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Black screen APB Not working on PS4

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Hello, i have been encountering a issue now since 2019, sometimes when i start the game on my PS4 the intro scenes will play but i am unable to skip, its not a problem with my controller but rather with the game. I dont know why this keeps happening but when i press x its supposed to skip the cutscene but nothing happens when i press. 


This happened again today, i start the game and press x and then realise that i won' be able to play because after all the cutscenes are finished i see a black screen and nothing else happens after that. This happened yesterday as well, the game just went to the black screen after the cutscenes. This keeps happening everytime i try to play it. 


Yesterday when this happened i wanted to see how many times i would have to restart the ps4 for the game to work but it didn't make any difference, i also opened and closed the game 5 times and it still wouldn't work. i just couldn't play it.



Please help

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Have you tried reinstalling it? Normally that could fix the issue since it works fine even on PS5.

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