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  1. In mission districts ill take a hard pass on weapon drops, in fightclubs, maybe. FC feels fairly detached from regular missions and is a whole lot of crazyness anyways so, maybe.
  2. Patch delayed until next week, calling it now, hope I'm dead wrong.
  3. Make San Paro great again! JWar for mayor!
  4. Hello, I've realized theres a bit of a bug with the Bishada Rapier's exhaust notes. Currently the Rapier A-Spire 261-FT01 exhaust rarely sounds as it should, and usually plays the default Rapier DSan Blaze Catback sound. I'm sure fixing this is low on the list of things to do but it would be nice, I love the FT01 exhaust note. Thanks.
  5. Which is why I said it needs a longer equip time. Plzlrn2read
  6. It was nerfed ages ago, but aside from needing an even longer deploy time to permanently stop QSing, its fine. We should really be talking about how broken the Yukon and ATAC are. Click 2 win
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