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  1. Hello, i have been encountering a issue now since 2019, sometimes when i start the game on my PS4 the intro scenes will play but i am unable to skip, its not a problem with my controller but rather with the game. I dont know why this keeps happening but when i press x its supposed to skip the cutscene but nothing happens when i press. This happened again today, i start the game and press x and then realise that i won' be able to play because after all the cutscenes are finished i see a black screen and nothing else happens after that. This happened yesterday as well, the game just went to the black screen after the cutscenes. This keeps happening everytime i try to play it. Yesterday when this happened i wanted to see how many times i would have to restart the ps4 for the game to work but it didn't make any difference, i also opened and closed the game 5 times and it still wouldn't work. i just couldn't play it. Please help
  2. For a long time now i keep getting put with people who have better guns than me, sometimes i don't even bother with the mission and i just don't do it. Can you please fix the matchmaking so its more fair and can you also add an option to quit a mission because there is still not an option for this, if i want to quit i would have to close the game and i don't want to do that i would just like to quit. Just another small thing as well: this has nothing to do with the current matchmaking problem but i would like you to add some more vehicles to the game on the PS4 version such as 4 door sedans and cars that are based on real life cars like Mitsubishi, Audi, Mclaren, Subaru, Chevrolet Lamborghini, Gallardo, Adventador, Lykan Hypersport, and Trion Nemesis (my profile picture car) and many more real life car brands. Currently the game has some good cars but i definitely think more should be added not just 1. All the cars in the game are based on real life cars so you could continue making remodelled versions of real life cars. In addition to this please don't make them G1C only make them purchasable with in-game $dollars not just G1C, i think there's enough G1C things already and i personally don't want to spend real money on G1C items such as cars or clothes. You could also add some armoured versions of cars as well like an armoured Han Veo with window panels and roof panels and more spoiler options. Vehicles you could remodel and add to APB Mitsubishi Evo X (2015) Subaru WRX STI Mclaren P1 And many more like, Nissan cars, 4 dr Sedans, Pickup Trucks, and other popular American and Japanese cars. I think a lot more good cars could be added to APB so i think you should also focus on adding some more cars as well as improving and fixing the game. Its strange that this game doesn't have helicopters , jets or even water vehicles like jet skis consdiering this game has the similarities with GTA, the theme is about crime so you could expand more on the range of vehicles to choose from. What i think you should do is make san paro on one map, have a bit of city and a bit of country, this game doesn;t have any lakes or mountains or any countryside areas it only has the city but i think this could lead to APB being more popular and successful. This is GTA 5's map but im using it for the purpose of explaining what i mean, APB should have had one big map of San Paro instead of 2 different districts this way it would have made the world feel more lively because everyone would load into the same world. I can confirm the financial district in APB is more lively and has more people then the waterfront district so what i think you should do is make one big map and call it San Paro. You could expand on the financial districts map and add countryside's to it and mountain roads, lakes, places of interests, small world events in free roam and shops that we can enter to buy clothes or guns or cars. The shape of APB's San Paro map doesn't have to look like GTA 5's map, i was only using GTA5 as an example. You could expand more on the financial distract and add offroad areas, mountains and countryside while still having a good amount of city like GTA 5's map. In my opinion the financial district should definitely be used if you make the map bigger. You should also rename the financial district San Paro. The reason why i included country roads and mountains is so that the player isn't restricted to the city and has the freedom to explore the open-world and the landscapes. Sometimes when missions aren't enjoyable it would be nice just to drive around on a bigger map with a bit of city and countryside instead of a city all the time I am happy that this game is still being supported but i do think you could add some things to it to make it more engaging for players. The social district is the only place you can change the characters clothes or buy vehicles so i think in the future you should add clothes shops in the map so that the player can walk into the shop and buy clothes so that they don't have to go to the social district every time they want to change clothes. Additionally it would be better if you added vehicle shops in the map where the player can walk in and order vehicles that are sent to their location instead of being limited to buying them from the social district. Icons on the map could appear like this: Clothing shop icons could appear like this: Just one last thing, at some point i do think you should add the things I've mentioned including new cars but what i think you should add as well is apartments' and houses that players can buy, this game does a good job on emphasising the need to have money in order to buy things so it would feel rewarding saving money to buy a house. The most important thing i would like you to take away from this thread is that San Paro could be made so that its one map with different areas in it, including offroad areas, mountains and countryside. Im not sure if San Paro is based on San Francisco but you could expand on this and create a more lively city, i do feel the city can be quite quite and lonely sometimes. i would just like to state again that if San Paro was one map with a bit of city and a good amount of countryide/mountains i do think exploring the map would become a popular thing in APB, just generally driving around and exploring the map, APB doesn't have big maps and i could see this game becoming more popular if you made one big map with more to do. The Map could include Small free roam events (Find a joker mystery box) another could be (Drive the furthest distance without braking) you can add other ones as well these are a few i made up Places of interest Small jobs for contacts when off mission Joker ticket challenges (kill someone who has a bounty on them to win joker tickets or kill someone in a vehicle to win joker tickets) I also think you should do a little rework of the vehicles so that they actually have stats. you could also add upgrades such as Engine level (1,2,3,4) Transmission levels (1,2,3,4) Brake level (1,2,3,4) Tyre traction level (1,2,3,4) , Turbo level (1,2,3,4) Turbos could include, Single, Twin Turbo, Supercharger. Upgrades would also need to be baught with in-game money. Making vehicles have stats makes them more relevant and allows the player to understand the importance of having a vehicle that is good both in performance and in driving. Thanks for listening.
  3. Thanks. Hopefully we will hear more from Matt about the Engine upgrade, it will be this year but im not sure when.
  4. Oh yeah its the same on PS4 you can but those packs but i wish you did'nt have to buy the full pack because i only want the Balaclava. The only thing that's not the same with the PS4 version is, There is no night/day cycle, pedestrians dont talk, some other clothing items like shoes are completely missing. Hopefully the 2020 engine upgrade will improve alot of things and add more cars and clothing items. and more balaclavas that dont cost G1C
  5. Oh ok, hopefully they add one like the picture, we need more here on PS4. Thanks for commenting though
  6. On PS4 there are two you are right but you cant customise them. 1: Shadowstrike Balaclava (Cop Only) 2: Shadowstrike 2 Balaclava (i think its called that) it might be called "Defender" (Cop Only) If you got a cop account of PS4 you can view them both in Social District when you change your clothes, go to the clothing stand = select masks, scroll down then you will see two, the first one is black and green and the second one is orange, both are non-customisable as it says in-game. Then the customisable ARMAS one that costed 99G1C but it gone now unfortunately so even if you wanted it you wouldn't find it unless it comes back. G1C removed many clothing items from the PS4 version of APB.
  7. I know but I'm asking for one that you don't have to pay G1C for and i already stated that i would like them to add one that is customisable, you cant customise the two that are unlockable in game. the only customisable one is the one that was on ARMAS but its gone now i even checked today, its completely missing.
  8. I have noticed that a lot of clothing items have been removed from APB on consoles and some things you can get on PC version you cant get on the PS4 version or Consoles. One thing i would like to see added is some more balaclavas, i was shocked when i saw that there were no balaclava options for a criminal on PS4 but there were 2 for a cop, the ones fro the cop would take way too long to unlock because they unlock with a high rank contact and im rank 50+ cop so i don't want to grind so long for it as much as i like this type of headgear. Because this game is about crime it would only make sense to see balaclavas for criminals so could you add some more please, i am aware that there is 1 customisable balaclava on ARMAS Marketplace that costs 99G1C but I don't want to pay real money for something that should have been made available through normal progression of contacts. Please bring some more balaclavas to the game and please don't make it cost real money like what G1 did but please add ones that can be bought with the in-game $ that you earn and ones that are customisable. I would like you to add one like this for criminals, not G1C just normal In-game $, thanks Thanks for listening Little Orbit, i hope you see this.
  9. Motorbikes are not silly, if anything they would be fit well in the game if done properly. When it comes to games nowadays vehicle actions such as turning is sent as data to the server then back to the game so that what you want to do happens like getting out of your car. The reason why motorbikes are not silly is because APB is similar to GTA its a game solely about crime of course bikes would be cool to have (if implemented properly). And about attack helicopters and Jets, we only have 2 districts and they're not very big, if you think about it it would actually make more sense for Little Orbit to make a big map for this game with detailed cities and a bit of countryside cities and mountains before adding something like helicopters and Jets. Still good suggestions though but a big map would make more sense to have first and currently we don't have one. The thing is the engine that the game was made on is limited so until this game gets to a level of Unreal Engine 5 with the possibilities it has then we could probably see something like helicopters and Jets coming to the game. Maybe you don't like bikes but even if APB had them you wouldn't have to buy them because its your choice what you buy in the game and what you don't, (I'm talking about in-game $ not real money) A certain level of realism is needed when it comes to this game so I'm going to have to disagree with your statement because it doesn't make sense, ill tell you why what you said was wrong, when a motorbike driver gets hits by a car he/she will fall off, so it wouldn't make sense to not fall off if you get hit. This would only happen if you get hit at high speed at low speed you wont fall off.
  10. unknownuser158


    Horses? this is a game about the criminal world, horse have no place in this game. Im sorry but horses are not coming, think about the practicality, why do horses need to battle cars that makes no sense at all. This game has other important issues and thinks to add. Plus there are only 2 maps and neither have offroad areas so horses make no sense. Im sorry for being so harsh but its suggestions like this that kinda ruin good games similar to how rockstar kind of ruined gta5 online with the opressor mk2 and the orbital cannon which has caused more harm to the game as griefers just use it to do what they do best grief, which i absolutely hate.
  11. unknownuser158


    Please tell me your joking, this is APB by the way.
  12. Hi LO, I wanted to make a small suggestion to add an option to have backfire for cars Like this or similar, as long as we can have exhaust popping sounds with momentary flames then that will be backfire. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=video&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwjG7-ir3e_pAhVRaRUIHbeUB10QtwIwA3oECAAQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DcgsCFOsjRTI&usg=AOvVaw3fk9jlrES92Zm5NvDO1Pk9 Just another thing as well, if it is possible could you make bigger district maps with large off-road areas where players can just drive around and explore in free roam. New districts could also bring new contacts. For example you could focus on a popular American city like San Francisco and make the map more detailed and call it something like Bridge District or something. realism of cars it would be good if smoke came out of the exhaust when idle. Like this: Sorry about the image resolution, hopefully you can still see the exhaust fumes. I know this is GTA5 but im only using this image for the purpose of explaining what i mean, thanks. Thanks for listening.
  13. I've been playing today but i have given up today as the server seems to have a delay when i play the game. I try to drive but the car just doesn't respond properly, i know my internet isn't the best but this is just ridiculous now, APB is dependent on vehicles from getting from place to place and the lag is constantly causing me problems when i trying to enjoy this game, i've done everything I can I've tried moving my tv Arial but it didn't help that much, I've tried everything i can but this seems like its a server issue, please fix this, the lag has made this game unplayable for me, if I run the game lags, if i walk the game lags, if i try to get into a vehicle the sever wont register what I'm trying to do until 2 seconds later. But the main problem i have now is the lag when driving and sometimes lag which prevents me from getting into a car. I made a post about this yesterday and it seems no one commented so please when you can can you fix this issue, I'm tired of this now, I just cant play the game when its lagging like this, its horrible lag I play on the Europe server. I live in England
  14. Ive been playing today and ive come across some issues when playing the game: - Lag (really bad lag on europe server) The worst of it all is the vehicles: i cant open the door of my car sometimes. also sometimes my car will react to turn seconds after i've turned. it seems there is a delay, the lag is a real problem and needs to be fixed. Does anyone know how to fix lagging on PS4 ?, my internet was good before but i think bad weather messed it up and since then its never been the same, does anyone know how i can fix lagging on PS4 when playing APB ? Sometimes it can be different sometimes i will lag and other times the gameplay will be smooth, Please help
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