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  1. This, will be my first post ever anywhere on here, its simply about the idea to develope motorbikes into the game, possible something you would have to buy from armas to unlock, perhaps much like key to the world pack, anyway the motorbike would come as a two seated vehicle no side waggon, just a shiny metal beauty on two wheels with a death skull infront of it with large fire bursting throts on each side, it could also have four slots like a car would have, and the motorbike would act as if you where in a car, you cant take damage before you go out of it, and it would require grenades and weapon fire to blow it up etc. you know as it alreddy is, but ofcourse the passenger on the back could shoot freely but still die like a normal drive by in a car. in all the years i've played APB Reloaded, about ten years ago so fare, i haven't come by anything else as a wish like this, this would become a dream come true for me, but i also think people would really love this idea to be reality, but what do you people think in Little Orbit? - Sincerly t0b (enf) Cannoneer (crim)
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