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  1. Today we're meeting in the parking garage behind Fort Denion in waterfront.
  2. So the gun prices are still as ridiculous as before? A single gun in a free to play shooter shouldn't cost more than 10 dollars lmfao oh and cars still cost basically the same too
  3. they do exist, you need another player of the same faction to ready to do them however
  4. hey bois and gyals today we meeting in front of the church because we need to wash our sins away
  5. it's literally 34 seconds, watch the video and read the desc
  6. i don't really agree with anything the op said besides the fact that non-premium players really are at a disadvantage
  7. in my opinion it's a really shitty move to keep using gamersfirst, just because of people associating it with the "old" g1
  8. not removing the cooldown? damnit guys
  9. Looks like it's wednesday again The car park near Ty Durrant
  10. As a car sexual guy i think these suggestions are really good in my opinion. I'd love to see racing in the game officially put in. +1
  11. This evening (night?) we're going to meet at the high school's car park. you can get in through the side near where the chop shop is
  12. doubt you'll get banned for changing audio files but then again, it's technically not allowed
  13. i dont think that would be game breaking, besides lo would get more money because of people buying character slots xd
  14. Today we're meeting at a parking place in northwest of waterfront.
  15. they're not that good if that's what you're thinking, except lixil who randomly goes on a killing spree
  16. could it be because afaik that uses different ui rendering method compared to everything else?
  17. Club Gaijin today, as we were at an enforcer spawn last time
  18. Hello, today the meet is at the enforcer spawn where Eva Orlandez is.
  19. Yeah, everyone already uses discord etc. i have personally never even used the ingame chat
  20. Meet is in financial today, at the warehouse near the bus station on north-west of the map.
  21. joining for this week's one too i guess character is male crim called Yeedman and my fav wep is still oca
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