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  1. Keep trying to connect to the game and while joining a district it starts loading and then straight away starting to exit from current district
  2. Ah I've wanted to get the key to the world pack
  3. Hi, after a while that I quit APB and long time that I have been busy, I decided to return to APB and I want to support the game but the armas prices are really high, now my question is if there is going to be a sale anytime soon .
  4. Hi, I'm #75 in the ticket system trying to get a response for weeks already
  5. I wish this was in the running game right now. Because sometimes it takes upto 10 minutes to join a district
  6. We all play APB. And we all know that logging in a district could be a hassle sometimes. And it can take lots of time getting into a district trying to spam that "Join District" button, So would be nice if Little Orbit could hear to this suggestion and possibly do something regarding this.
  7. Ahh shoot the look much different. SOMETHING NEW FINALLY
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