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  1. I'm going to retract my previous statement when everyone should be gold. Maybe I was a little leanient....
  2. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.
  3. I'm sure many people have mentioned it but I'll say it here...again... Join a clan, join the discord and ask for groups if you would rather not join a clan. Anyway playing with others and communicating will build your skill level , groups three or four is great. Just find like minded people.
  4. I agree some days I'm great the next in terrible. I think I've figured it out though....I'll need a moment to think more about it.
  5. Right we need to determine how to judge someone's skill level in such a way they can't cheat the system by just tanking their stats and getting stuck in lower tiers. So my question is how would you determine someone's skill cap. Should not be based on time played in district, kills would be something but that can be overthrown from the bayland and towers districts.
  6. I never called them "try hards" and you should read me other statement after my edit but if you have any better ideas by all means share. This only works assuming people care about threat and their status. I realize people only wanna face like skilled players and this may be extremely hard to do because the playing field is just so large and the gap is wide I'll need more time to think on a better alternative and get back to this post.
  7. I feel as if we all should be gold like everyone, because it's so easy to get. I honestly believe unless you just solo all the time (because communicators issues) or you literally just started the game you should be in those ranks. Having said that I wish people would use the none ranked channels that should be for casual play (with lesser rewards) and use the regular channels for ranked play. In ranked play each mission will end in either kill push bar or three point hold because let's face it some missions are better positioned then others. Buuuuuuut we may not have the player base for what I want to happen because yea we will have more people that don't care about rank than others but i wonder how much more...hmm
  8. Listen all I'm saying is, in mission you should get a demerite leave it up to the team leader whether to kick or not, but please let us kill each other while out of mission to pass the time.
  9. honesty it would hurt those who pay for those extra things and create those new clothes and rides. The marketplace already takes a ton of your cash as is. I know you don't have much to work with as a free player but even a slight change could make big waves. I would consider actually buying premium now after all that's happened
  10. You still got your private cheaters out there and I know some of the hacker forums are still scratching their heads on how to bypass Battle eye but 90% that's just way to much. I think they will cull them out for sure probably not the private cheats but the others will get shut down eventually
  11. Convincing? I understand what you mean, I learn through doing and seeing something done. Being able to get up and walk across the hall and visually see the cheater looking dead at you through a wall is something on another level. One thing I can tell you a cheater even a closet cheater plays the game different than you and I, you can always spot a cheater unless he knows you are before hand and he doesn't wanna give himself away he will throw the game. 100% of the time or he just won't use them at all. Even turn off walls because it's to easy to make a mistake when you can literally see everything knowing they can see you also
  12. To be real I've always had the opportunity, i mean i do have a job and I could pay for some if I wanted. I would say my brother took the hit for us on that one, probably why I never did. I had a lot at stake also my weapons, time not to say he didn't but I guess I put a higher value on what I was going to loose if I was banned.
  13. Enjoyed the read, it's like another world another world out there that you plebs can't even comprehend. I understand fully on why he did what he did, and as to how he "convinced" himself he was right about the hackusations he's cheating for christ sake you can see everthing every movement, dirrection, weapon, even when they pull out a grenade. That's how he knows he was right all along. It takes one to know one, in my opinion and when we spoke about the hacker raging on him I don't know how many times I could hear my brother laughing I. The other room about how the hackers on the other team was going to "report him" anyway fun read later....
  14. That secondary pistole the "Yukon" or whatever it is, is way overpowered. Other than that meh it's not gonna make me quit or anything. Ntec and hvr are working as intended.
  15. The only thing that I want to see changed, is a revert when Notoriety swapped back the way it was. Making people just a free kill with no loot is just insane. Not to mention it was the enforcers who complained about it. Of course, they didn't do the math if they had they would have realized the enforcer faction made more money!!
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