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  1. I watched the part of the Q&A vid where this question is proposed. The summary of his response is basically that it's against ToS but nothing will happen unless someone directly reports you, and this will be the case until the code is updated so that this is no longer possible. That's a good take imo, no point hurting population further over something which has little effect and investing time into making it detectable if in the future it will be a non-issue anyway.
  2. Just install a config, even with advanced launcher you will still get stutters and poor performance with everything turned down. Flaws' config is very easy to install, he's put a lot of time into it and made it free for people to use. The key ones to install are the graphics files and the reduced visuals files (e.g. muzzle flash removal) If you don't like how the game looks with a config, then you have your two options and should decide between the two; average looks and terrible performance, or terrible looks and average performance.
  3. Fully agree on mob spawner removal, ntec changes required and changes to firework launcher. Breaching charge suggestion sounds interesting. I would like to see roof surfer completely removed personally but a significant nerf would be a big step in the right direction at least. Consumables were a good idea implemented terribly, they should not be as effective in combat as they are now. Injector is just ridiculous as it currently stands, so effective and useful in both aggression and defence in combat. One of Reloaded's many 'what the f*** were they thinking' additions. I don't know how to fix med-spray, but injector should have a significant wind-up time before sprint speed is given and the health penalty should be harsher. It should be a risky way of getting back into a mission quicker, at the cost of much greater health than it is now at best imo.
  4. 1 - How can you say the 4x4 Vegas is 'somewhat meh'? It is undeniably in the top 3 vehicles in overall strength for missions and I would personally put it ahead of the Pioneer in 2nd. 2 - They very clearly didn't say 'all vehicles need to be equal', just that there needs to be a rebalancing to bring some vehicles that have been left behind in terms of overall strength - e.g. Mikro, Vaquero - closer into line with the other more recent releases (e.g. Coywolf). I thought this is a really positive change as vehicle variety is low in this game.
  5. I agree with a lot of the points made here. Think this needs to be implemented carefully as risk of turning it a generic 3PS is quite high which would be a big negative change imo.
  6. Holding weapon Hopefully simply swapping this weapon to use the default ntec animations wouldn't be too difficult? This might clip through the foregrip, but would still look a hell of a lot better than this with minimal effort and no additional animations.
  7. Having played on the NA server myself from EU I completely disagree. It's very noticeable.
  8. I've been in contact with support - specifically asking if crosshair overlay softwares are allowed, such as hudsight which I gave as an example - and this was the response (Link removed ~@mayii) I had. Pretty clearly this states that they are not allowed to me. I queried this again as I have seen many streamers using crosshair overlays and people suggesting it's allowable on the forums. This was the second response (Link removed ~@mayii) I had. I find this really f ing annoying to be honest, as I find the dot quite useful but clearly don't want to stray onto the side of running applications that support suggest 'might' get my account banned. Have any LO staff said otherwise in the past?
  9. Looks really promising albeit ambitious. Thinking pragmatically, I do wonder how useful the cross-region matchmaking will actually be. If it were me and I was in a low-pop server and had two options - either play with 150+ms or not play at all - I'd probably choose the latter, but I suppose that is just one opinion and it's nice to have the option. FairFight back is a big positive too, I just hope Reloaded's implentation and use of the tool is learned from.
  10. Connor

    Mikro & Vaquero buff

    Clearly there is a balance. Not suggesting to make them strongest or fastest, but their overall strength is way off the others so small increases in something would be, in my opinion, warranted.
  11. +1 character login screen is just annoying after you've seen it once I wouldn't be totally opposed to it once the game has been modernized but with crashes and the necessity to restart the game after periods of playing it gets irritating
  12. In an unnamed popular free FPS game a lot of people play, you can get a 'storage locker' for your inventory that acts as one entry in the menu but when opened carries other items. I'd happily pay a small amount on ARMAS for this. My weapon list has a lot of account-wide weapons I rarely use and I'd like them to not be in the way of the list when changing weapons amongst those weapons I mostly use. Alternatively a favouriting system would be nice (favourites appear at the top) and the ability to drag the weapons around into an order of your choosing, but I doubt LO could make us pay for this.
  13. Agree with this, even as a user. Playing against OSMAW car surfers is just... yeah. Agree with OP's post, think it's a good idea. More vehicle variety is one of many things sorely needed in this game imo, and perhaps an implementation of this + nerfing/reworking car surfer means the Montane & T-25 could be more viable.
  14. Connor


    I'm of the view that the blowtorch - whilst fun - is only really helpful in certain situations (e.g. Creme De La Crime) and is not quite as useful as mob supply in general. A simple to change to make it slightly more effective could be to make it damage enemy cars instead of repairing them. On it's own this doesn't make much difference but would allow players wielding the blowtorch to save a grenade or not come up on radar when removing a mob spawner with guns. You can aim the blowtorch and use it independently, which seems unnecessary. Another possible implementation (rather than it being automatic) could be to just get rid of the 'ADS' and make it repair with left click and sabotage with right click.
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