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  1. I would like to bind emote for the numeric keypad, but I don't know if it is possible, and if so, how to do it
  2. I did not mean to completely get rid of blood from the screen, but to reduce it to such an extent that it would not cause problems. You could also think about the blood on the screen does not cover nicknames (so that this effect does not affect nicknames) I hope I wrote it well, I'm weak in English
  3. Maybe the bloody screen looks cool, but it makes it difficult to recognize the enemy, I often had the situation that I was hiding, waiting for my health to regenerate and attacking my ally who jumped around the corner because I didn't see the color of his nickname, and it also happens the other way around that I not attack my opponent because I do not know if he is not an ally and then I am killed, , and before that I could beat him a little for assist. In short, wouldn't the life bar be better?
  4. the suggestion to reduce the M-1922 recoil appeared very often and for good reason, and yet nothing was done about it. Is there a chance that this will ever be fixed?
  5. When choosing a server, I have never encountered the fact that there are more than 5 people on the green server, and these are servers to which new players and this quantity may discourage them from continuing to play. The question is whether servers with a green threat level are needed and more importantly beneficial to the game? I was wondering if a better way would be to divide the server into Rank. R 0-149 and R 150-255 servers or something like that, because players are intentionally falling from gold to silver to get to lower threat levels. I sorry in advance for my English.
  6. APB DB statistics do not match those in the game, such as Health Damage and Hard Damage of these two guns. By the way, if someone has "Colby Classic" does it kill with 3 shots? https://apbdb.com/
  7. I had a gap year from APB, hoping that when I come back it will be on a new engine, but I don't see any changes. Does anyone know more or less the date when it will be moved?
  8. I'd like to see such a change APB DB "Tommy Gun" - https://apbdb.com/build/Weapon_SMG_TommyGun_Slot3_Armas/
  9. Today I encountered the same problem even though everything was fine last weekend. I have GTX 750Ti.
  10. This is a very good suggestion from 2018 and I don't know why it has not been introduced to the game yet.
  11. Wasabi987

    Repair M-1922

    So many people have complained about this, and Little Orbit is still doing nothing about it. Could you finally reduce the "Colby M-1922" rejects by half, so that you can finally shoot this weapon without replacing the mouse every week.
  12. If I had to choose, I prefer this version with a quick-fire Kraken, but maybe without this "-10% Accuracy Loss" weapon will still have a large recoil due to its rate of fire.
  13. I am for fixing 'Hazardous'. I would also like to have a brown skin for 'Hazardous'
  14. I cordially invite those who like the 50's to my first and most important for me suggestion.
  15. And why not? Everyone has a different taste. I like the 1950s. After much thought, I think I have unnecessarily written this suggestion, I know that they are more important, things to do in APB, and for me the most important thing in APB is the balance of the game, transferring the game to a new engine and my suggestion about Hot Rod
  16. I like your balance statistics CJ2 and CJ3. Well, why do we have the recoil at 7% fire rate as at 9% in the old version of CJ3? It would certainly help many weapons, but not "Colby M-1922 Hazardous". Currently I play "Colby M-1922 Mk3" and I'm good at modifications of "Heavy Barrel 3", "Hunting Sight 3" and "Mobility Sling" maybe it could be replaced by Hazardous modifications to those that I exchanged to make this weapon a threat to the opponent and not the owner. When I was playing "Colby M-1922 Hazardous" I was very annoyed by his colors if this weapon is ever repaired it would be nice to add brown skin. It may not look interesting but I did it quickly in "paint" for this XD suggestion.
  17. There is no problem for me to buy it for the price, but I do not like to buy items that I do not use as in the case of this car, unless I can then give this car to a friend but I do not know if this is possible because I have not bought packs in APB yet.
  18. Hello. I am writing to ask you to add new kit for the Patriot-T25, which looks like this. 1957 Chevy Factory Orrville I'm guessing that some people will blame me for trying to push the new look of the vehicle, but I really like it and would like to see it in APB and I would definitely buy it in the Armas Marketplace. By the way, would it be possible to fix this bug?
  19. You are talking about this package. I would like to buy this package without a car with a permanent shotgun. I do not want to buy a car because I will not drive it anyway, but I would like to buy an outfit and a permanent "S hre dder D F". I know that all "Bonus Pack" give weapons only for 30 days, but it would be nice if you could buy such a package with permanent weapons for an additional fee.
  20. Recently I had the idea to buy a "Criminal High Roller Clothing Bonus Pack" and it's good that I did not do it because I noticed that the attached "Shredder DF" weapon is only for 30 days. Would it be possible to buy these packs at a higher price with permanent weapons?
  21. I like this. I hope that next year, when they move this game to a new engine, they will also add winter time of the year.
  22. Wasabi987

    Imported music

    I do not use normal music at APB at all, so I did not know about it and thought that this problem is only with imported music. I think that my friend should hear music with the same volume as I set in the car.
  23. Wasabi987

    Imported music

    I and my friend imported exactly the same music to the game, we hear them at the same time, etc. but with imported musicians the problem is with volume control, for example, I set the volume of music at 40% and my friend hears it, as if she played at the maximum volume the same is true for me.
  24. 1. Because the main purpose of Hot Rod is speed. 2. Special Modification "Cover" gave 200 Max. Health by which "Pickup Hot Rod" had exactly the same stats as "Patriot Vegas", and "Chevy Coupe Hot Rod" had similar statistics to "Dolton Fresno" only that it was a bit faster, but it had less cargo capacity. 3. "Pickup Hot Rod" with modification "Cover" had the same statistic as "Chevy Coupe Hot Rod" with the modification "Low Acceleration & Cove" by what choice when buying one of these Hot Rods would be based primarily on the appearance of these two vehicles. Therefore, the modification of "Cover" is bad and that's why I removed it from the suggestion.
  25. I like everything from this suggestion except the first-person camera, which could spoil the balance of the weapon (example: shooting from sniper I probably do not have to say what it would look like) but the first-person camera in vehicles would be a nice experience. I am 100% in favor of improving the role of enforcer
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