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  1. tbh players that would quit, just go afk now anyway, getting -100 score, or just "afk" by driving around not playing the mission gettng no score, therefore their mission doesnt count anyway to their threat, so i dont see a big difference here lol
  2. firehawk is a kit, firebomb is the variant you are talking about, and its just a normal 4x4 vegas with a mod thats called "meteor"
  3. which is easily fixable by having a field in the mailbox when sending a message where you can select the server, like a dropdown menu
  4. wot, you can literally have 100 characters on a single account oh and also, when you make a new account it comes with 2 character slots by default not 3, no clue how did you get to this conclusion of yours rip
  5. good to see my picture had a use at least rip
  6. yeah i just took that photo literally when i posted it, its directly from my steam achievements
  7. i remember them being buggy af too, hence you see my unlock dates being all the same on different achievements, it was a huge mess lol
  8. i would assume he means old achievements such as ones from 2014-15 etc it does seem pretty dumb that you cant get them anymore tho lol
  9. pretty sure they meant this one but fuck what do i know not like it matters rip
  10. you cant even use an actual name and just hide behind some random recently created account and you call them scared? lmao gave me a nice laugh
  11. inb4 this thread either; a) turns into e-peen thread b) gets closed/moved
  12. unless if spct tells friend A, then friend A tells friend B who has no idea where friend A got the info from, and then friend B tells like 3 other people, you would never know where it started from aaaaaand then you have a wildfire especially if you have more people testing, then it becomes incerasingly more difficult too this whole NDA thing was just something tiggs always used as an excuse to never talk of the engine upgrade, it was pretty bad lol
  13. more like a well known ghost considering the current game is just pretty bland for my old taste rip well they missed that target with the current selection of people, cus i would say they are all pretty well known to a degree
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