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  1. ah yes, the engine will make it better than gta 6. solely, even. you can't have a good game without ue5. yes, keep everything the same about it, the engine will make it AAA. one click engine upgrade just click it
  2. if they type in chat you can just click on their name to message them. replace /w with /ignore or copy the name. if they are in the mission you can do the same with the whisper button for e.g. reporting (since there's also a checkbox for ignoring there...)
  3. to add to this: that's not an apb exclusive "issue" trying to be a completionist on steam is pretty much a lost cause at least one game from valve even has at least one broken achievement... for years. it's "only" a completionist issue which are a niche group. same as those that want their shiny exclusive achievemnts no one can get anymore :^) i think most are just happy to get an achievement popup once in a while or having some to work for. personally i wouldn't mind to make every achievement obtainable again - but i also wouldn't care if they don't wanna take away the achievements people worked for ages ago, thinking they'd be exclusive and there to stay.
  4. just run into the open then or nade yourself like lilyv3
  5. Health damage is 850 Hard damage is the damage to cars and the N-HVR only deals 102 of that (850 would be insane xd part of me wants to see an n-hvr that can 1hit cars now - not like actually in the game, just for fun) unless you meant 850 is *hard*
  6. nice neutral survey i haven't been playing with spotter too much - but it's clear that it needs a nerf. i fully am against removing it though maybe add a limit, like, tracking 1 person at a time for a shorter duration (but possibly lowering the cooldown in return?) it really isn't as bad as a "real" wallhack though.
  7. What you're saying makes sense - but i think those 2 are not exclusive. Once I play a game long enough, I naturally become a tryhard. It's my normal way of playing - but that doesn't make it not tryhard. After 5k hours in Dota 2, it's hard to not play tryhard, because you know all the mechanics - and it's very competitive. Why not use them? You basically have to use them. (This does turn my games way less fun at times.) In APB... eh, I'm not that good - but when I get nooby enemies, it rarely is fun to uber-stomp them. I don't have that "issue" in Dota 2, since there is a way bigger playerbase and thus much more close matching. In both games, when I do get bad enemies, it's much more fun to go for meme-y builds/loadouts. This kinda gives them a better chance and is more fun - and: This isn't super tryhard - you could still stick with using every available mechanic and advantage. This doesn't seem too natural to me. Playing on a high-level and tryharding there however? Is that really tryhard, when everyone is doing it and it's kinda required? This seems like the natural way of playing there. But... if you're stomping noobs with strats that really wouldn't be needed - that's actually tryhard. And... eh. Seems like a bad habit. Howver, there are more ways of tryharding than the "naturally skilled, high-level player" one to me - e.g. running in APB. This isn't a good or skilled strat, not even required by any means - it's just trying too hard to win.
  8. there are no simple export options only the aforementioned manual conversions if you want a similar experience to the apb symbol editor, try inkscape (free) or adobe illustrator (paid) ninjaripper for models is slightly risky, since it reads the games memory - much like what cheats do. anticheats did block it in the past and do block it at least in some games - not sure what the current situation with apb. just be warned - however, those bans might also be reverted if it hits a lot of people. not sure what their stance is precisely, but it is a 3rd party tool that reads memory, so it might very well be prohibited/only use at own risk.
  9. neophobia

    Login Que when?

    When you learn to spell queue. God, the entitlement.
  10. good idea, good-ish survey but: I don't like this because I haven't had a chance to play all of them - or see them in action much - so it's very hard to judge - which undoubtedly will mess with the results. this makes it the polar opposite of a proper statistical survey. a "don't know", "no opinion" and/or in this case "barely saw it in action (recently)" should always be included you might still wanna remove those values when evaluating the results - but forcing people to put a random cross because you didn't provide much needed options - hell, removed them on purpose - seems pretty wrong. i'd also love to see how biased people that (do not) own the weapons are/how their opinion changed from before trying to after trying but one can only dream...
  11. and you're probably one of the first to complain they stopped announcing dates.
  12. that's a pretty bold assumption to make. while that definitely happens, i don't think it's *most* people. i haven't seen many atac crutches recently - and that's because... the gun was pretty much overpowered (mostly because it was way too easy AND versatile to use) but it's in a pretty fair state right now. it is indeed strong in it's niche - and i wish there were good alternatives for that. but that's really only in its niche. it does get outranged by ntec and star (and other longer range weapons, obviously) and does get beat by smgs in closer ranges. which is how it should be. not close to being broken though, may need some slight tweaking for a ever so slightly higher minimum ttk - but i'd rather not see them touch guns that really don't need it that bad.
  13. ye this. if there were any important items that were unlocked super late - yes, they should be swapped with others. are there though? no there are not - besides 195 mods. removing the rank requirement/lowering it to e.g. 40 is probably a no-brainer at this point. but moving them forward a lot might be a weird change - but honestly i wouldn't mind too much - but otherwise there are still the social auctions. the idea of having to work/being able to work towards specific things has always been great to me. when i started apb i wanted an osmaw so bad - and i had something to work for. i really don't support the "everyone gets everything with low effort"-attitude. it's not even gatekeeping or anything, it's just that most things in the higher ranks are really not required and simply QoL things (such as cars with 3+ slots) - and even then, you can focus on specific targets via pledging. since you also get rewards from contacts very regularly and not only upon maxing, i do think the system is actually not bad at all.
  14. ....and you don't see anything wrong with this? not adding anything, essentially spamming pointless posts. there are reactions to support a post - quotes are for responses. and apparently you do not get banned for that, since it was just removed without further comment. i believe they do give warnings. i don't think this removal needed further comments either - but they do put a reply when removing a lot of posts that do not add to the discussion. not as a warning though, i believe, but because people tend to whine when their ((partially) pointless (not making a blanket statement that only pointless posts get removed, i don't know about that)) posts are removed. pardon the offtopic
  15. ah, fair enough. i thought you wanted eu citizens to come over, when there is really no reason to, having higher pop and way lower latency. (i know the higher pop argument is flawed if some of this pop is from the americas - but i believe the people from there came over due to higher pop to begin with)
  16. but why would one from eu want to it's clearly the inferior way of playing
  17. the other weapons are way less than $30 these days others than that, i wholeheartedly agree. if they at least did it like the showstopper where there are unmodded variants available on armas and in joker store - and the legendary one had some special mod... but no.
  19. uhh... with this budget... your choices are: ugly patootie tn-panel for >gaming (there's only a handful 120+hz displays for that price and the image quality just doesn't look nice) or slightly better looking, slow (like 60hz) va- or ips-panels (i've actually seen an ips freesync 50-75hz one for that price though.) so which size do you want? 19"? 21"? 24"? 27"? 3... jk, who am i kidding
  20. which is pretty much nothing compared to what you'd need to spend to make an account "decent" imo like dont remind me about how much i spent nah tbf i dont even mind it, had my fun...
  21. ftfy why derail? tbf, the original topic is pretty much a given. surprising, when there are public cheats, with no "detected"-comments one google search away, lol. it's illogical - since character names are usually used for whispering, reporting and other console commands.
  22. so how is this related to which was obviously nonsense. i'm loyal to no one but they show gradual progress with the engine upgrade, which is what this thread was about. not about shotgun changes or anything. but if you wanna argue about that: reverting if something goes badly is now a bad thing? they tried something and learned their lessons. that's progress. not nothing. they employed a bunch of fixes (e.g. yukon) and released a bunch of content for joker and armas already - no reverts. plus - they had valid reasons for riot: content drought means no one is happy but first and foremost it got their developers good experience with the engine without messing up the main project, the engine upgrade. lo isn't perfect by any means. i'd wish for more too. but saying they are doing nothing or not making progress is plainly false. you got another very cool and funny gif for that? stay ignorant.
  23. ? are you talking about... false promises? or false hopes? if you mean the former... do you mean the one time they said they wanted to have testers on it early 2019 and only delivered on that in the middle of 2019? g1 was the one saying q1(?) 2014, not lo lmao. besides - do you think they didn't/don't want to be done sooner but just push the launch back so they can continue earning less money? lo is "notoriously" rarely releasing dates or making promises since they are aware of what promises and not delivering on them do. you still having false hopes is your own damn fault then. like come on fam, they are doing whatever is in their might already because it's also in their best interest since they (very bold assumption here, please don't nail me down on this one) want to continue to exist as a company lmao
  24. engine go wrooooooom so jus update an releae === moar play in all seriousness: it's just not that easy, they've been releasing (pretty honest sounding) updates and actually have players testing it already (that also released a bunch of screenshots)
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