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  1. I don't see where it says "sniper" apart from your post... although the description does mention "excel[ling] in medium to long-range combat"... which is just a marketing text. Come on, e.g. "This fully automatic pistol will help you tip the odds in your favor and ensure that you always get your man." - it says always, hence you have to havea 100% chance to win whenever you whip this one out? So... no, it's not "+100% compared to the Ntec" or supposed to be. I agree it should be better at higher ranges - but... that's not a bug, but bad balancing. no glitch, no bug, no nothing else. we have a shitton of weak, underbalanced weapons. the issr - especially the semi auto version, the issr-b - is actually in an okay state compared to others. and even the issr-a is okay-ish if you do use it below the max firerate - you said you tap, but probably still too fast. it's not great, i agree. it's not a competitive weapon. and hopefully will not be in future, it should be niche, a weapon you play for fun, more or less. a 4 shot, long-range autorifle (which doesn't even have a high min TTK in its current state)? sounds a bit broken, eh? tweaking weapons is hard. people cry about the quite reasonable ntec nerfs already - and buffing a weapon too much, hell, even buffing an "ARMAS weapon" (like the ISSR) at all will always lead to p2w accusations. remember how they introduced the new "shotgun pistol" that performs a bit too well, at the same time as FIXING the BROKEN yukon? people say the did this just to push sales. sure. apart from nerfing shotguns, includign the pistol shortly after. (it still performs better than some of the "actual" shotguns in so scenarios - here's to hoping they just got scared of fickling with shotguns too much rn and this is on a future agenda)
  2. that's just how the issr-a has always been. just don't use it in full auto and you're fine. that's not an error but just the weapon being weak.
  3. ^ i'd say just up the last login time - but also exclude newly created chars.
  4. oh. i didn't even know about this. i guess the more ridiculous settings like 12k are not too reasonable then? but you could definitely go higher than 1k, especially with newer sensors like the 3360, 3366 and whatnot.
  5. nononono, up the dpi - your mouse supports up to 12000 - and lower the sensitivity accordingly so right now you are on 1000*11 basically. 2000*5,5 should be the same 10000*1,1 etc. it's still the same speed but more precise. the sensitivity is more or less just a multiplier, so when your move your mouse x, it moves sens*x pixels. that means it could skip pixels. (idk if it actually behaves exactly like a multiplier in apb etc but... yeah) this obviously also depends on how accurate apb is in that regard though. here's a way better explanation:
  6. why, if i may ask? your mouse supports (way) higher dpi and higher dpi with lower sens = less skipped pixels tbf not only you in particular but since you also listed your mouse if one doesn't like high dpi because it's too fast for normal work, you can set sensitivities<1 in windows or maybe even in whatever mouse tool you are using. higher dpi = more accurate measurements though - whilst higher sensitivity only multiplies those measurements so high dpi+low sens>low dpi+high sens, even if both combinations result in the same speed
  7. can't mass migrate if there wasnt a mass anymore :^) tinypic was so garbage compared to imgur and god them deleting images and replacing them with their annoying placeholder, kill me why does their shitty site need that much js when imgur doesnt
  8. if it's the only "balanced" gun, maybe that means it's not? "there's one wrong way driver currently on hwy 123" - "what do you mean ONE, i've passed thousands!" the ntec is too versatile, full stop. no, it's not. not teaching the players how to play properly??? what? how would a gun do that by itself? the star is a versatile weapon, but not great, i agree. but: if they were given e.g. an oca on the other side, they'd think the game consists of rushing in only. i'd also prefer a different starter weapon buuut... yeah, maybe the atac. although: both are quite easy to use and don't require getting used to tapfiring. that makes them good starter weapons. i agree that the star might feel quite weak in the beginning though.
  9. that's not what "must be nice" means.
  10. lul @ the units, math 10/10 xd but nah that's... a bit much. not like you need to farn max cap but... uh yeah. something to look into
  11. uh-oh. i believe i had the same issue with bandanas when putting on facial/neck tattoos? (has always been like that too i think) i hope this is something fixable though. (i guess it's the same as how you cant put anything on the inside of fingers and all that...)
  12. indeed, i agree, this is also in line with the statements but - it wasn't serious to begin with, those statistics don't mean anything (especially since there are/could be a vast array of other influences such as more enfos than crims either way or whatnot) (and not really in this context either) and.... since the whole context seemed like a joke anyway i doubt anyone could deliver actual evidence for that statement - since enfos are clearly superior to begin with :^)
  13. because you already put biased answers, of course another sportscar way to go
  14. todesklinge yet at it again with the ridiculous kevlar changes i think this was discussed enough in the old forums but fair enough, if you want to hear it again... there is nothing wrong with kevlar in its current state. why would remove different levels? currently you can always adapt to the situation. how is DOUBLING the current effect a reasonable change to you? it is already a fair bit crutch if you just use it well and situational. yes, the speed nerf is a lot. but with epiphrine injectors or if you center you gameplay around rushing in with cars it always gives you a good advantage. ca does need a real downside. no doubt there. flak having that huge downside is the only reason i'd ever use low yields. in comparison to the other mods it's far too drastic. but how is turning it into a mod without any downsides a reasonable option to you lmao. the explosion resistance is already huge and now you want to ADD AN ADDITIONAL GRENADE? whAT? AND increase the resistance? sorry, please, this is a bad attempt at trolling, right? jk, known you long enough.
  15. offended by a flag huh but please, imagine having tutorial videos like this. who will sit through 10 minutes of some guy rambling about how to play the game... i think the current tutorial could be good, if people would do it and read - for that, everything is too lengthy. and ofc it'd never teach strats.
  16. Erinnert mich irgendwie an die Werbung mit "Alles ist in dichten Neben gehüllt" xd Klingt aber nett, viel Erfolg. Spiele leider grad nicht aktiv und habe auch (vorerst) meine (APB-)Clanliebe schon gefunden... Wollte trotzdem ein paar Worte dalassen
  17. just to be sure: Недавно некоторые игроки пожаловались, что их по ошибке забанили в APB Reloaded. Как выяснилось, дело в изменении файлов игры: левые конфиги и неодобренные лаунчеры. Сегодня Мэтью Скотт ещё раз напомнил, что единственный официально разрешённый лаунчер — Advanced APB Launcher. В качестве примера запрещённых вещей Мэтью показал APB Manager от Somepony и Pinkl. «Это не тот Advanced Launcher, который мы одобрили. Он не только редактирует конфиги, но и заменяет шейдеры и взламывает игру», — пишет Мэтью Скотт. Он понимает, что многие игроки не могли понять разницу между лаунчерами, поэтому всех игроков разбанят (если у них не было до этого предупреждений). «Они были в бане больше недели, это достаточное наказание», — завершает Мэтью. Однако, автобан за подобные изменения файлов игры останется. И второго шанса больше не будет. taken from apb-r, can't speak russian.
  18. oh i know. there was a lengthy discussion about it on the forums some time ago and in the end... they stated they have no plans to get rid of the brand rn and ye - their choice and they should know best. personally, i don't really mind either way, it's just a brand - and early g1 did an at least okay job... and it's definitely the bigger brand in comparison to LO. as you said, this belongs in another thread though anyway. although you didn't ask for this either - there's this odd hybrid feeling smg - the h9 curse from the revelations pack. it's definitely not the most competitive choice but i actually enjoyed playing it most of the time, hs3 ir3 and zooming in actually also seemed pretty worth it - if it's debundled now, you might wanna try it out. slightly higher ttk than the pmg (0.76 vs 0.7) but in my opinion quite a bit more reliable - but has a smaller magazine. have you also tried the aces (+"rifle")? not too forgiving either but also quite strong in the right hands.
  19. g1 as it was doesnt exist anymore lo is just using the g1 brand since it's known, for better or for worse plus, if it wasnt for g1 the game probably wouldn't be anymore - and early g1 did put some effort into the game... for 1.5 years, it dropped off towards 2014 and then... nothing.
  20. csgo has ranks though it's just a different name lmao silver 1 2 3 4 elite elite master -> bronze gn 1 2 3 4 mg1 mg2 mge (double ak) -> silver to low golds dmg le lem supreme global -> high gold ideally. apb has... 15 (hidden) subranks/threats per actual threat, right?
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