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  1. crazy )) yesterday you lost to the Golden trolls in bronze. )) even hooking someone with their bullets . your score was 0-0-7 . tell me, do you like being the food on the Troll table ? I played you and I know who you are and what you can do . you don't know and you can't do anything . I'm sorry but it's a fact . your game has just begun , you still have a lot to learn .
  2. facts : two clan easily killed server Han in year and a half . 2017 player population 1200 -1500 players / 2018 player population 1200 -1500 players . what happened ? gold plays in silver and bronze areas . Soundwave2142 you personally then you can not continue to engage in dialogue . opinions are determined , the choice is made . how many matches would you not lose if you just listened to what I said ? you specifically ! . excuse me. A complete ZERO in the game . shall I go on with the explanation about your person ?
  3. I don't need help , rather I want to help YOU !
  4. you all talk too much . there are four levels of threat , there are four arenas . rules are broken . there are no restrictions and controls . Hello chaos .
  5. rules are created for people . to make their existence convenient for everyone . the game was Chaos before LO . LO year the project nothing has changed except 15000 unbans Scam . plays 500 - 600 people on all servers . thanks for your attention
  6. I'm comfortable with my situation . I played one and want to play solo .
  7. I haven't had a gold threat in the last two months . ( https://translate.yandex.ru/?lang=ru-en&text=за последние два месяца у меня не было золотой угрозы . ) are you sure you should keep going?
  8. bla bla bla . are you sure you should keep going?
  9. thanks for the offer . I am an independent person . I need help . everything you write in the second paragraph is unacceptable to me . I play solo . when you play in a band , you always owe someone . Bishada8800 are you sure you should keep advising me ?
  10. crazy is curable , idiocy is untreatable .
  11. choose Zolerox : in the game files there were other options of cars , I think that the file RTW company LO can survive for several years .
  12. I am Solo, a silver player who plays in the bronze district because my silver district is filled with gold , clan players . ( https://translate.yandex.ru/?lang=ru-en&text=Я Соло%2C серебряный игрок%2C который играет в бронзовом районе%2C потому что мой серебряный район заполнен золотыми %2C клановыми игроками ) I haven't had a gold threat in the last two months . ( https://translate.yandex.ru/?lang=ru-en&text=за последние два месяца у меня не было золотой угрозы . ) Bishada8800 understood ?
  13. who exactly is right in your understanding and what should I do ? I know the outcome of the match since its beginning . I have enough brains not to feed the gold playing in bronze . I do not understand the silver and bronze players who go into battle against the gold .
  14. I've been getting blamed lately : gold playing in silver arenas claims that I am a Noob and my place in the bronze arena . the players who play with me claim that I am fake silver and I have to play at least in the silver arena . what am I supposed to do ? what should I do if my gaming experience is huge but I technically can't beat 10ms with my 270 MS ? what options can you recommend to me ?
  15. you claim what was not in principle . the above statement looks like nonsense . Fight clubs are very viable arenas .
  16. Zolerox Just, uh. NTEC-7c 'New Glory the legendary weapon and it has the right to be unique .
  17. Yood

    Bring beacon back

    this arena is very interesting . it can work on the Fighting club system all year round .
  18. clans. we can describe this problem for a long time . say personal opinion of solo players is a ticket to heaven for the company LO .
  19. the game has four levels of threat than bad if everyone will play in their arenas ? argue please
  20. permanent Vegas 4x4 stood in Joker Armas long before the emergence of LO . I feel weird reading this from you.
  21. you answered yourself . I don't want to see the wrong data .
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