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  1. Do you seriously think that LO went for APB and Gamersfirst brand because they're after money?
  2. hold on what is this "Outside" you're talking about?
  3. input lag mainly, smoothness too idk why apb does enforce a 100fps cap on 60hz, like for fucks sake, little orbit FUCKING INCREASE IT srsly fucking pisses me off
  4. sight mods really dont do anything on nfas or jg, just trust cookiepuss
  5. cmon mate it aint too hard to learn how to shoot fbw reminds me of an issue that if you have low fps, like sub 60 the fbw and other semi-auto guns just dont fire as reliably as with higher fps
  6. Hello, just noticed that those steelies arent available to be put on in vehicle customization kiosk and they would really fit some of my cars + some people might want to do cars that look like taxi veos
  7. shhh nobody talk about paysafecards pl0x
  8. Meeting spot is the church for tonight.
  9. yes? do you not realize that's an alienware promo for another game with matt wishing he could have done a similar one for apb?
  10. im just gonna answer this one, the alienware car was just a one-off deal with alienware, atleast that's what i know there wont be another car
  11. omg is this thread just yood asking mostly obvious questions?
  12. Hello, today we are meeting at the underground car park under Port Authority, where Eva Orlandez is.
  13. i guess i should spam this thread aswell with my 4x4 also bumper deletes when pls lo
  14. still kind of true, witchqueen streamed the event aswell lol
  15. Yeah.. idk that's too easy, much like nfas or something
  16. Honestly I can get a decent amount of arrests by just going with mates and throwing stun nades and then going in with CCGs.
  17. Hello, tonight we are meeting at the parking tower near Ty Durrant.
  18. Kind of surprised that there's no normal hoodie with hood down for males on this list, just like the one on females.
  19. Hi all, today we are meeting somewhere around the train tracks in Waterfront. Thanks, Yeedman
  20. Today we are meeting at the Atlas apartments.
  21. hosting a party for fake matt scotts but not for our boy gordo?
  22. Kind of forgot to make this thread but probably better now than never. Basically I noticed that STAR Love-Gun (3 slot one) didn't affect my progression on "Kill 5 enemies with assault rifles" daily activity in Waterfront nor did SNR Cherub kills affect my progression with kill with secondary activities in Baylan.
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