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  1. orange character mods (ammo box, spotter, radar jammer, remote detonator, blowtorch) and orange car mods (brick, nitro) had 2.5 minutes (?) cooldown for premium players and 5 minutes (?) cooldown for all other players - now it's 2.5 minutes (?) for all players. not sure about the exact times, might be 2.5/5 or 2/4 or whatnot (remote det and brick have lower cooldowns, like 10 seconds or smth)
  2. one of the two topics they've ever created so i highly suspect it's this xd also, totally on-board with this idea. be it a new category or a separate vendor on social or whatever, or even just added to the regular contacts (cluttering them even more inevitably) - would be really nice.
  3. you like that? :^) tbf, yeah, imo your post sounded worse than what i put there
  4. exactly what i thought "oh no, they are cashing into a trend but making it their own, muh game"
  5. i don't think there's anything wrong with them but they seem a bit inconsistent? never actually checked anything but yeah, you'd think they'd just be earned money/xp x some factor but i don't think that's the case... not like it matters tbh xd (probably might just be applied differently to kills/objectives/match end rewards...)
  6. sorry, have you read the posts? they have new normal content coming. how could it have nothing to do with apb if it is in apb? it might not be "canon" but stuff like new breed wasn't "canon" at that time too, so pretty much aren't fc and social (oh ye ppl fight over some random patootie building since they are opposed, whoop di do, while they "made peace to chill and design stuff" in some big patootie somewhat "higher tech", probably more functional than an old asylum, building). how is anyone required to progress through that? yeah, there might be some exclusive clothing or skin or whatnot but that's hardly "progress" - plus, "progressing" in apb normally ends at 195 anyway already since you then start to be able to use everything, your char is at its maximum capabilities - which is shit enough, since people see apb as a competitive game (which it should be, since it's pvp and thus should be balanced for everyone) and people shouldn't only be able to competete if they invest 500 hours into leveling a character. which is why things unlocked later should be sidegrades instead of straight upgrades (like they are in CoD and other similar games) which is pretty much the case in apb and since they probably won't put in exclusive weapons or mods (i hope at least) it seems they are on the right track - adding new ways to earn new stuff, spicing things up, but still making it optional. i'd also highly suspect that those contacts might not count to your normal ranking - and even then, what does it matter, "meaningful" progression ends at 195. or is the issue that one couldn't raise their epeen-rating if they don't play the new gamemode? sorry, bit triggered here
  7. or any battlepass system for that matter? (no fortnite was not first and also not a frontier or whatever) and ye they work well in f2p and give you some new content, so why not and the price for that matter since no other changes were listed, obviously they'll stay the same (which is more than reasonable)
  8. nah those are playing on 21:9 screens with stretched 4:3 res (actually tried that in csgo once, never again xd) and that's obviously cheating and that's the perfect explanation why they still win
  9. ye op conveniently left out the fact that this is the price of a bundle that includes more stuff than that. ideally we'd get a debundled version of most things but not by pushing your own agenda through facts you bend as you please
  10. LMAO I didn't even realize I posted this under news, I believe the order of (sub)forums was changed? Not sure. I believe this https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/81-forums/ or Forum Feedback used to be next to Articles and that's what I looked for? Not sure. Don't even think social fits - https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/81-forums/ - seems more reasonable? Anyway. Sorry, lul
  11. Why is the auction subforum in the clan recruitment subforum
  12. sorry, the ^ was meant as "^this" and i just added something xd i believe it's mostly about hitboxes being "broader" so a bit less aim is required and e.g. heads are a bit easier to hit. the recoil patterns are the same and should be scaled accordingly, since they are not tied to pixels or any relative measurement (afaik).
  13. ^ the mild advantage it gives never was an issue in the "classic" competetive shooters, counterstrike (including the most modern installation, global offensive), rainbow six (including the most modern installation, siege ), as well as games like CoD (including the latest installation, BO4 ) and battlefield (probably including 4, could only fine something about 1 (the modern one) https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/discussion/13730/bf1-4-3-resolution-blackbars-or-stretched) Just an overblown controversy in fortnite. i see no reason for a rather "casual-competetive" game like APB to adapt to something which isn't even considered a meaningful edge in actual, more competetive games.
  14. neophobia

    Roccat Mouse FPS

    have you tried just closing swarm and maybe playing around with the polling rate? tried USB 2.0 vs 3.0? tried uninstalling swarm? i have a roccat kone pure owl eye and no issues like this whatsoever. (playing at max dpi + very low ingame sens (low sens overall), 1kHz polling rate, usb 3.1 gen2 port (not like any of this is necessary)) those components should not affect any game at all.
  15. those are also not being >executed so the statement still somewhat holds. but as ALSO was said above, that really wasn't my main point.
  16. i wouldn't say so in this point - executable code, executable databases and executable files vs all databases, all files and just executable code it seems quite obvious but idk if it is. maybe it is. anyway. not really my main point
  17. i don't. i've only used the advanced launcher (which is explicitly allowed - which you tried to misrepresent in previous threads iirc) and this was definitely not point of the discussion. it's about "gaining an unfair advantage". being forbidden in the eula does in fact not mean it is because you get an unfair advantage. e.g. racist/offensive symbols (arguably) don't do that either. and since he claimed it has the same result, your response/counterargument does not hold, since it isn't related. also the eula is ambigous. does it mean executable databases and files? :^) if so, since they are not executed (they are being interpreted/parsed, comparable to html documents), this isn't a technical violation. that being said, the latter does not make it not a bannable offense - and also doesnt mean that isn't an advantage in a way. i'm quite neutral, i couldn't care less if people use them or if they were forbidden. just trying to make objective statements.
  18. it has the same result though - that's his point
  19. well thats not my issue also i think jt is quite fair + most armas weapons are reskins or presets - and iirc they said they'd look into introducing the armas weapons ingame still no reason why they'd just give out a perm - an unlock, sure, like the valentines one, but why would they go overboard suddenly lol
  20. i dont think bunnies and eggs are too related to jesus either i guess they fuck a lot and get born? all about the symbolism, sure especially lindt chocolate bunnies why do you paint eggs though why would you expect a 4 slot car or a permanent weapon from a simple event tho like when has this been the case ever which other f2p game throws that kinda stuff after you
  21. ??? wtf why would they have to do so this isn't what easter is about xd
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