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  1. underglow, window decals, suspension height modifying and camber modifying when also all those preset logos like elite, gotgas etc should be just preset symbols
  2. Why should it be a clan specific feature? I'd love to have big groups, even cross-faction groups would be supercool for some community hosted events Also, alot of people hate missions with alot of players, so i'd just disable rolling into missions with 5 or more group members
  3. even worse, it's the streamers i dont personally watch xd and ye, where the open beta at
  4. port it to some shooter and see how it plays? idk xd
  5. oh jesus christ, dont quote the whole longass post
  6. yeah, they're not "real bounties", it wont give you the money reward when you kill anyone
  7. doesn't really help when people like these offer shit prices too, so they'll keep spamming for a long time
  8. today we are meeting at tiptoe's parking garage in gold financial, 8pm gmt as usual
  9. nerf pmg or actually don't because i like using that gun
  10. Loadouts would be supercool and also the ability to move weapons on the list yourself would be quite useful aswell. But for now, you can just select a specific category on the weapon selection like sniper rifles or assault rifles.
  11. Hello, today we'll be meeting in gold financial at Border High school parking lot.
  12. Another disappointment by Little Orbit. Only 20 minutes of event and 2.5 hour break, who thought of this lmao? Just reduce the joker ticket rewards if they are really too much, rather than having the gungames only for really short times at specific times.
  13. just remove rank restrictions from everything
  14. today we're meeting at this place near art center
  15. Hello, today we're meeting in gold waterfront, at front of the city hall, that is right on the west side of the central park.
  16. Hi all, we meetin in waterfront bois and gals bring your wildest ride or dont, i aint the boss of ya (just a disclaimer, you're free to join regardless of your ride's look or even existence) Thanks, Yeedman
  17. nah i aint fam I definetely don't know about how I feel about the song, seems to jump around alot but what I can say is that I like the cover photo nevertheless.
  18. you can only have a red splitter on player customized coywolfs, crim-exclusive remus in joker store has a black splitter
  19. oo gifts my male character's Yeedman, send me something and you might get something back v: tis the season of giving anyways
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