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  1. FPS boosts are fine. The issue is people are going around looking for configs, especially cheats to gain an advantage over other people and then they get haxed!
  2. People have no chill man. The game's population is lower than ever before and this is still a thing like wtf!
  3. They should implement custom lobbies and private matches, that would be so dope.
  4. Tumbies


    Letting players host lobbies and custom matches would mostly solve the issue of having to play with random cheaters.
  5. Right. For the health of the game, someone get rid of these ***** please. We don't need ill-natured ********** ******** running loose.
  6. I haven't clocked nearly as much time as many others, nowadays only playing a couple hours a month to check on things. It's decent until inevitably coming across these issues.
  7. Great post guys, and thanks for sharing. Some of these comments are so ridiculous. We have to remind each other that the staff are doing a service, the game didn't have to continue. Sure there's work to be done but the constant shitposting is just degenerate as hell.
  8. APB development will be staffed by the best artists and engineers in the industry, updated to modern standards and polished into one of the greatest masterpieces of the decade easily gaining mainstream popularity. On a more serious note, the game can always be revived with marketing and there are still new players joining. It just depends when they decide to call it quits. It's a business and their #1 metric is money.
  9. Just chill and let them work. It's a miracle that the game services have even survived this long. Besides, there are so many good shooters and racers to play nowadays, APB shouldn't be your main game.
  10. APB could definitely use an overhaul & makeover. I like the idea of basic bots in tutorial districts as well as modernized combat mechanics. Of course, the focal points of APB are customization & socialization, and that's where the game really delivers. But a proper "new player experience" is so important to any game's success nowadays.
  11. Only initially. There are so many good new games and alternatives available nowadays, and nobody wants to play with a playerbase of 10-year veterans on a dated RPG shooter.
  12. Top 3 Overall Performance: N-TEC5, STAR, ATAC Top 3 Personal Favorite: FAR, S1-FA, Raptor Worst: ACES Rifle, COBRA Pretty good & fairly competitive: All other assault rifles
  13. Unpopular opinion, NTEC, FAR, & S1 are still effective in experienced hands. Still against bloom changes, being able to skillfully cut down pointmen with an AR in close ranges was one of the most satisfying things ever.
  14. It's no secret that APB has been in an unplayable state for too long now. It's a miracle that the game services still survive at all. Anyways, I wouldn't worry until we see updates and marketing. For example, games on the front page of Steam store get thousands of clicks which has populated old games before.
  15. The current state of weapons in APB is... a Nerf gun war. Individual weapon selection in APB has always been confusing. G1's multi-releases of reskinned and/or badly designed guns made it even worse. There's no focus on a gun's characteristics or design aspects and shooting just feels unreliable and clumsy in general. Balancing the metagame will be practically impossible.
  16. i was in a mission with a trainee who had the n word in his logo and clan name crackheads, he spawned in my car and drove off 100s of meters also i saw a soldier with swastika patches
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