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  1. I guess the number of players playing this event will eventually tell how amusing the event is, what the players think about it and show the real picture..
  2. Can we get some information or news from someone? Like, whats going on, are u aware of it, are u doing anything about it, etc etc..
  3. All those dislikes, lol.. But look at it, u were totally right..
  4. Gun Game - yaaaay... Crashed.. Nevermind, lets go again.. Freeze.. But its Gun Game - yaaaay.. Crashed..
  5. Looks like login servers are down..
  6. Mby they fell asleep. Tired. Understand them, they worked hard.
  7. Omg, ovo izgleda tako ─Źudno..
  8. I heard it will be down for 4 hours, now I belive its true.
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