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  1. not a bug, they just haven't reset trials
  2. 4 slot 4x4, colby .45 ap, act44 gm apart from that i'd like to know what you are looking for
  3. apb has a 145fps cap so no idea how you are getting 160fps
  4. ranks mean nothing skillwise because new accounts and characters can be made about green districts, i wouldnt mind seeing them go and new players being automatically put into bronze districts through the basic district select, even at silver threat
  5. you're just not worthy enough for it. dm me if you want to know more of our faith
  6. lol i still play occasionally and have the mask dont wear it tho because it's ugly
  7. balkan ravan already exists in the game
  8. not even gonna mention YoDawg? v: also, fairly sure but dont quote me on it; red rain was supposed to be a crim faction like g-kings and blood roses and yodawg was part of it. probably never made it past concept stage and yodawg but who knows
  9. takes time to get proper modded/moddable variants is probably what he meant.
  10. lots of cars have missing 4 slot contact variants. vegas, mikro, vaquero, moirai, fresno..
  11. kinda impossible to join if you crash or forget ngl like all the districts are full and there's probably tons of people spamjoining and the gms don't run the event in gold districts with less than max amount of people
  12. Hello, today's Chipp's Car Club is in Stu Phoenix's parking garage in Citadel's Waterfront-1 (Gold) in about 2 hours. Sorry for a bit late post.
  13. there's still the problem of achievements that, if you didn't play during a certain event years ago, are unobtainable now kinda ruins it for people who wanna be completionists
  14. i agree with op, guns in armas are severely overpriced armas stuff in general is overpriced
  15. jg's just straightup better than nfas everywhere now
  16. what from? selling mods? lol just sell symbols/themes lool i personally make most of my current income from just trading
  17. here's something controversial make whisper the same as oca-sd aka remove it's crouch modifier and range buff
  18. Hi, today we are meeting at the parking of the Prentiss Tigers' Beachhouse, where Chung-Hee and Orlenz' Moretti are.
  19. It's very easy to fill the slots up. Most people I know that make cars have the slots full, me included
  20. better to have 10 viewers with active chatters than 1000 with active chatters in my opinion
  21. im sorry, who the fuck cares about that? i believe this shit is for the community
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