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  1. in Russia, things are not as scary as you think . )) i've been to russia once, never again jesus christ it smelt like shit everywhere, had to wear a gas mask
  2. meet is at terri quan's today in waterfront
  3. yeah i might even join 1. Yeedman 2. crim 3. Clan? technically not really in a clan 4. 5. OCA 6. Male
  4. csg was fine before, why does it have to be so freaking op now?
  5. Yeah I'd like 255 too I guess. YeedmanOTW on saturday on otw the gms said that who were getting 255 were also getting rank boosts
  6. eating something that tastes absolutely disgusting (preferably something edible) so you have other thoughts in your mind
  7. I can confirm, trying to go to https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/index.php?gameID=20 and logging in on my ps4 account just redirects to https://register.gamersfirst.com/console/
  8. there's been car meets? fuckin hell and i havent heard of them im down, just got my rapier riced out
  9. но это то, что нужно apb are ya unable to speak english or what's the problem?
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