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  1. Or that time VSB, Skitty and I had to tell her she should equip a primary weapon. To be fair, that was a fun day.
  2. Wait, Lixil was the community manager? This is news to me.
  3. Agreed, pure red titles are a big no-no IMO.
  4. So. . . . . . I generally would suggest avoiding goats in any and all things relating to APB, but that's fine. Good to know that Matt is actually Goat, and he's just trolling us all.
  5. I've thought about the manic a lot, and honestly I have no clue how to fix it while keeping it the same gun. Maybe up its reload time? IDK. Part of the issue with having so many SMGs really: the lines between them start to blur if you change even a single stat regarding how they shoot much.
  6. I wouldn't balance around the manic, as the manic is straight-up OP: IMO it's without a doubt the best SMG in the game.
  7. Why? Why the threat difference? Also, please make it not random. This has been my post on the APB forums for the quarter.
  8. So this is a porn game, isn't it? What's the game? I swear I won't tell your mom. OT: I've always liked this kind of system, so I wouldn't mind something like it being added
  9. Old audio and vegas audio kits. Please.
  10. Please, PLEASE give us unlocks for ARMAS guns. It's a no brainer TBH.
  11. Agreed on all accounts TBH. And apparently they think it's important if they want to change all of the names. . . so. . .
  12. Huh? I mean, I get why you think it's no big deal, but if you think it's no big deal then you really don't have an opinion on the matter, so it's irrelevant. I personally just like naming mostly the way it is, except the couple places G1 fucked up, and I've never heard anyone really complain about the way things are named, so at best it's a waste of LO's time.
  13. Why can't we just have both please? I like buying guns off of ARMAS for a lot of reasons. Also, as an aside, I really don't think locking aesthetics behind a paywall is any better than locking gameplay items, given that the gameplay items are not necessary to play the game well. I know not many people agree with me on this, but still, I hold this opinion rather strongly, and find APB's paymodel to be one of the better ones out there. (Also, can the "most guns are just duplicates" thing die? That's not actually true I don't believe; there are a LOT of guns that were only on ARMAS. They aren't better than F2P guns, but they aren't duplicates either.) But why?
  14. This. These names are absolutely awful, lol. Especially, for example, the N-HVR 762-SD DVAH JT2 PR1: the 'SD' already says that it's silenced, and the 'DVAH' already denotes a total of 3 mods/mod slots, allowing you to deduce that the gun has a silencer and two open slots. And don't tell me this is to make it easier for newbies, because "N-HVR 762-SD DVAH JT2 PR1" will just confuse the fuck out of a new player. Please just use normal naming for open slots, and replace 'PR' with 'JT' for presets. Also, can we please, for the love of fucking God, get a non-gold N-HVR 762-SD DVAH on ARMAS already? . . . Oh, and I haven't logged in yet, but please tell me you aren't increasing pricing for the "preset mods" on the ACES guns, which are just a way to not allow people to put HB on them.
  15. I feel like you're not aware of the fact that the pellets required to 2-shot within optimal range with the JG only went down by one per shot, which is still 7/12 pellets. . . Given that the JG has under half the range such that it does minimum damage at a range where the old JG did full damage per pellet, the gun's simply not as good anymore. Oh, and it only does 85 damage the first pellet. The JG hasn't been meta for ages, the PMG and OCA are better. I don't get how you think the JG takes zero skill to hit with and SMGs require some magical god level aim to beat the JG, as neither of these are true. If you do truly simply wait for the enemy to run into your crosshair you'll get out TTKed virtually every time by a PMG or OCA, and I do mean. Oh, and the CSG is simply so bad now it's not even part of the discussion TBH. If you want more information on the current status of shotgun stats, please check the thread about shotguns in my sig.
  16. As it is, shotguns are meh at best, IDK what your issue is. SMGs have more range, are more reliable, and are far easier than the JG and CSG, so why would I use a JG or CSG? I really wouldn't call either the JG or CSG forgiving in any way ATM. As for whether or not there's a JG meta right now, I'll admit I haven't played in a little bit, but given that the JG is objectively worse than before LO touched it, and nobody used it before that. . . I don't see how that would make any sense.
  17. God damn it, Nitronik's at it again being right! I will say that a spread reduction to the JG and CSG is not what they need, as it's actually the range itself that fucks these two guns over. Note that the CSG has less spread than before LO touched it but it still cannot reach out to even close to as far ranges as before.
  18. Nice clip. I love how often this shit works.
  19. [sarcasm]No, we need to make APB boring and uninspired.[/sarcasm]
  20. If the nano didn't have a five year equip time it might be useable, but it's just bad. I love the Nano to death, in fact it's one of my favorite secondaries, but it just sucks. Personally I'd keep the century long equip time and buff the other aspects, but the nano is like having a second primary, except said second primary is worse than other secondaries.
  21. Agreed, I've personally rarely, if ever had grenade spam be a serious problem. IDK, the R-2 is my favorite long range secondary gameplay-wise. . . but boy oh boy does it suck. Still, I find it in some ways really good for getting assists (I know this sounds strange, but it can put 500 damage down range faster than any other secondary *EDIT* specifically reliably, because the ACT 44 has no accuracy. . . but also. . . it certainly needs overdamage if nothing else.) Merged. Oh, and I want to voice a concern that the EMP grenade will almost certainly make heavy item stages even more of a pain than they already were.
  22. And even then it's SO RARE that an SG-21 can 1-shot someone with Fragile. I disagree on every point you made, lol. Agreed. The Strife is actually pretty good ATM too, IDK why it needs a "buff" (i.e. a rework claiming to be a buff.)
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