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  1. Everyone should be gold. If by some miricle and you arent by now, either you play drunk or you solo ALOT
  2. I think legitimately you just listed actual things wrong with the game at it's current state, and if those are fixed (people will always complain) then well I'd say we have a winning game on our hands. Unfortunately to us gamerlast mentioned the engine too soon in my opinion and got a false sence of "when" it will be available. I'd say even without the engine if we worked on the others it might draw more positivity....
  3. Had mine custom made The ending theme to "the grim adventures of billy and mandy" I always like hearing other peoples....
  4. I did favor how black desert online did their market but I feel like mainly it was to keep gold sellers at bay. I dont feel like apb will have this problem....however I feel like the tax needs to be lowered and slight tweaks here and there.
  5. Its obvious the marketplace is probably the least used kiosk in APB, even while everyone sits in social it's high tax rate and lack of items makes it nearly useless. Unless you sell symbols or nice lady wear you probably just use it at a ladder. It's high time we bring back the ability to sell contact white weapons It would deffinatly boost the economy giving players that arent creative a chance to earn a little more rather than just selling mods you'll be able to sell those sweet unlocks....For those that struggle with contact rep this is another reason the keep playing, you'll be able to use that weapon for a little while and maybe put it on the back burner for moment enjoying the game.
  6. Honestly the joker carbine on paper isn't far from a ntec just a few meters really.... The only difference it the very few meters in range and the fire rate , which I mean if you are used to its pattern isn't much...but lets go back to the ntec and how its super op This game is legit 70% Cover / 30% Aim
  7. It had to happen at least once when you played apb, and it was at the worst time https://streamable.com/j6jpjq Played Criminal in Criminal Intent lead by BearedFrog. Later joined a Enforcer Clan lead by Arual, but still stayed true to my roots and continued to play criminal. Made friends that I still talk to and play games with to this day! Ended up making a Criminal clan called Green Planet (see garbage truck logos in game for more details}. Game was incredible for its time, my favorite time was when we all dissolved into Green Planet and played together. Maybe one of my favorite songs in apb
  8. This ruined the downtime we had as a group, killing each other while we waited for opposistion....at least turn on the tk kick system when you are opposed....
  9. There is a legit tooltip in the loading screen or used to be that mentioned using Voip to trash talk talk the enemy
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=379180211 A friend of mine made this a long time ago, some of the information may be irrelevant. Good luck
  11. Oscar was better when you could sprint left and right with it...I personally love that gun and on paper is amazing but put into practice it's true colors really show.
  12. Yea I stopped reading after that, (I dont play the game but people meta guns they cry evry-tim) I really enjoy the direction LO is going with the shotguns.
  13. They quit becuase they get absolutely destroyed by either players who have deranked or higher tier actual silver (which still doesnt make sence to me) It's very difficult to constantly play against someone your skill level since it's so hard to determine well your skill level. Played time nore kills , deaths cam determine this. I propose a rank reset on server reset based upon win and loss or weekly perhaps weekly sounds better or longer. Now how do we make it so you cant throw games on purpose well I have no idea. Thats all I've got so far and even then it may not do the job Everyone should be gold
  14. I would agree to this, BDO looks amazing but holy damn is it so grindy couldn't really dive into it. For me the winning ticket is gameplay
  15. I think you might wanna go back and read what I wrote "alt o holics" meaning no new people those of us that just like having the stuff. Gonna take a shot in the dark and assume they have friends that played and want that stuff also. It did work becuase it got us to play more "Edit" Had to put my crayons away Keep in mind this is a projection from a hypothetical situation. So let's not go hyperdrive negative nacy on it k? Js
  16. Awe hell yea takes me back... No lie this would be a great tactic after some minor improvements for quality of life. Some alt o holics might come back just to unlock dis shit bringing their friends. Seeing how the game has improved and stick around Edit : ofcourse maybe change the rewards haha
  17. Anything is possible APB is probably one if the greatest personal customization games I have ever seen. Letting you make whatever you want, that's at least an edge. Then gamerfirst should of never announced the engine update, that's really hurt this game and that's all everyone ever talks about. If you couldn't deliver withing 5years time dont even mention it. Edit : Its not LO fault, it's like plumbing your house with lead solder and selling it....
  18. I agree, don't nerf it. Its rock, paper, scissors use a longer ranged weapon...
  19. Its been so long, apb did a recruit a friend thing and you could acquire it through that, not a bad idea really unfortunately we all just made alt accounts and helped out each other lol. You could have also gotten the .45
  20. Ah so technically we are already wearing the buff and still getting cheesed
  21. I'm actually very surprised they haven't implemented a usuable armor for deffence against the LTL, like the grenade launcher or the pig
  22. Fruitini


    Agreed, it's a double edged sword. You don't have as many cheaters becuase of the player base and those cheat forums wont update their stuff for a "dead" game. (Their opinion) Which for us is great but not so many people are playing like they used to. I imagine you see more blantent ones out and about for the reason their cheats just suck and can be detected easily. Then you have the "closest" who sweat it out becuase there isnt many people and its alot eaisyer to get noticed.
  23. Everyone should be gold Reasons for being silver or below 1. I started yesterday 2. I play a lot drunk 3. I play solo 90% of the time I dont know how I would fix matchmaking, skill cant be determined by hours played or kills deaths. The games missions are sometimes in locations that are better defended than attacked and Visa versa. There's always going to be missions were someone is just outplaying you.
  24. Its like a "who can last the longest" kinda thing.... not sure what place I'm in but ayyyyyy
  25. THIS Is the best way I can explain this, from my experience. Me and my brother have pc gaming in common and we play together quit often. APB was one of those games if you saw me guarenteed my brother was with me and through it all we meet some friends in 2012 and 2014 whom we still chat and play with TO THIS DAY so for me its who I meet along the way and this rollercoaster of a game with its ups and downs through the years I stuck with it. I'll always look at apb as a hall of Famer for me.
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