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  1. Its Been Down Since LAST NIGHT. We've Been Patient Since LAST NIGHT. I Could Be Doing So Much Right now...
  2. social district is not up its been down since 10pm last night if im not wrong EST
  3. IT Is On it but its been out since like 10pm lastnight maybe even before it kicked everyone out im mad no one has posted or said anyhting about this topic at all letting us know that it would be down for a few hours or even a day now
  4. Where is Social District ? you removed it..? oh, well me and a few of my friends for sure are gonna be removing apb from every system if you honestly don't give us back our favorite freaking place to hang out. you have got me f*cked up to think i will ever spend another dime on this game if you have removed it permanently or for any other time then today i have yet to see a post about whats happening with it like hello?????????????? little orbit are you there? i mean excuse me but im not trying to be rude but what are you doing ? i really need to know where breakwater marina is and whats happening because i cant just stand in the other districts and talk to my friends without having to do missions or be shot out or without being removed or annoying to other players, i cant buy things, i cant make and create things for myself and or others, and i cant sell things that i have made. the district is down and disappeared a minute ago if youd like to see a calmer me stop doing this crap an tell me what the fck is happening seriously i spend too much time andmoney on this game to be left out of some info even if there was a tiny bug i want to know about it.
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