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  1. Rolpack

    i hate the new system trade

    ... what? how does looking at your locker make your items disappear? do you give everyone your password if they ask for it? i wouldnt bother talking to this dude, everything he typed so far is autistic tbh
  2. Rolpack

    i hate the new system trade

    then just get scammed like all the people before this system lul
  3. Rolpack

    BUG? busting crims

    i tell you why, because you witnessed them, only the witnessed cash gets multiplied by your prestige if you take it to a witness mission, anything else you collect afterwards will just get added to your money untouched next time you see people in n5 you shouldnt witness them just kill them so the game doesnt rek the money rip
  4. Even better. Remove or replace it. Vivox causes some issues with mouses being way less sensitive than in settings. this^ i always just turn off vivoxvoice instantly when apb starts in the task manager cus its not even worht it lol
  5. Rolpack


    how do you even manage to survive day to day life lmao asking the real question here rip
  6. once i cleared out my mailbox full of YOU WON MISSION REWARDS, it took me like what 3 hours? i reached the 500 limit like 4 times on each of the yellow mods rip
  7. Rolpack


    g etting free internet points
  8. Rolpack

    buff vas c2

    humm no? out classed by evrything in mid\close range opinions
  9. hear me out this might sound crazy but, just because people are doing it it doesnt mean that little orbit wants people to do it
  10. What's rmt? whats google? (rmt is real money trading)
  11. steam trading is even more toxic than apb, and thats quite an achievement really
  12. welcome to the marketplace of today, where if you wanna buy any kind of mods, you start by searching at the other end of the pages because yes people do that on purpose and no you cant get your money back it isnt a scam so rip
  13. You can use google translator. i dont think even google translator can save this
  14. i was trying to read what he wrote, but midway it just turned into some voice screaming gibberish at me and i gave up