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  1. It's disheartening having all the potential of APB could of been being listed out. A fair conclusion overall, I think it's reasonable to say that APB has been in a coma on life support for the past few years. It is nice to see a video made on the history of APB which doesn't just end with the implying that APB is dead, even though it's very much far from thriving or active.
  2. It's not exactly priority number one especially with next to no one playing! Fasalina said their day is ruined, As much as I was hoping for a date or even a target for when some performance improvements to be rolled out... It's just another day in the calendar, just another year. After years of heart ache, hope and frustration, it would be wise to not waste emotions over a long term issues which has spanned multiple years. That doesn't make me any less of a fan of APB, but crying a river isn't going to change a thing.
  3. I think a lot of people for a long time saw an engine upgrade like a remastering of APB with the offerings of better performance and potential for new technology to be utilised, It was an exciting thought. But I think this announcement has been a realistic review of the complicated unique creature that APB is with it's coding and engine. Personally I feel a level of acceptance of the facts, and I think we all knew deep down that this was likely to be the outcome.
  4. For the meme or did you not read the anniversary letter?
  5. I was going to write this reply to you in a message on discord but actually... I think I want other people to know how I feel even if they don't care. There's trying to be quietly optimistic, supportive and patient... And then there's waiting for over 7 years for something that became meme, It's been so long that the Q1 2014 and Soon™ memes stopped being funny and actually feels insulting! As much as I love APB and want the very best for it, It's beyond the point of considering what is best for it. I'm not going to be wasting my time, energy, emotion and money on what is a metaphorical black hole. It'll be the closest thing to a miracle I've seen if/when the engine upgrade is complete. I admit... I give up... I'm not waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ here! After 10 years, I've lost hope for APB, I'm not having fun anymore. I can only hope someone at Little Orbit reads this and realises just how deeply I feel. Que sera, sera.
  6. After 2018 with the Epidemic, the GM hosted events with the autumn assault, and then the Slay Bells all in a span of 3 or 4 months... It was then I knew that Little Orbit was naïve, testing the waters and are not take feedback from player on what needs to be addressed, what we'd like to see, what works well and what we'd like to see improved. With events bringing back trolls, some hackers, potentially distracting focus from development, If such naive actions were being done on events, It was inevitable that the engine upgrade was going to be underestimated. After 3 years, there isn't an excuse for floundering. As much as one tries to keep spirits up of fellow community members, there's only so much slack that can be given. People can say just polish the game and do another ad campaign to recruit new players but customer acquisition vs retention is always going to be in favour for the loyal customers that keep returning. There is only so much polishing you can do and the cracks that show in APB are too big to ignore. Also there is a point where polishing the game is no longer viable considering the engine is being pushed to it's limit in capability. In the past people suggested just make APB from the ground up as a new game, I didn't like the idea before of starting over, but in hind sight it probably would of been easier and quicker to do. I used to be addicted to APB and also love this game to the point of hating the flaws and mistakes, but now emotionally I feel like I'm back with the old GamersFirst... I'd rather just see APB shut down the servers and have a dignified.
  7. Long time no see To be honest, at the turn of the new year I found myself at a point where I stopped looking at the engine upgrade weekly notes from Matt and stopped playing. I know 1 person who stopped playing back in 2017 who said they'll play APB when the engine upgrade happens. Likewise I would play APB once the engine upgrade is complete but in the mean time there just isn't enough incentive for me to stick around. There are other games that run better and have new content coming out so why play APB even with free premium. The chicken and egg of encouraging new players before or after the engine upgrade is quite the long running debate. Honestly I rather not try and get new players if the game is not offering a great experience or anything new... I mean it's already free to play! There's only so mush that polish can do and polish isn't going to hide the cracks that are showing.
  8. Hello, I would like to express an interest in potentially joining. -edit- Didn't notice this was for EU only. If it's ok, maybe I could be having a trail period to get an idea how I feel being in this clan?
  9. Armas has had a rework to G1c which has made it 20% cheaper, also because of the international health crisis and pandemic. Premium has been awarded indefinitely although temporary time. The rework of Armas started back in 2018.
  10. VickyFox

    Disable things

    Sexually provocative images are not against the Terms of Service unless it has visible genitalia, persons under 18 however ARE bannable! This game is not targeted, intended for, or suitable for children or those easily offended. Sorry but western priorities: Women's nipples are somehow more offensive than shooting someone!
  11. If you force a restriction then it will only drive those determined enough to evade it even harder. MattScott said that LittleOrbit intend to add "Phasing" as a new form of matchmaking, players will be matched up automatically rather than segregating threat and making districts population numbers lower. Threat segregation is what caused dethreating in the first place.
  12. Little Orbit is not limiting it, the game's coding and the physical servers have limits. The more complex a design, the more memory and processing power needed and that isn't quickly accumulates when a district can hold over 50 players. I'd suggested looking back at your character and see if there is any way to simplify or make shortcuts in your the designs.
  13. Nearly everything in Armas is has 20% off, you get vast more customization limitations lifted, more contact standing and in game money bonus. I don't mean to be rude but you sound a little ungrateful considering LittleOrbit is carrying on their normal work load from their own homes, and you think you deserve an even further discount despite the premium given out of generosity is indefinite? How about showing Little Orbit some support during this difficult time.
  14. They lower settings to get the most frame rates for a competitive edge or because their higher end modern PC have technical difficulties with the current outdated game engine. Either way to answer your question, max settings or minimum settings. All that would happen is a minor different in reaction time possibly but only my a millisecond. A good aim is a good aim. You can down vote me now salty!
  15. The HVR is a hard weapon to balance as it's meant to do high damage and very accurate. You said it yourself that low walls which cover the hit box provides cover, but that as a issue is something that affects the map and not just shields. Maybe movement from cover could have more bloom reworked for snipers too, I don't know. Deplayable shields are just that... a shield and can provide very good strategic options. Ok a few things could be reworked but jumping with medium items or dropping and picking up large items to help a player move faster is another issue. I don't know what G1 were thinking with car surfer! Blocking passages with shields could be done with any deployable if it's the right size. It may be frustrating but an exploit is something which gives an unfair advantage, something like putting a bag out of bounds. There needs to be a level of consideration for player's ingenuity and adaptability. I would suggest that all deployables have a equip time cool down just like when you pull out a gun or reload.
  16. VickyFox

    A new threat level?

    I think that the colour pink doesn't give a serious enough reflection for players of the highest threat. Little Orbit I believe has the intention to add colour blind mode for APB once the engine upgrade is live. Platinum could be used as a light blue.
  17. Previous anticheats wrongfully flagged suspicious computer applications. Fair Fight is server side rather than client side so it struggle to tell the difference between a marco and a really good player, as do you it seems. How many people do you think are cheating right now? lets say 10%? 10% of 10% wouldn't get banned... yeah 1% of 500 players is 5 players, so less than 1 per server physical server. Terror is right. it was a challenge for people to reroll into new accounts, and it was a achievement to some when they get banned multiple times while causing grief to other players in game. Some of them posted videos of them doing it on youtube proudly. ...I'm sorry if you don't feel reassured but you don't need verification and these trolls do not need to be fed any more attention. Personally I feel that asking for numbers of bans to be published isn't a bad or detrimental idea but a bit of a mute point if you're suspicious of current anticheat, If you don't think it's effective then why do you think the number would be reassuring.
  18. Google or using the onsite search bar is probably a good place for you to get familiar with then. ...so the driver can't die but the passenger can, yet the passenger can't climb in or out of the vehicle? It's these reasons why it wasn't added before, you can't shoot people in cars even through glass windows. The hitbox was the main reason why they were never added before. You can't shoot the rider but the moment he gets off you can shoot him dead doesn't make much sense or good gameplay.
  19. For the life of me I found bundles with cars, clothing and guns the most confusing. I believe the Vegas Rocker Bundle is the 4th most expensive bundle on armas that contains guns, clothing and a vehicle. Dressed to Kill Enforcer/Criminal Bundle: 5034 - 1 clothing, 1 gun, vehicle and vehicle kit... Juggernaut Strike Pack: 4999 - Account bound, 3 guns, 5 gun skins, vehicle, vehicle kit, 1 clothing and a lot of eye sore! Pack of Revelations Pass: 4999 - Account bound, 4 clothing, 5 guns, 5 gun skins, vehicle and 4 vehicle kits... although there is an argument to be made if they're actually 4 different kits or 1 kit made up by 4 partial kits. Vegas Rocker Bundle w/Vegas Rhino 4x4: 4436 - 1 clothing, 1 gun, vehicle and kit, Enforcer/Criminal Heavy Duty Bundle: 4190 - 1 clothing, 1 gun, vehicle and vehicle kit. The Vegas Rocker Kit doesn't include the actual Patriot Vegas 4x4, which is not unique but the price was still higher than some entire bundles. Most bundles include the actual vehicle and are priced about the same or higher... but the Vegas Rocker Bundle w/Vegas Rhino 4x4 has the following content: Rhino kit, 4x4 Vegas, Tas 40 and Rocket clothing kit. Without Premium it is 4436 G1c, and 3549 G1c with a Premium 20% discount. The Enforcer/Criminal Halloween Complete Bundle Which includes the Firehawk Kit, Vegas 4x4, Rocket clothing pack, ISSR-a Artemis assault rifle, plus the Punk clothing pack (valued 1113) and still ends up cheaper at 3432 before premium. Compared to the Halloween Complete Bundle, The Vegas Rocker Bundle is still more expensive EVEN WITH the Premium discount and less content. --- @MattScott There are 4 Armas products that I feel should have their prices reviewed and a couple others to consider: I believe that the Dressed to Kill Enforcer/Criminal Bundle is disproportionately overvalued at 5034 G1c. This was a shockingly bad considering Dressed to Kill are Character Bound when there are the Juggernaut Strike Pack and Pack of Revelations Pass costing 4999 G1c, both including at least 2 more guns, 5 gun skins as well as all contents being account wide. By chance I noticed that the Urban Warfare Packs were unevenly priced between the 2 faction variants. The Armored Urban Warfare Pack is the Enforcer version priced at 3343 G1c, The Criminal version of this pack is the Impact Urban Warfare Pack but is priced 2895 G1c. Again I would ask if both of Urban Warfare Packs If the price are fair considering ATAC 424 Watchman included is a 30 day lease and not Character Lifetime long. And back to the original poster's topic. With the Vegas Rocker Bundle w/Vegas Rhino 4x4 costing 4436 G1c, it is on the higher end of where it should be I feel. However the Vegas Rocker Kit priced at 2269 G1c. When you consider it consists of shotgun, clothing pack and a vehicle kit without the vehicle, It doesn't seem so bad; The G-Force Race Packs at 2,589 G1c includes a car but no gun. Not sure how others value a car compared to a gun, but I think the car would be of higher value and so this seems fair more or less. ...and in from the left field the High Roller Bundle, ironically the cheapest bundle including a clothing pack, a car with full body kit and gun at 2241 G1c, just though i'd mention that.
  20. Can we let LO iron out the bugs and optimize the new game engine before we start critiquing them on aesthetics of the shaders.
  21. After dominating most of the game, I've had bronze run away with a hold item on the final round because it's the only way for them to win. While it is frustrating, I'd rather take the moral victory than restrict gameplay.
  22. I agree with Cookie, With previous experience with RAF... such a hypothetical may not yield much better results. We could throw all the hypothetical in the world at the wall but to what benefit? Maybe it's better not to hypothesize about something that is divisive.
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