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  1. Here is some more altered content: Old Skate Park in Financial Movie Theater in Social District
  2. Show me some true "old days" content that is almost forgotten so I can feel young again! I'll kick it off with this one:
  3. Expose thy upper ventral region or flee this establishment.
  4. We talkin chicken nuggets? 20 chicken box at McDonalds takes the win. For chicken wings on the other hand it would be Burger king, and fried chicken ofc KFC.
  5. Bro just paste all audio files together, put some Apb (or at least cod/minecraft/fortnite) gameplay in the background and upload it to Youtube.
  6. And I have an authentic pc games magazine article reviewing APB from 2010 . (spoilers: pro = big world, fun in group, nice editors con=no hit zones, repetitive tasks, bad matchmaking, weapon balancing) 64/100
  7. PHM

    Matt Scott is a billionaire

    Thats exactly the point. For a free to play game whose business model is to get players buying stuff like guns for real cash the FBW as free permanent gun is simply too good. If you might have noticed its easily the most used secondary in this game because its good and free. Thats a lot potential cash lost there. For the Ntec we got the 10 day version or a one time purchase from armas, then you basically have the the best primary and never have to spend your precious dollars again. Thats also lost cash. And with every new player still following up the trend and eventually turning his/her char in to a cat girl they only charge 99g1c. If people are willing to buy the 15k g1c KTTW pack just for the 3D glasses everyone has, I see big potential for the cat ears. All I tried is to give my best advices to make sure our beloved leader Matt Scott will get the wealth & lambo he deserves. What have you contributed to archive this selfless goal?
  8. PHM

    Matt Scott is a billionaire

    Damn, lets hope the bait is so strong people click on it fast enough
  9. ...not yet - but he would be asap if he did this: - nerf FBW (that free starter gun 99% of the players use only) so they have to buy permanent guns from Armas = $$$ - nerf NTEC (that other gun 99% of players use only and mastered a.k.a. the probably most bought permanent gun on Armas) so they have to buy other guns from Armas = $$$ - Sell Cat ears for like 10k G1c (people will buy it anyways because everyone wants to be that "meow im a cat" sh*t and its an unspoken rule that every girl char has to wear these to be accepted in social district) = $$$ Doing this would not only lead to more diversity in case of the average weapon loadout (99% ntec + fbw) and less "cat girls", but you (@MattScott) could also buy that lambo you always dreamed of. Cheers.
  10. I'm glad you moved this to off-topic. This post was definitively wrong in the social section
  11. That makes sense. I didn't even notice lol.
  12. How are we supposed to know this? Is discord now the official way LO communicates with the players ?? The redeem code was posted here like 2 hours ago from the brute force.
  13. Still trying to figure out if there is a meaning behind this thing. If im correct those are greek letters. Gamma Omicron Alpha Omega Alpha Psi. At first I tried to use the first letters of each word to form another - GO AOAP .. no meaning to me. If you look at the Psi as Y instead and mesh both ideas together, you could think the whole thing means "GO AWAY". Other interpretations could be "TO A??AY" or sth else. Since it represents a file icon I thought it could lead to an actual file or page. The https://www.redhillinstitute.com/c0de subpage has been removed. Merged. I also used inverted colors and even snapchats "heat" filter (lol) to scan the side for hidden images. On this shot you can see that doc a bit better and also notice the word "Nope" on in the left corner. Same goes for that somehow hidden image of "Devilishly good Devil ?Dogs? "
  14. Well you must be a lucky one. I maxed my crim around 2015 and got my first nano mission in 2017 and the same day one month later another one. after that the next mission was the stac this week (2019). In all that time I checked daily if there was a mission but never got one again until now.
  15. There was actually a cheater on citadel baylan the whole morning, his name was [removed by the mods because we love to punish the wrong people].
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