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  1. Are you talking about your car or NPC's cars? If you repair your car, get out and then get back into it then the lights will work again. However traffic lights do not work anymore
  2. VickyFox

    Map Change Global Events

    I suspect the old gremlin of engine limitations is why this hasn't been done before. Previous dynamic events were small scale: Easter/Drug mule: mugging NPCs to get holiday event items to collect, Butcher: 1 person finds a legendary OPGL and they go on a rampage in district while everyone available attacks them. Recent larger event had needed a dedicated district for events even as small as Autumn Assault. Equally an issue is that no one wants to disrupt other players who are already in missions, And lastly stress testing the servers would be needed to see if they could handle normal missions along side a dynamic event.
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    1. I find myself going well you cannot say the game is pay to win without further context. Chances are that the gun you used was a weapon which is a reskin of a already existing gun in game and maybe with preset mods... If this is so then changes also are that you haven't tried or unlocked the original in game version of the gun either. If a gun is genuinely overpowered then it often is just because it has yet to be balanced out or something about the gun has become broken in error during a patch. It's not uncommon when a new gun is released that it needs to damage, range or fire rate reduced as it was more powerful in game than first thought. Joker Box Legendaries are not pay to win either as these guns may be unique but have quirts that deliberately make it harder to use these weapons even if they may be more powerful. All guns have a counter and all guns have their strengths and weaknesses. Not sure If you meant what this sentence is actually saying but Selling weapons back to armas would be pay to win for some as then people can get more money back from content they no longer want, for people who have guns they don't like, It wouldn't be a bad idea but it wouldn't be free player friendly. Trading Armas premium guns in game would break the in game economy! If people bought guns on Armas with real money only to sell them for in game money then they'd be in the millions within minutes without doing a single mission, They could then buy what they want from the in game marketplace and get the best cars, guns, mods... It would make rank and progression pointless! I'm sorry but that is pay to win! 2. The clothing items that cannot be found in game or sold in Armas are in fact holiday event rewards. The next holiday will be the Valentines Day. 3. Little Orbit has acknowledge that the game is not new comer friendly... and are trying to find ways to address this. 4 . GTA has a storyline for the both the online character and offline characters where as APB is coming up to a decade old and the characters have a bit of a back story but you don't see it unfold or the characters develop or change. The APB lore has been rather forgotten over the years not built upon. ...For what it's worth, a new game mode "RIOT" is being developed. The thing about APB is that It's sort of an open sandbox third person shooter, You don't just have to do mission as it is an open world... I mean there is the Event sub forum which players can plan an make their own events. Police chases, shooting competitions, races, car shows. ----- I think the point to take away from this is that APB: All Point Bulletin first came online with a closed beta back in October 2009! If you compare the Grand Theft Auto series to APB which is coming up to 10 years old then you're not going to have a fun time with APB because the games are just nothing alike. It has been said that APB had costed $100 million to develop, GTA V had a budget of $175 million just for marketing the game... 175 million dollar budget for marketing a game which had already multiple games in the same brand that broke sales records world wide! It's a game that sell itself now. APB was also intended to be online multiple only, GTA started off as a single player offline with open world story line. GTA Online only elaborated on the story lines and game play experience with other players interaction.
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    Account wide as standard

    After so many years of being on APB I still find myself asking "Why am I only getting about a 3rd of the purchases I have of my main account when I make a new character". While some guns, skins and gear could be sold individually, My gripe is with bundles and packs. The most expensive packs are bumbles with vehicles and clothing but the lack of ability to upgrade from Character bound to Account wide feels... somewhat of a rip off and deceptive to someone who is new. I know it's been suggested before but at the prices for some packs/bundles being so high. By default, items are character bound but then there are some items Growl kits with separate Account wide and Character bound versions on Armas which only causes confusion as to what everything else would be. Prices may be arguable but Armas can be confusing and may seem deceptive and poor value for money still even after all the work done so far. I suspect some of what I said has already been considered for the Armas revamp later, but I just had to get this off my mind because having more than 1 Enf on different servers and paying again for what I've already paid for feels a ridiculous when I can't upgrade to account wide on some vehicle and clothing kits and mixed bundles.
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    Jericho Police Chase/Car Show Event

    I would like to attend both events but I'm going to say it now, Silver for both district on a weekend... That'll limit the number of people attending as everyone else in district will be in missions.
  6. VickyFox

    With the Christmas event over....

    Well open conflict by concept is a district with a alternative match making system. Instead of conventional match making, both teams have a even mix of skills and experience but neither side know each other's ranks or threats... nor can they can tell what their own teammate's rank/threat are The fact people don't do mission in Open Conflict like you said, shows that this minimal match making system wasn't liked. Just because you took advantage of empty district, doesn't mean Little Orbit are fools for removing it when you didn't use the district for it's intended use. Saying that, it doesn't mean what you did is wrong but obviously that's not it's sole or even it's primary use for Open conflict. Open conflict is being removed from all version of the game on all platforms. The instance will later be used for a new game mode.
  7. VickyFox

    With the Christmas event over....

    Open Conflict is a district which wasn't really used much on the PC version, not sure about console. Open Conflict will be replaced by a new game mode "RIOT" in the future anyway but this could of been an oversight.
  8. VickyFox

    Account wide as standard

    An account wide locker/bank would be great but bare in mind that you're mixing money from criminals and enforcers so I'm not so sure if that would be a good idea. As much as I agree and would like to see this, It's the same issue and actually may be the same reason why Characters can't migrate from server to server. Cross server player made content may become corrupted or fragmented during transition. Even if a independent server was made just for account wide content holding, that's an extra layer which is another potential point of content transition errors occurring. Pretty much my sentiment exact. I have 2 enforcers and 1 criminal and may get another criminal. The cost of Armas is NOT the problem. The problem is that some content which cost higher are character bound and not given an option for account wide. This come across as being deceptive in the eyes of some. While some people may want a middle price just to have an item for a single character but why do some packs and bundles not come in account wide versions??? As much as I want to speak highly of Little Orbit, this is really not consumer friendly feeling.
  9. Another player that complains about cheaters is leaving... ...oh no...
  10. VickyFox

    New 4x4 styles and kits for ARMAS

    T-25 kits please?
  11. Pleased to make your acquaintance, My name is Victoria... and you're a contradiction? Naturally long time players have may have a better understanding of mechanics of the in game's content and features and a bit of knowledge of config files of the game. I mean finding the kind of person that are bronze threat, rank 45, and thinks I'm hacking every Thursday is hard to come by!
  12. GamerFirst opened the SPCT project open for anyone to apply... background and previous experience checks were minimal. I applied and was considered for previous SPCT but then I was accepted into college and didn't have the time. Little Orbit staff now hand pick individuals. These individuals have shown analytical skills, demonstrated experience in game play and an understanding of core game functionality. Views and opinions of the individuals should be constructive in feedback but that doesn't mean they have to agree with little orbit nor do they have agree with other members of the player base. Again like most things touched by G1, SPCT has changed for the better.
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    Yeah and why listen to third wave feminist when they don't stand for equality? #gamergate would suggest there is sexism in the gaming industry, but the people that make such claims are not the kind of people in the industry's target market is anyway. We can't have porn or violent movies on the internet because the internet is used by schools too? “Censorship is telling a man he can't have a steak, just because a baby can't chew it.” - Mark Twain
  14. The real world is not as simple as a table top experiment model. While you can dilute soluble substances in a solvent, We're talking about people here. The potential ratio of honourable players to dishonourable players may have no correlation More exposure of the game will bring a wide range of people from all walks of life... and not just players with good intentions. Publicity may attract trolls, hackers and scammers as well!
  15. I said this before: Free players get 30 minutes free trail lease... Premium members get 3 hours leases... All trails can only bet gotten I think it was once a month. So free players can get free trail weapon for only 6 hours in a year. Premium member free trail weapons are only 36 hours or 1 and a half days. A gun you can have for under 2 days out of 365 days in a year is not a loss If a player can try a weapon and get a feel if they like it or not, It may make them want to buy that gun. Show us proof because a majority of guns in Armas Marketplace are reskins... just a new gun look but same weapon as in game. The unique guns are balanced to being slightly under powered or having negative affects which make the gun harder to use.
  16. The forum is a open public* area. Blocking a user will only stop that blocked person from sending you private messages. It may stop the person from viewing your profile too but not sure on that one. I agree with both, This isn't making anyone look good and seems petty. "There are no such thing as stupid question" ...No stupid questions doesn't mean that every question is smart nor reflects on what an individual is like.
  17. Whatever it is... It's a problem on your end and not on the server's side. All you're doing is just publicising how thick your skin is.
  18. VickyFox

    LTL for Crim?

    The best agruement for LTL removal or equality is that it could be considered exploitation of a weapon's feature... but unlike a HVR jump shot or quick switching, Less than Lethal was intended to give a delayed respawn so criminal team mates could try and rescue them with Saviour role. Enforces have a fair bit of content tied to Cop rank, and Saviour role being just better keys and a single title only gives more validity for criminals to be upset. At the end of the day, a majority of Enfs only use LTL for the rank's unlocks and nothing more. Only the worst spiteful tryhards would change to a Less than lethal weapon to get arrest and slow down criminal's match progression. That level of sportsmanship shouldn't be paid attention to and should be considered an outlier. Both on Crim and Enf, I've never seen anyone switch to less than lethal to deliberately impede crims for the last few rounds. If you seen a Enf using LTL then feel free to message them asking for their cop rank and see how many are maxed at rank 15.
  19. Don't know why server merges are different, something to ask a member of staff.
  20. I agree that half an hour is not enough time to decide if a gun if worth purchasing and if suited for that player when some Events games and Fight club matches go on for half an hour. Non-Premium players could have 3 hours and Premium players could get either no or 1 extra hour. Premium membership players are probably perceived to more likely to make a purchase with a previous purchase on record and premium discount considered. With that in mind, that maybe a reason to give these players more time to consider if a gun is suited to them, but it's really not needed. A whole day free trail may be excessive when you bare in mind that Armas has guns with the option for a 3 day lease at 99 G1c.
  21. VickyFox

    LTL for Crim?

    Matt Scott said that Little Orbit would look at a criminal alternative to Less than Lethal. Frankly crims with stuns is pointless other than spite and for the sake of it. Enforcers have Cop rank which Cop uniform and some enforcer vehicle likes ate unlocked by.
  22. ...Look most players are not Bronze, I'd say there is an even number of silvers to golds. What you're getting for your Joker Tickets/Armas Purchase is exclusive version of the Vegas which has all wheel drive, this gives it better handling both on road, off road and going around corners. This vehicle can be gotten with 1,2,3 or 4 mod slots from Joker Distrobution Store in Socail. Armas will give a 4 mod slot version and the vehicle is permanently unlocked, getting a second Vegas after Armas unlocked will only cost $1200 and no joker tickets. If you don't think a customisable all wheel drive version of the fastest car in game, with 4 mod slots is not worth that effort/money... ...Then that's your opinion and you don't have to get the car!
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    Created my account probably 2010. as the EU servers were offline at the time I made my first character on NA... Matt Scott has stated that it is not viable to transfer characters from 1 server to another due to the potential unforeseen side affects.
  24. I am so tired of people telling "X should be top priority" because they're having a few bad games... There is more to APB than such minor details.
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    Was a matter of time with a new game engine on the way!