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  1. i really don't think that's how it works lmao you're probably a silver or bronze getting matched with golds who are much better than you at the game?
  2. you definetely have to do something about the obvious teaming in there. open up gm applications, i dont know, just something.
  3. i dunno, they come to protect events in apb whenever people do some can't help but respect that, most game moderators in other games dont bother with that from my experience
  4. the new glory is an inaccurate pmg in hipfire mode and a star lcr with 50m of range in mm mode meanwhile ursus is like the n-tec 5 but 5 shots to kill personally for me the ursus is the obvious choice
  5. you sure that people didnt have instruments folder renamed before?
  6. to be honest i'd rather have it as a contact vehicle for ingame money just like most other vehicles, but we can't have it like that now can we
  7. please don't quote the whole longass post just to reply with one sentence
  8. shouldn't you be for med spray considering you try to use kevlar?
  9. Hey everyone, today we're meeting at the parking garage next to the Praetorian building where Ty Durrant resides in. Thanks
  10. ursus is the most valuable one personally i'd just save for one of the permanent weapons
  11. Hello, today we are meeting at german fortress in gold Financial. Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, today we are meeting at the pier in gold Waterfront.
  13. yeah, we barely ever post on the forums, mostly because it's my job and i'm extremely lazy. i could try and make it a habit however. here's the link to wq's discord btw where we talk about where to meet etc http://discord.gg/bwjAAZb
  14. ugh, so again it's only for clothing? kinda disappointed once again ngl
  15. i'd like to remind yall of oscar if you think ttk is everything
  16. Yeedman

    Casual Server

    interesting idea i'd love to see something like this when and if the population rises, right now there's just no pop for it
  17. i've heard the temptress is gonna be with the new contacts, however i'm not sure i've heard it from an official source ffa r&d iii you can just buy from other players so it's still obtainable ffa bullshark is on legendary weapon leaser in joker store and also a random reward in jt packs on armas
  18. energizer was removed before g1's release already, in like 2010
  19. still aint got most car kits on joker store and garage space is so limited, smh
  20. nah it's for both factions if you want to override that limit, use the trade system
  21. Hey everyone, today we'll meet at the ferry in gold Waterfront.
  22. Pioneer still the top choice. But if you want to save a bit of cash, T-25 isn't that much worse anymore
  23. Hi everyone, today we're meeting at the construction yard in gold Financial.
  24. I dunno, the Dolton Fresno is the car with the highest health in the game atm (1450 compared to Pioneer's current 1350)
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