and has written in magenta the following: "PWNeD" written in the name and "@55h0l3" written in the email newsletter form "BlueLake" written over the News About RedHill as mentioned by NekoSenpai "Why" written at the end of the report on Redhill's Court ruling report. "NICE TRY" and finally by the line wolf hacker left a coded message, Now it may be a red herring intended to distract but I tired my best to clean up the image to make it a bit more easier (sorry to those that are colour blind). Does anyone recognise this code format? It may just be part of a schematic or it could be an image used to help decipher something else, I'm not sure but I just think this grid is something to bare in mind considering it shows up 3 times. When overlayed they are a match but nothing really comes about of them, the first "grid" is quite difficult to work with considering part of the website is still there. And yes tinfoil hat seen was a Easter egg reference to LadyTiggs and the old GamersFirst team, as well as conspiracy theorists... -edit- I doubt this would work but if the Secondary Lone Hacker is reading this, could you give us a vowel please. Such as the Letter E?
  5. So criminals are left just sitting there and cannot be rescued by teammates, also while making it harder for enforcers to get the arrest in the first place? Surely that's making it worse for everyone..?
  6. When you agree to using the Open Test World, you agree that it's for testing of content and features which which may be highlighted by LO. Any anomalies or errors found with said content under testing should be reported to LO. The access to the Open Test World is something granted by Little Orbit out of trust, Do not test or abuse that trust. Just to be clear OTW is for testing purposes under guidance, and not reviewing the game as content in OTS may and can change before final live server release. It is debatable if this is unintended use of a service and against the rules. Actually it would be an leak from an external source rather than an internal leak. The content is not intended to be accessed if the server is closed to the public, Just because it's no longer internal doesn't mean that it's no longer restricted. To the press, media and SPCT, they would of signed a non-disclosure agreement with an embargo which would be later lifted, this gives Little Orbit the legal right to have space to be in peace and do what they need to while also prevent anyone getting an advantage of revealing content before others unfairly. Just because you haven't been given an NDA doesn't mean you're in the clear, It is still Little Orbit's content, their forum, their business and have every right to protect their product. I'm not sure if data-mining goes against APB's EULA section 3. (3.1.1 and 3.1.5)?
  7. St. Patrick's day wasn't celebrated in previous years with a holiday event or reward from my recollection..? I don't mean to be rude to anyone who has Irish heritage or relations but St. Patrick's day is a celebration of the saint that brought Christianity to Ireland. A lot of messages of religion holidays have been lost in time to commercialism but while St. Patrick should be respected and celebrated none the less, It is still somewhat subjective. There are other holidays with different religions and cultures obviously as well as others within Christianity (EG: Epiphany/Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday) Oh and Yood, There is already an Irish flag skin on Armas Marketplace, so a alternative skin would advisable.
  8. Well I think he gave a reasonable response that he isn't trying to build up hype because that could lead to people being disappointed, also What Unreal Engine 3.5 in testing looks like could be different from the release due to some alterations needed. It shouldn't be concerning that there are no screenshots. It should be concerning if we don't hear any updates at all.
  9. I'm not a fan of Battle Royale, but have you seen GTA Online? It's just going over the top and feels more like Saints Row now. Just a power trip game.
  10. But the game wasn't maintaining itself. for years the population was on a decline and with unreal engine 3. CPUs were limited to 1 core thread... So as newer CPUs come out with more cores, the worse the game played. When APB was first released, it was unoptimised and today it has been optimised to best it can be ...for computers that are between 5 and 10 years old! APB had to change or it would of died and it is so close to dying right now.
  11. What FC map doesn't though? lol
  12. Do you wish to elaborate on what you mean by "collapsing map" because it is not reassuring to hear such a term used when it is a feature frequently used in modern Battle Royales. -Is RIOT going to have a inward constricting circular area of play, or is the the map restrictions going to be handled differently? -Also is the map restrictions going to be triggered by an action or automatic on a time delay?
  13. A healing wound rarely is painless experience in the short term, but it is necessary for a long term recovery.
  14. You can't blame a gaming journalist... or heck ANYONE for being fed up of the Battle Royale craze. So yeah, it's a normal reaction to be sceptical especially with APB's previous history of PR events which have had incorrect details. Personally I am sceptical but thinking about this in a logical sense, I am quietly optimistic but also cautious and won't take things for face value until I see with my own eye the fruit of LO's labour.
  15. I've heard these arguments before and I agree with them in principle. But I have to believe that Matt Scott and his team made the decision to release RIOT before the Engine Upgrade in a strategic move, it would boost player numbers and keep the game alive long enough till the Unreal Engine 3.5 is finished and can be released. We really are in minimal player population numbers right now and RIOT may just be what we need to keep APB afloat just a bit longer Despite bad first impressions, Once Unreal Engine 3.5 is released is when APB:Reloaded can really show what it is worth, get new content and have PR promotional events. But until then, we are scraping the under carriage on the runway before take off! Yeah... Battle Royale is not defined by team based gameplay nor is it defined by a collapsing map, these are only modern BR feature. If 2018 Slaybells was anything to go by then I think Matt Scott said "collapsing map" in a moment of having a lack of a better word, Again I don't think it's going to be a consistently a circle that shrinks inwards. But that all remains to be seen.
  16. I would like to think Little Orbit is already aware, and yes tests were done by players and multiple forum posts were made... But how can Little Orbit prioritise fixing 1 gun over any other? You know what I'm going to say now too don't you. They're hard at work with other projects including the finishing touches to RIOT, mitigating the Nekrova and Citidel merge, UN3.5, ETC. I cannot believe staff at Little Orbit have slowed down the pace of work when their progress has been consistently quiet condensed. It may be a couple of minutes or hours job but with some other higher priority tasks that have been waiting longer and even neglected by Reloaded Productions, I don't think the community would react in a very positive to further delays.
  17. Well the Institute website updated during the time I was at work yesterday. A new factory opens up in San Paro with more details to come but vaccine production is still on going. "Emergency override" giving approval to proceed on human trials being rushed. Also Redhill Institute was cleared in court after a 27 employees have reported injuries, but they were all conveniently failed drug tests in hospital... I find myself unable to rule out unable to also rule out that the new sewage system built may of contributed to these failed drug tests. 2 new job postings? "Litigation Attorney" and "First Officer - Pilot"
  18. As much as it would make the feel more friendly, Sometimes the problem teammate IS the leader. Also this does not apply to fight club where most people go to grind LTL as it does not affect threat level, not reliant on instance population and also FC has very much more focused combat without as many or any distractions of objectives to complete. Also a valid point --- Uhhhhh... This is a habit I already do but it doesn't work all the time in open spaces. Just to be clear, There have been times when I have tried to give cover to an opponent that I am trying to arrest, and have been deliberately shot at none the less for a kill/arrest steal. --- I do realise that and do help educate new players as I go along but while what is done is done, those potential arrests are still a loss of time and effort in both the match and to the cop rank if working towards it. Regardless I shouldn't also need to explain to a new player DON'T SHOOT THROUGH ME WHEN I'M IN FRONT OF YOU! But while being eager isn't a bad thing, it can be too much of a good thing and being trigger happy doesn't help if not controlled. --- Also to make LTL feel less unfair, give an option to "respawn now" rather having to wait for the rescue opportunity cooldown before the respawn process starts. I hear frequently from criminal players that this time period is just frustrating, and that it is a delay to get back into a time critical mission. I will agree that is an unfair disadvantage in some mission context.
  19. They added the number "32584" to the billboard as well now? The website doesn't seem to of been updated upon first glance.
  20. So Enforcer A stunned and arrested Criminal 1. Criminal 2 comes along and shoots Enforcer A dead with a CSG before helping Criminal 1 escape, both criminals walk away. ...I don't see what's unfair about that... Sorry, it may seem cliche but it is regrettably true that if you think Less than Lethal is unfair then you'd going to have a less enjoyable time if that player was using lethal weapons. Once I've been shot dead by a teammate as I go to make the arrest before that same teammate actually arrests the criminal I stunned! (I did report them.) Again a few times I've been shot at while making an arrest become some new player doesn't realise what is going on. And sometimes they do kill me before I finish making the arrest and sometime they kill after making the arrest... before shooting dead the arrested criminal anyway! Countless times my stunned opponent will be shot dead before I get to even start making the arrest, or shot dead while making the arrest. Sometimes by accident or out of mercy by fellow criminals. Or again having my stunned opponent shot dead by another enforcer before being I get start/finish the arrests. Having arrests stolen by other enforcers who want the kill and cannot respect the fair play, is one of the most infuriating things. It does result at times to team killing or stunning in retaliation, but sometimes it is just a pure accident. There have been times when I've throw a grenade but then the criminal become stunned but I'm not sure from where/who, and then the grenade goes off killing the stunned criminal. Then the less than lethal enforcer stuns/kills me in retaliation out of what was just an unfortunate badly timed accident. It is infuriating none the less. You think it's not fair on criminals? It's not any better for the enforcers that put themselves in harms way to get an arrest on top of the stun. Please, I do encourage you try and get a few arrests on a enforcer character, say at least 20. You really have to see what it is like trying to get arrests, and then consider if it is unfair for criminals. It doesn't feel fair on anyone, despite the reality that it's not greatly unfair.
  21. VickyFox

    Game Ideas

    I highly doubt it will happen due to Little Orbit opening themselves up to potential legal action due to using Marshmello's likeness without his permission. If they did try and get his permission then some sort of legal document would needed to be written up to prove that both parties are in agreement with this use. Little Orbit is a business and are making profits off of APB:Reloaded. If there was content in game which they do not have permission to use then they can be taken to court as they could make money from it at someone else's loss. This is why cars in game have unique names like the Dolton Boardwing when we all know it is a Ford Crown Victoria but by design. It's not an exact detailed copy of the actual car. At the same time, Little Orbit would be giving advertisement in their game for other's content but also be at a loss when they could of have been paid for the advertisement. Tasty Burger has a mascot that is a clown, If Tasty Burger was changed to McDonald's without some notice to McDonalds then again highly doubtful that McDonald's would pay for advertisement that was originally free and didn't ask for! Again even if original brand holder did benefit, they can still demand for it to be stopped as permission wasn't asked for. Failure to adhere to the cease and desist order would lead back to court. Players in game can get away with because they are not making any money with their own copy of costumes, music and pictures and the original creator isn't making a loss so it can be considered for fair use. TL;DR A business cannot just use other people's work without some sort of permission. If they did make money off of other's work then they can be taken to court for the losses to the original creator. This doesn't rule out making a helmet that is just shaped like a cylinder and a generic top and pants, but it just can't be MarshMello. You can make it into it other clothing and a helmet into Marshmello but Little Orbit can't make it for you. It's not just a costume, that outfit is an image that he puts on so you can identify him as, it is part of his brand.
  22. He's talking about clashing preset mods.
  23. VickyFox

    New Content

    I agree with Zolerox that it seems a bit of a stretch to call it content but statistical break downs would be a pleasant addition none the less.
  24. The vehicles chosen are cement trucks which are the biggest and heaviest in game, it seems like a deliberate move to disrupt player traffic because of this. If a player created and based event was going on then it would be advisable to just block the right half of the road to stop NPC traffic. NPC traffic be subject to a full road closure with staggered opposing right sided blockade, but there shouldn't ever been a need to obstruct the entire road at 1 single point
  25. It doesn't look like a electrocardiograph, It could be a bloop pressure but I don't think it's intended to be any medical related visual representation. For what it's worth. there is clearly a positive correlation of red taking over the blue... In APB what is represented by the colours red that has been on the rise, and what is represented by the colour blue?
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