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  1. arent you late to the party? read my other posts lol
  2. Yeah, I most likely remember the older advanced launcher instead of the current Pretty sure the old one acutally removed the smoke entirely, havent had to use the advanced launcher ever since a week ago since they readded BE.
  3. I stand corrected, "none" still has smoke from nades, but it disperses way quicker than normal grenade smoke, but you also cant see burning cars so, i guess its fine afterall lmao.
  4. Except you can put it to "none" on advanced launcher, which just disabled it, and its still against the TOS.
  5. Well turning it down to 0 actually disabled smoke, which is against the TOS, its the only TOS thing advanced launcher can do.
  6. Isn't turning off smoke is against TOS though? Plus turning off particles doesn't even save your FPS, only making it a low count does, like 5 or more.
  7. everyone has the "premium" cooldowns already, so you are a little late on that one
  8. they didnt fix the pedestrian crossings? w o w HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET OVER TO THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD? smh
  9. windows 10 looks like a mobile phone app tbh, i like 7 and lazy to upgrade it till im literally forced to, or i get a new pc or something like that lol
  10. you say that like its a bad thing lmao 2011 apb was great
  11. you know that this weapon drop system is different from the one we had before right? this one completely overwrites the gun you are holding, by actually replacing the gun in your hands, so you can swith between guns and use it as if its your own, rather than having 2 primary guns at once many people dont seem to realize this
  12. except this weapon dropping is the closest we ever got to a "kind of balanced" weapon drop system in apb, in which you dont get to keep 2 primary weapons, because it just switches it out, and acts as your own new primary so no, you cant wield hvr and a whisper at the same time, unless you like not moving from one spot, like ever, and even then the weapons despawn lol
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