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  1. Oh boy, those are the well deserved winners from the contest!
  2. I think they should make the game perma death so nobody wants to dethreat. This would make for much more fair match making. Thanks.
  3. real high priority issue right here boys
  4. Just post your own if you disagree :- )
  5. Made this little thing where you can just drag the guns to the tier you believe them to be in. Here is the link to make your own list. https://tiermaker.com/create/apb-gun-tier-list-2020-474121 or use https://www.kapwing.com/5eea72a129324800153914d0/studio/editor Disagree with the list? post a picture of your own here! This should be fun... edit: changed link
  6. The text on the shirt says, "Neko ni koban". That literally translates to "gold coins to a cat" wich is the japanese saying for throwing pearls before swine. Lore; She was born in Philadelphia and lived there for most of her childhood. She was forced to leave her hometown after an altercation with a local gang turned ugly. She was left with a wide scar across her eye, but at least she left with her life unlike the two men who assaulted her. Her parents had no choice but the send her away from the city in fear or retaliation from the gang. She was put in a taxi without knowing her destination for her own protection. When she arrived she realized she was going to move in with her wealthy uncle and aunt in Bel-Air. This is where she would later be known as the queen of Bel-Air. After she graduated from one of the best schools in the country with lousy grades she was looking for a job that was better suited for her skill set and was picked up by Joker Industries and made a name for herself. edit; Now also in Sakura Nights edition.
  7. Hello, meet David. :- ) And there is also a version if LO thinks the exposed belly is a bit much... Name: David S. Muzzle Age: 46 About: David has been a part of Joker industries as far as anyone can remember. Nobody is quite sure how long he's been exployed by Joker or what he actually does for them as he has not been seen doing actual work by anyone. Despite working for the company for many years he has yet to move up in the ranks. There are several rumors to why is still employed by Joker industries. Some say he is in fact a highly skilled marksman, some say he's an remote explosives expert but some say that he is friends with the owners of the company. But what is most likely it could be that he is one of the leaders of the workers union, some workers rights legislation has made it almost impossible to end his employment without significant cost to Joker. What ever the reason it does not seem like he is going anywhere any time soon and he as such has been re-assigned to the Joker Store. David is known for constantly eating burgers while on company time. He even has repurposed a tactical leg pouch to keep extra burgers warm. He keeps mostly to himself and does not say much more than is needed. This can make interacting with him quite awkward as it often turns into a one sided conversation. He has a strange yet friendly welcoming aura around him that often can lead to the mistake of trying to start a conversation with David. Im not attached to either the name or lore of the character, open to changing all that if picked.
  8. I would agree that the explosives in the game are a bit out of place at the moment, but mostly due to car missions. They are not that fun to play with (imo) but so incredibly annoying to play against.
  9. I think at best introducing melee weapons into the game should be meme status in terms of effectiveness. A one shot kill would be so increadibly broken, even if its from behind due to the nature of the game being third person and you character not always facing the same direction as the camera. I personally do not believe that waterfront being very open is an issue, it's just that the objectives more often than not are in the open. I don't believe smoke nades would help with this and it comes down more to changing mission/map balance. I think smoke nades would just be messy, but it's hard to know how it would actually play but i believe it would just slow the game down even more which i am not a fan of. Area denial with Molotovs sound like they would get mega abused. It would also slow down the game too much imo. I have literally no idea what you want changed with arrested mechanics from that sentance lol. Could potentially be a fun gimmick to get on the T-25 pickup, as long as you are able to get shot out from the gunner seat and the gun isn't more powerful than your average primary. Please no. No claymores in the game. It would just benefit defenders and slow the game. Having some sort of zombie mode event in the very far distant future could be fun. But i feel like in terms of priorities we might be able to see something like this in 2027 or something... While having another district to play in would be a great change of pace i believe it would first need a much much larger playerbase. What could be fun is to have a monthly rotation of districts. I don't believe expanding so you can go in to a bunch of skyscrapers would be at all viable for gameplay. The idea has always been around client side physics, no game does server side physics on small things like a players hair. I believe this could be a cool investment at some point, having static hair is soooo 2010. How the hell do you got time to watch someones facial expression when you in a fire fight? lmao
  10. Where does one begin with a post like this... I highly encourage you to practice some reading comprehension. This post is still not about the details of gun balance but the process of finding it sooner rather than later. I will entertain you with a reply anyway. I don't see any reason why the arguement of "a sniper shot would kill irl to the head" is in any shape or form a valid one. A 9mm pistol is enough to do the job, so then we might aswell have every gun in the game kill in a single headshot. Of course the devs gave the HVR a high damage so that it could act like a sniper we are familiar with in all games, but that does not mean that the gun is in a good place right now. You supply clips that again validates how easy the ATAC is and powerfull on range. Sure it doesnt just laser someone down on 50m, but it sure as hell still kills fast. Any ranges below 50m and its rapidly even more strong with just as little effort. This is still a viewpoint that is shared with any of the high tier players that i have talked to. I want to stress again my point again of having the very vocal low/mid tier players like you spread their opinion on balancing. You are entitled to your opinion but i can't understand how you could share it when you should fully understand that you are not able to play the game to a degree of where your opinions of balance is valid. Imagine that the CSGO devs listened to the mid skill players rather than the top players, how do you think that would play out? Im not sure what you mean by "maybe, it's give a cut for smurfing in bronze server", but are you trying to say that you believe dethreating is ok? kdud. My intention is still not to take away your ATAC gaming wheelchair, just slightly balance it towards how easy it is to use vs how effective it is.
  11. Listen, this is not about the actual details of balance. I'm not looking for a bunch of low tier players opinions on balancing. You can't even identify the most broken guns in the game man. I understand that alot of players are scared that their gamer wheelchair will be taken away, but its for the greater good. I have yet to talk to a single of the higher tier players that disagree with the guns and mods on the list needing a change. The exact details of what to do differs however. People who don't think the ATAC is effective on range most likely have poor tracking. https://clips.twitch.tv/SlipperyAliveFiddleheadsTheRinger as an example of many on how hard it is to get a kill on longer range...
  12. I personally strongly dislike balancing guns around inaccuracy but i also do not think all the guns should be laser rifles. Spray and pray with an ntec should be innacurate as that is using the gun incorrectly for example, but a STAR is intended to spray and should be more accurate when spraying. An SMG like OCA should be accurate on the move and while spraying as that is its role, but currently i believe OCA to be a bit too inaccurate.
  13. I encourage you to read the my previous comment again, these are huge pain points for experienced active players. They carry over to new players too. The nerf would help everyone.
  14. I feel that you are missing the entire point. Yes there are direct actions that can made to combat dethreaters, but it would require a significant engineering effort. The people that dethreat have in my experience been people using the cheapest tricks in the books. Nerfing these things will help new and old players alike. It's not just about peoples first hour in the game but their first couple of days too. It doesnt take long to spot that the same couple of weapons are being used all the time. And when it comes to remote det and spotter, they just don't have a place in the game in my opinion. At the very least not like how the function right now. Getting killed by bullshoot is frustrating for new and old players, it's just that a new player is more likely to drop out of the game completely.
  15. My main point is that small simple changes can do everything, while other rewoks of things would be great for later when they feel they can invest the time. While i do agree with a lot of the comments here still. While i understand that this wont be the fix to help new players, its a bandaid to have them be less abused.
  16. Hello, i felt the need to collect my own thoughts and worries in the wake of the Reddit AMA with Matt Scott. These are worries i've had since before the AMA and i believe have been validated now. The current state of the game is currently in such a embarrassing state that i could not recommend it to anyone and i would feel ashamed at admitting that i play it. Even though this is the game i play the most over the last 10 years. Even though this is the game i want to succeed more than any. I want to enjoy the game, but actually playing it daily i feel that a majority of the matches are plagued with the same few issues that are bringing down the enjoyment. The game is in a state where cheap tricks and easy to use guns are the meta because there is no drawback to using them and it does not reward the player in any way to not do it. This is even more prevalent in bronze districts and is even more harmful to the game. To be more specific about what i am talking about, it comes down to a specific few things; remote det, spotter, pmg, atac, hvr, volcano. While i understand that to truly do in depth analytics about gun performance and balancing would be pretty much a full time job to keep reaching for equilibrium, this is not what i am asking for. While having regular balancing would be a dream (if done correctly) it's not what the game needs right now as i understand that spending all the available recources to get the new engine completed so that the larger scope changes can be picked up such as server phasing etc. But all that would really be needed as of now is an hour or two to patch the holes of a sinking ship by tweaking a few numbers and let the community try them out to see how it plays. The mentality of balancing needing to be big sweeping motions that change everything at once that we have seen previously in APB is in my opinion not maintainable and always risk swinging to far. A small nudge and seeing how the community uses it can be so much more effective. As i mentioned bronze districts are even harder impacted by the abuse of overpowered "mechanics" and guns. I have made 5 new accouts in the last month to try out the new player experience in bronze districts and i strongly get the feeling that there are a few different groups that present. There are the dethreaters that actually are low tier golds that actively use any crutch in the game to abuse thier opp, they pretty much exclusively use PMG, ATAC, HVR and/or Volcano. They are happily abusing new players with pig percs and remote det full well knowing that they have no idea what is going on. This needs a solution to combated on its own, but i believe removing some of their tools is a start. The new players that are clueless and trying to find what foot to stand on while they are being rolled by dethreaters. Then there are the long time players that are low tier gold or high silver that find it too hard to play in the silver district so they play on bronze district. If i were a new player starting the game today and had to face guns that are straight up overpowered, get cars thrown at me that explode, get wallhacked by spotter without my knowledge, try to drive or walk anywhere when there is a volcano that will one shot my car and me, get instantly stunned by PIG without a chance to fight back and so on and so on... I would not stay. Matt mentioned that APB is getting thousands of new players per day right now yet the population is still getting lower every day. How many of these players would be willing to to try the game out again when the new engine comes? This brings me to why not changing the current meta sooner rather than later might be the death of the game. The new engine is the holy grail, i understand that. It will enable the devs to actually do changes to the game and create new features. But i fear this will be all for nothing if people come back to APB and give it another go but are met with the exact same experience with a different look. If Summit were to stream the game and bring new players in to the game in its current state i don't see any good outcome. I believe some smaller changes are needed to be made right away to the current engine so there is time for the game to find an acceptable balance before the flood gates open. Doing balance post engine upgrade as mentioned in the AMA, sounds incredibly risky to me and the post gives me the impression that Matt is very detatched from how the game plays currently. Im not sure where he gets his impression of the current gun balance but i am very interested in knowing. Is it is from the very vocal community of mid-range skill players? Or is it from the people that have practiced and studied the game enough to basically having a doctorate degree in it? Which do you think holds more merit? I have a couple ideas that i have discussed with others players that would be simple and not change too much. PMG - reduce effective range from 35 meters to 25 meters. Right now it is way too strong on close mid range ATAC - The gun is a simple point in the right direction and hold one mouse1 on mid range. Very forgiving and low effort/skill required. While i dont want to take away from the playstyle of the gun i believe it is too effective. Either of these changes are worth a try, but not not all. Reducing damage to 120 from 135, making it one extra bullet to kill. Reducing effective range to 40m from 50m. Reducing refire rate to 0.115 sec from 0.100 sec giving the gun a longer TTK of 0.805 sec. HVR - Reduce the damage to 750 from 850. Might not have a big impact but small changes mean alot. Volcano - Reduce the max health damage to 550 from 1000. This way you won't get one shot from someone outside draw distance but will still die if both rockets hit. Spotter - Remove it, it is way too broken right now and not worth dev time to try to find some way to re-work it. Remote det - Double the time it takes to detonate as a start. Personally i would just want to see it removed. While i know there are alot of other things that desperately need a change these are the low hanging fruit imo. Missions balance and car balance is important but might take more time than they are willing to commit right now. There are many other guns that deserve a buff and there are many changes that could be done, like reverting the OCA nerf or bringing back jump scout for example, but the game is atleast playable without them. Ok bye lol TLDR; Resolve simple but big gameplay issues sooner rather than later, if the new engine still has the same issues it will keep losing players.
  17. Im saying that in the games current state playing it competitively is a joke. Imagine any other competitive game out there right now where you would have to remove half the game in an attempt to make it fair.
  18. Sounds like a terrible format for compedative play that is missing the whole point of the core game. What people do in arranged is that they wait for the attacking team to get a proper mission and then the defending team gets ready to oppose the attacking team. The fact that you would even need to ban guns/mods just goes to show at what an embarrassing state the game is in. And the same goes for missions, the fact that you are trying to bypass missions should be an indicator that we need tweaking of mission balance, not just throwing it away.
  19. I personally feel like the SKay guy wasnt a very good host. Felt weird that they had someone that wasn't in house from their team to host it.
  20. Yikes, wonder if i can post my symbols with new TOS... Here goes nothing... some of the stuff i made.
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