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  1. APB - Suggestions 2023 Hello, i'm playing APB since 2015. I paused playing this game in 2016 and restarted to play while 64-bit update was up and i made four of my friends to install this game because i thinked we could have fun, with the following quotes i will let you think what is the best ideas to bring game to life. Because right now is a dead game, and yes it is: The definition of a dead game in my opinion is that the game will not support new users, an user who play more than two weeks a game bring the game to life. After those quotes wish i didn't installed that game because the game currently generates sadness because of the old players, mechanics, weapons, matchmaking system and anticheat. I hope the following suggestions will help this game in a way or another, any suggestions and ideas on how the game can be updated to change a little bit of how game works it's a benefit for the developers. In my opinion, new players and returning players voice is very important for a game, don't let this game to die. New Systems First of all i think it's a best moment to add a new system that generates feedback from returning users / new users and why not old users. (Getting statistics of what can be changed and what are the player frustations is the best way to bring a game to life). An User Interface that shows you the heal or a healthbar, i didn't think we have this feature. New mechanics that include time to kill, weapons recoil, why not more hyper realistic ideas like shooting through car windows or a stamina system. A new matchmaking system based on ELO Ranking, if you get more ELO, the matchmaking will be different, i know the actual matchmaking *IF EXISTS* needs a rework. A new player report system would be good, i'm reporting those players who i think cheats or harrass me and nothing happen, maybe a pop-up will be shown when the reported player will get a punishment. Deathcam, i think this is a special system for this game, i would like to see how did i died from the opposite window, after that i could repair my movements or discover if the killer cheats or not. A new anti-cheat, there is no more words to say, but EAC is now free and i wish we could get this anti-cheat back. Crosshair system, customizable crosshairs. Weapons I guess a new recoil for some weapons will be neccesarry, it's hard to play versus some weapons and to learn how to shoot, the recoil is very bad at this moment, maybe some adjustments will be good for new players. Weapon modifications - Some modifications are overpowered, it's hard to play versus an N-TEC with Improved Rifling and Hunting Sight. Premium weapons are slightly imporved, i know some players will say "You can get those weapons without paying", is not, you will feel more better playing with a silencer. Maybe a new system that teach new players how to shoot will be a good idea. More Game Mechanics Suggestions Health Regeneration, i think this will be debatable, let's not regenerate our heal, it's not fair and is not realistic, i think this can be changed. Car Driving, i feel like i drive my car above the ice, at some points my car will fly out of the asphalt and goes beside the road. A new system that allows to turn on the first person camera ? Why not, i think this game deserve to try the first person feature. A new time to kill system would be good, i think no one would peek behind the wall after that. Hiding behind the wall to watch where you are, but you can't see the enemy is alos frustrating, if we have the first person feature it would more fun. Well, those are my ideas, and i wish you like my thread, you all are welcome with more suggestions to this thread, if they will change a minimum of 15% of my suggestions i will be happy and i hope you like them. I'm coming next year to repost this thread maybe they will change something. ^_^
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