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  1. Makes me wonder if the RedHill faction is going to be an NPC faction. I mean, PvE in APB would be pretty interesting.
  2. I think you've completely misunderstood what a Team Surrender is.
  3. How would a mission, that ends early because of a surrender, be something that would screw up the matchmaking even more?
  4. You do not punish your players for problems that arise in your own game, you work on mitigating / fixing the problem. You can easily limit possible abuse by time gating the vote option or requiring the first stage of a mission to be completed before the vote becomes an option. Then you'll have to get the entire team to agree to surrender, which will be not always be the case with randoms and certainly with pre-made groups. If the vote is implemented correctly, it will become an option that is only used when everyone comes to the conclusion that they have no hope of winning. Which can be caused by multiple factors, from either being out-classed or out-gunned by better players to the mission itself is too heavily one sided.
  5. A Team Surrender Vote would be pretty awesome, there's no point forcing people to sit through 5-10 minutes of being rofl stomped into the floor due to a massive skill gap.
  6. KTTW was also suppose to be a limited time only pack for those with the $$$ to spend on it.
  7. Isn't the requirement for a level 3 weapon mod sitting at R40? Seems a little weird to put the rank requirement below that.
  8. Lack of a direct response from the developers does not mean that they have ignored your posts. Lurking is a thing.
  9. I am glad that the prices on ARMAS are finally being sorted out. Also paying real money for limited time duration weapons is just a waste and should've just been removed entirely from the store. But it's a step in the right direction at the least.
  10. So basically the engine upgrade is a bigger clusterfuck than we originally thought. Welp.
  11. If you've been playing APB for a long time like me, you'll tend to notice that APB can eat up a sizable amount of your harddrive space with massive log files. These files, that you can find them under "APB Reloaded/APBGame/Logs", can get as large as 300MB depending on how long you play APB for within a single session. I have recently tried to find anything on how to disable this logging functionality, searching the forums and google have turned up nothing. Ontop of that I have tried a few settings in the configs that hinted to logging, but it resulted in nothing. With that being said I am unsure on where to place this kind of topic, so I am putting it in as a suggestion for a launcher / ingame option. My main motivation for asking for this option (or to be pointed to which config to change) is that I have a strong suspicion that a lot of my stutter lag occasional comes from the game trying to write to this log file as it gets larger and larger.
  12. Pretty sure with how slow they've been rolling out BattlEye as the games anti-cheat and how graceful Matt has been over the possibility of false bans. I think calling the company unprofessional is uncalled for, especially when they have admitted to double verifying bans ontop of providing additional support towards those that just got banned just incase.
  13. The destroyable shop objectives in the mission bug out and become indestructible unless rammed with a car. Also occurs in the mission named as R. O. A. R. so it'll be safe to assume this can happen to all missions that include destroyable shop objectives. Forgive me for potato graphics as APB loves to stutter lag / lock-up on regular settings.
  14. I would rather see the discontinuation of JMBs instead of adding more. And also for ARMAS weapons to not rob you out of a kidney for an account bound weapon, thanks.
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