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  1. So whats the problem if we want a black friday ? That decision with premium its clearly a good one for players who dont spend money on game.
  2. Hmm,I was expecting the same thing but probably they’re skipping it this year
  3. What about extending the free premium even in October? Or until the end of the year? During this Covid,even more countries from Europe started to implement the lockdown again,just my point.
  4. any new codes for the new year? lmao btw HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE
  5. 10/10,this is still a classic.LMAO
  6. What G1 did in the past have nothing to do with this new team. Also,nobody put you to spend a high amount of money in this game,so expect to get nothing back.
  7. Exactly my point,I wanted to writte that when but I saw you put it here before me,lol
  8. Awwww sweet,hopefully I will catch you Live next time
  9. Are you going to make the offers more cheaper than before?
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