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  1. I've always wanted to be one, so i am now one. Character: SighteR Server: Jericho (NA)
  2. As stated in the post (https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/6187-halloween-costume-contest/), and i quote: "You can ONLY use the three colors presented above in your design. How you choose to use them is up to you!" and to solidify: "You are only allowed to use three colors Orange, Purple, and Yellow" The suggestion here being, only use the colors as presented above. Which implies the colors as quoted in the replies as being; "- Orange: 2,7,10 - Purple: 25,7,8 - Yellow: 6,7,8" If it were a suggestion, please specify that this "suggestion" is open to personal selection within THAT post. So, yes. They are limited. To say otherwise, is to go against the rules as stated. Give us the creative freedom that is APB.
  3. Call me picky, but the costume event is kind of meh. Not only would premium-less players have a huge disadvantage, but limiting it to 3 colors is kind of....nonsensical. (maybe give out a free code for premium of like 3-days?) Halloween costumes are about the creativity one can come up with and how we enact the spirit of Halloween onto it. Also...again, call me picky--but the rewards are below average at best. The 3D glasses are like a collectors item, so that one passes. Everything else...idk.
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