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  1. All this fuss over an age rating that isn't even enforced. Jeeze.
  2. They sold the IP rights to future titles under the APB brand. They didn't sell APB: Reloaded.
  3. Or, just have little to no knowledge on video games and are sitting in a support job that only requires for them to follow a set of instructions for a specific set of problems.
  4. Yet, these support staff are probably those that work on min wage and have never played APB or games in general.
  5. Because they are probably not trained on how to identify if someone is cheating or not. Therefore it's entirely down to the anti-cheat software to catch these players despite the fact that it's impossible to do so. Fair Fight was at the least able to crunch some math to catch some players doing impossible shit but alas we all know how much abuse was done via manual FF bans to ruin the anti-cheats reputation here. The solution would be to either, train some support staff that are specialized in dealing with cheating cases OR provide their own server side anti-cheat that runs math checks on the players stats to determin if they are actually cheating or not.
  6. Sadly due to human nature, opening up the possibility of multiple characters using the same nickname would result towards users impersonating others to take advantage of the less fortunate. And despite how much information you can throw at the user base to keep them informed, there'll always be a portion of them that actively fall for it. Honestly, they just need to come up with a better way of determining who gets priority of the rights to a nickname if the timescale between them is so close. Neither total playtime or character age is going to cut it in these cases I am affraid. But regardless of it, this is not an easy or careless call to make.
  7. Also rejects Steam Logins as well. Seems the login server broke.
  8. Sadly, due to the nature of single threading in software, the performance of the program is at the mercy of the current work load that the program has to process. Everything in single-threading basically runs similar to single lane road, which can be overwhelmed more quickly if enough cars pile onto it at once. Overclocking only helps mitigate this problem by allowing for faster processing times. But no amount of sheer compute power is going to resolve certain functions or systems in the game that are causing excessively long compute times. As a result, the framerate drops are the result of the program having to wait for the process to finish, long wait times from this can easily be caused by external factors, such as the hard-drive being unable to complete the task of suddenly writing several MB of error messages into a log file within a split second. This can easily be witnessed as either frame drops or (in my case) extreme stutter lag and freezes. Ultimately though, the only solutions to this kind of performance problem is to either optimize the hell out of your code or work towards multi-thread support. Which is the goal they are aiming for with the Engine Upgrade anyway. On a personal note, I would love to know if there is a launch command option to disable game logging as I don't like how a play session results in a 300MB log file full of error messages that are only really useful to the developers. While yes, it can be helpful in support cases, most of the time these logs are pointless to collect if they are not needed most of the time.
  9. So RFP is now, "lol what's a primary weapon?". A CQC Secondary (of all things), should not be able to gun down a player beyond 30m.
  10. It took him this long to finally realize one of the problems plaguing this game. Honestly, it'll probably take him a few more years to learn of all the other issues plaguing the game. Honestly, this display of behavior now explains why Matt doesn't listen to the community outside of his fuckups. SCPT is full of players in Ivory Tower Position of this game. That are probably telling him that nothing is wrong and that they should ignore what is said on the forums because "they don't know what they're talking about" syndrome.
  11. Come back when you have VR viewpoint in the actual game and not in a virtual desktop.
  12. The very start of this cycle takes place in Silver, having to face Golds that don't know the thing called "missing shots". You know, the brains average accuracy is down right terrible yet we have people that rarely miss shots and pull off perfectly precise tracking. It really makes you think how screwed everything is when GMs and devs miss the most balantly obvious shit. Players in Silver are either forced to quit the game or dethreat to rofl stomp on players in Bronze, usually the ones that decide to dethreat instead of quitting, are often those that like degrading other people.
  13. This is the true reason why the console versions failed to pass QA testing. Road Safety is more important than client crashes.
  14. Waiting forever for a round to start kills the mode. The broken spawns and the near useless hazmat suits kill the mode. "What is missing shots?" golds in premade groups against others (especially silvers & bronzes) kills the mode.
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