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  1. boastful Zolerox . to use the black cylinder from the Armas store to edit it, you need to buy it . in this case, players receive an exclusive , free, editable event cylinder ST. PATRICK'S DAY 2019 .
  2. main character: settings activation of daily activity-manual , for more than 8000 hours missions with rare rewards dropped out 4 times .
  3. the best decision and action of the team will be the adjustment and replacement of the award. give players the ability to edit the cylinder . the proposed solution has already been used for awards from Valentine's day and Easter events . exclusivity of things remains , players are happy , LO gets points .
  4. I expect this mission and the reward is seven years . the reward distribution system for daily activity does not work correctly .
  5. reasoned and accurate . I think that the players on the server Nekrova can wait character migration . the time to respond to requests can vary greatly : If the term is specified in the letter, which came from a commercial organization, and there is no term in the resolution – to execute within 30 days from the date of registration of the letter.
  6. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/8250-twitch-shooting/?do=findComment&comment=105175 this is not a macro shooting . but. this is abuse .
  7. it is also a problem if the reset , raising , reset is registered as a macro command line . you artificially reduce the chances of the opponent to receive Medal Transporter Slayer .
  8. I'm almost 99% satisfied with your answer . the problem is that: no one player 'D' terrorized data way server, the official ban, unban,..... Hi. I'm your aunt .
  9. worthy of attention . the moderators of the forum not only in the sweep of uncomfortable comments . they should form the correct thread thread of the theme .
  10. you're really hitting me in the solar plexus . this time
  11. Jericho's server historically receives the most Doss attacks in the game . the problem is that it is a ground G1 , ground LO . strange opportunity not to fix the problem on their territory .
  12. strange vote . game servers should work well in principle .
  13. the spread of bullets will be quite different .
  14. it's 2019 . people communicate on the forum not to show off and to lick patootie . the most painful points of view are discussed here . people are trying to make the game more interesting and attractive .
  15. submit NFAS-12 'The Janitor' when using these switches the size (volume) of the destructive can be increased ? are you artificially trying to make yourself less vulnerable ?
  16. you can play in different ways . if you have reinstalled the function to switch the view to the mouse button . if you switch to finger mode there is no problem . the problem starts if the switches are written by a macro with a certain switching rate.
  17. Vegas 4 x 4 always been to the Armas store . the event was not annual . neophobia if can be official references to holding in 2013 , 14, 15 . I'm not insisting, and I could be wrong, too . you show me .
  18. 3 February 2009 the game came out Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box . in 2018, Criterion games announced Burnout Paradise Remastered . The updated Burnout Paradise offers a variety of visual improvements, including improved graphics and high-resolution textures. You can drive in 4K resolution and with a frequency of up to 60 frames per second. was it a transition to a new engine or were old files overwritten in modern technology ?
  19. ST. PATRICK'S DAY give old things to the new team I think it does not add points . . where's the costume contest , the cars , the symbols , skins ? new Armas Gear › Symbols ? it was possible to give players a skin Ireland Weapon Skin , where is the big hunt for GMs Leprechauns ? the extermination of exclusivity of things continues . previously, some things could only be obtained by playing in certain events . some things were strictly donation (purchase in Armas) . the first fell under the distribution of the wings of the devil and the cap from the event bring a friend . (snipped image -Spuzva) Ireland Leprechaun. unproductively.
  20. is twitching shooting (V) in a straight open arena a violation as gaining advantage of tools designed for another purpose ?
  21. the settings of each player are individual . you are the likeness of a certain specified parameter
  22. Armas store site could be more diverse in principle .
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