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  1. why exactly would you buy it over the golden marksman?
  2. dw i've been called a pay2win noob when using a 2 slot jg
  3. it's literally yood, he just changed name
  4. or just do something like dont let em play missions in bronze
  5. Yeedman

    Ideas for apb.

    you can wait, no you cant, i thought about it wrong, how do i delete forum replies xd anyways, just get two accounts and another pc/virtual machine
  6. Today we are meeting in Atlas Apartments
  7. How the hell am I supposed to play Riot and get the skin when no one is playing the mode?
  8. didnt you leave yourself? atleast that's what you told me lul
  9. I'm gonna be honest, the event was so skewed towards car surfer users it was ridiculous.
  10. i killed a couple times on top of a ravan
  11. So... is it too much to ask if the engine upgrade is going to be on public testing anytime soon? @MattScott also, you should have added in big bold red text on the initial post: "Lighting and post processing is not finished yet" or something like that
  12. Today we are meeting at this criminal spawn car park in Waterfront.
  13. maybe, maybe not it's a shame little orbit is about as secretive about engine upgrade as gamersfirst was or wait, are they more secretive? they haven't shown any screenshots/videos about it
  14. Today we are meeting in the parking lot of Border High School.
  15. helicopter not even kidding, my official gender irl is helicopter
  16. Vaa semmosta Ketä torille?
  17. honestly this is one of the things why otw should live up to it's name and actually be open, people would test the patches on variety of system configurations
  18. Yeedman


    500 per mission? no standing? nah mate, ramraiding is way better than that rewards wise
  19. Tonight we are going to meet in front of the boat in Waterfront.
  20. hello so today we are meeting at the bus station in financial
  21. Today we are meeting in front of Rimbaud, Birth's place.
  22. it's not even only 90%, it's more like 100% tbh except the rare case when we are driving in asylum xd (where we just try to launch a new, empty instance of asylum and go there)
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