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  1. it's not even *10^1. of course it is the same scale and not worlds apart - objectively. that's not what your post even said. you can bend it now but no. the concept of replacing is widespread - as you can see with cloud services and e.g. chromebooks. citrix was a commercially VERY successful example. you said the concept was not widespread. this is objectively wrong. stop picking the stuff you want to respond to just so i can/gotta repeat the same arguments lmao. crucially you also just said they want to replace gaming PCs. yes. never said anything contrary. this service is STILL not gonna replace PCs in general and this probably isn't the aim of the project either. this is exactly what citrix is doing in another sector.
  2. uhhh did people really drop low enough to demand titles (based on what they think happened, not actually knowing what did) to be changed
  3. you did not say it is a replacement. stadia is very probably also not a fully replacement. and still 3.3BN and 24BN (12mo*2BN/mo) are the same scale. by your arguments stadia would be small too then. citrix is not meant as a full replacement. it literally does what you said there though. (more or less since citrix sucks) virtualization in general also does that though. thin clients are also widespread. hell, we could even talk about chromebooks here. of course the concept is widespread and widely used.
  4. uhhh have you even tried to google citrix "Citrix solutions are claimed to be in use by over 400,000 clients worldwide, including 99% of the Fortune 100, and 98% of the Fortune 500." yeah, only 98% of the 500 companies which highest in revenue worldwide use citrix. i wonder how widespread that is. of course it managed to spread properly. "citrix has a lousy 3,3BN turnover, and yes, thats pretty lousy by scale." - so even if stadia would have 24BN per year (as you proclaimed) - (less than) 8 times what citrix currently has - 8 times is still the same scale. although they are not even competitors, do you really think e.g. a phone manufcaturer with 11% of global market share is "lousy" because another has 89%? of course one is bigger than another but even the smaller one has a giant customer base and is widespread. and this doesn't even apply here. they are not in the same market. stadia will ahve a way bigger market since it is not limited to enterprises. besides that virtualization and cloudcomputing is as old as the internet. it's not a new concept. supercomputers - that's literally clients using computing time on big servers for their tasks. which also lead to the development of the internet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NSFNET a very similar idea - and you tell me that's not widespread? no big game/developer/publisher uses IP bans since they are way too easy to evade and are already an issue with IPv4 since these addresses (generally) get reassigned to different people every day. plus, even then, each vm could have their own public/external ip assigned. google certainly has the means to buy an own IP region. would they? would it be reasonable to get your own IPv4 region? no. especially since they only have certain games available and work with the developers so they could figure an own banning system based on other, more reasonable, criteria out. and even then - i doubt there is much room for cheating. how would you inject a cheat to a game that's not even running on your pc, on a machine you only have very limited access to? that may run an OS that doesn't even allow such manipulation? but sure, there are other bannable offenses besides cheating.
  5. percs shouldnt have (as high) stamina damage to allow the very skilled pig + perc combos low yields are practically a straight upgrade to frags rn. reducing the blast radius might be a good idea there. if it wasnt for flak jacket having that giant downside that only low yields "balance" out while ca1-3 basically has none... they could also just reduce count to 2. kinda dumb reasoning but... stuff is a bit more interconnected xd concs as a car counter and frag as the standard ones is kinda cool though. i'm not exactly sure what concs downside was - but i think they are pretty balanced. but - if i could propose a change there, lower the health damage, increase hard damage - make them really antivehicular. would deal with the annoying tank meta - whatever you say, hopping in a pioneer and driving off does not require skill xd nor does having a pretty indestructible radar tower/bait standing around. since this would fuck other cars more, rather nerf the tanks though. (and buff the low end!) i feel like oneshotting small/sports car with a conc is pretty balanced/reasonable though.
  6. is decent to me. obviously not as strong as oca - because oca is too strong rn. i don't feel scammed. plus, it even says it's full auto and even those normally quite useless bars say tell youbquite clearly what you are getting. have you had any weapon that can switch between either (except the yukon)?
  7. yes although - if there was a mass banwave it probably will be investigated either way. but: you are the first one talking about this.
  8. shadow does the same https://shadow.tech
  9. this guy is just pure satire may i introduce you to citrix (leaving the second bit in was indeed not an accident) (arguably all cloud computing and virtualization are not too dissimilar)
  10. message support (if this is about losing access to your authenticator, if this is something else, please clarify) not sure if they have russian support though
  11. How do I sound toxic when I'm pointing out the true facts about this game... idk, you just manage to do so with ease. no clue how. even this answer just screams TOXIC af plus, please stop with the unneccessary highlighting/formatting
  12. but for gaming TN is totally fine. i went IPS but especially if you only play games/watch some shows on your pc sometimes and are on a budget, going IPS is quite unreasonable.
  13. it probably is - i would agree with that. still, it's not that much better (effectively) as the normal rfp, which still slaps. i think it is a good idea. it was easy to obtain - and people who spent money to do so had all the time to "exploit" it as they please, have fun with it. now that it's going, might as well go all out and allow everyone to join in. can't just abuse it anymore if everyone has it it's only for (maximum of) 14? 15? days. i guess you don't need a comparison - but i think it's okay to show everyone why it needs a nerf and if/that their complaints were reasonable and they can see if the changes on prototype are effective and address the perceived issues well enough. i guess you could just give them the updated weapon so they could be like "ah ye ok weapon, kills fast up to 30m, would play 6/10" which i guess would be enough and what they actually just need. it doesn't seem like a toooooo hard task since they could give players weapons during events in certain districts since forever but eh. seems fine enough as it is. not much they can change now - maybe next time.
  14. exactly, so they can test the nerfs. you got it. a weapon that was already obtainable by everyone and (effectively) only mildly better than the contact counterpart - so it is a good idea. nice that you agree and don't do a sarcastic statement that is just because your stubborn on your shortsighted opinion!
  15. so you can test the differences too? there are other good secondaries too - plus, why not give everyone the same opportunity
  16. meme you do get a slight advantage since it allows you to react faster and track better - but to me it's mostly that it feels much more smooth, since those advantages are kinda lost on apb - you don't need super fast reactions in this game. however - consider that your pc might not be able to run every game (including apb) at 144fps. csgo, league, dota and other competitive games are much less resource-intensive and probably will run at high fps on any given system - and in those games it also matters the most. but for apb... eh. using a 144hz monitor just feels better overall tho. (be sure to actually make it run at 144hz though once you get it. you do need to set that in windows/nvidiaa control panel/etc) but tbh, when i first got mine i didn't really notice a difference, except when i looked at my old screen again in comparison. (only have 120hz though, bought that aw3418dw 1-2 yrs ago)
  17. neophobia


    it is selfish because he complains about cheaters too and as he said, it is their right to not be blackmailed lmao i think not assisting when you are in a position where it would be very easy to do so is also a way of harming plus, why would some random dude with access to private cheats who claims to have been a gm before be a welcome addition to a team and given power lol also since it is a private cheat - not many use it, so not many cheaters - so just the usual issue in any given game - and they haven't been banned, so they are just pathetic closets that need cheats to play on par with legits - otherwise, if they cheated their patootie off, video evidence and other would get them banned eventually
  18. the point was that even g1 wasnt obliged in any way to migrate stuff over from innova g1 got payments from 4game but that doesn't mean players are entitled to have everything at g1 when 4game decides to shut down
  19. Im not going to argue with a busy body.
  20. you mean being snowflake as in posting on the forums about getting rightfully banned and complaining about it
  21. that's exactly how it is. you got it. i became a toxic fuck ingame that does everything possible to ruin others games but since i say LO is great, they don't do anything. got my secret out there. sometimes you gotta see it from an utilitarian perspective is it worse if one guy ruins the game for plenty others or is it worse if the game is ruined for one single person so others don't get bothered? i'd go with my walmart analogy again but it seemed a bit lost on you
  22. just because you spend some money you dont get to ruin others fun only because i frequent walmart and bought a shitton there, i dont get to shit on the conveyorbelts permanent as second ban seems a bit harsh but they wouldn't just ban you for blocking double bs garage once (would they?) well, dofus is pretty dreadful though (at least these days) it used to be fun like... 6 years ago when you didn't have to multibox every content and played with others instead...
  23. so the excel file would still be useless, since it does prove nothing - they would/could be ending up giving players everything that's on their accounts i think the issue mostly were people abusing their or their friends gm role as well as a bunch of free handouts and way cheaper prices to begin with... and while i wouldnt care too much (if it's not like broken stuff) it seems unfair to others and is bad for business. you could probably even go ahead and add all of these event weapons to that excel file unless there is a way to distinguish them... right? plus imagine comparing thousands of excel files with player databases more or less manually since it would be on an one-to-one customer basis...
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