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  1. Finally someone that thinks like me. This is not an open world cops VS criminals game, everything that has to do with open world and spontaneous interaction and not in a matchmaking mission was practically deleted, considering the witness mechanic, unless you go to empty servers to search for half an hour for someone to bully. The game right now is basically a matchmaking csgo like game with cars, with the open world being a huge waiting lobby. I don't think it could even be hard to change it. Maybe make matchmaking a different option for those who like it, and for the worlds themselves, remove the creation of these missions, (from that point on being ready will make you join in a witness mission or any other that might be added, which happened spontaneously) maybe make it so citizens witness creates a mark on the map of where a crime was committed, return the notorious/prestige system from the past, and in every couple hours or so make it so a certain big world event will occur. From then on you can continue in that path for developing the game, but for a start these changes will already make the game in the open world actually feel and have the cops VS criminals open world theme it is supposed to have, and for those who like the matchmaking missions, they could happen in separate worlds without anyone outside of the mission disturbing. Win win for everyone
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