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  1. %homepath%\AppData\Local\BattlEye is a universal way to put this (you can also use %username% but then you wouldn't cover the case that it's not on C:) (by using WIN+R or the addressbar at the top of explorer) no clue deleting apb works tho. just a headsup xd
  2. how so? he played it till threat segregation - at least - after that, apb didnt even see thaaat many changes. he obviously experienced a lot of the game. and he literally is speaking from his experiences, which all seem somewhat relevant. and they literally are what ruined the game for him and he returned? if he was new, he couldnt really comment on what ruined the game for him. i really dont get what kind of point you want to make here. the comparison to cs... yeah, cs was old but always had a bigger and more thriving community - because of its roots too. apb never had that. but yeah... just not having deep roots doesnt meab a game cant be successful... hm. idk. i also think despite being shooters they are fundamentally different but still somewhat cater to the same audience? there are no real similarities despite being shooters and somewhat competitive. (obviously isn't nearly ad competitive though) but i think this is already enough to be able to compare the games somewhat.
  3. because everyone asked for communication. their initially planned releasedate was that. rushing incomplete things out helps noone. plus, they announced it, in order to get help and feedback from the community through tests. doing everything in secret while the community waits, hiring extra people to test... wasting money, when you could just not - whilst also involving the community - aw yeah what a banana move. fuck LO, they are the worst. this is a few months, not 4 years like g1 they were also milking at the same time as doing that while downsizing their team. sure, you could just focus on some bs arguments and ignore the rest to push your statements - way to go fam
  4. who knows if they even just target apb but like the server providers, trying to extort money or whatnot. ddosing is not hard nor expensive too, sadly. honestly, i never knew if these ddoses were actually a thing or if g1 just needed an excuse for their half broken servers that they downgraded to. (they definitely did, which lead to reducing district sizes once again) but i guess apb is also an easy target. take csgo and the likes for instance - not only is a company with way much more money behind them but they also have their own big network to mitigate attacks and obfuscate ips etc well. countermeasures you couldn't just easily get. that being said, they do offer some huge parts to devs now (for free iirc) in their apis https://steamcommunity.com/groups/steamworks/announcements/detail/1791775741704351698 even the dota 2 gameservers struggled with ddos attacks and abuse of that (e.g. players currently losing ddosing to have the game not recorded in their stats and thus not affecting their ranks) before for a quite long time (and the steam also has their own network issues at times)
  5. itt: people who have no idea about ddoses talking about ddoses (some also acting very entitled) and also apparently no idea about apbs previous ddos situation not saying it's not bad but that's just not how it works
  6. be/ff never addressed/claimed to address dethreaters. they were always an issue - one for support. op is talking about hackers... you're just bending your own words as you please. op pretty much implied that he should reban all that were unbanned. if it didn't, i don't see how that'd be related to growing a pair. do you think he keeps them unbanned on purpose? if they had the capacities to check the players they probably would (i hope, lol) it's also in their best interest but ye, seeing blatants occasionally is annoying. i agree there. and obviously they should be banned.
  7. neophobia


    yeah, if it detects mismatches in syswow (since the normal versions should be fine) - that means either you did some very deep changes on your pc (not exactly sure why one would do that) or it is pretty compromised.
  8. aaand i didn't claim they didn't mess up but you said they are searching for excuses and don't admit their guilt. but they did. if everyone capable of reading and comprehending is a white knight... fine never change
  9. ??? they admitted guilt plenty of times and their reasons are perfectly valid and far from excuses
  10. Hi there, aka overformatting, since it really doesn't serve a purpose, just making your posts more annoying. Yes, you can state whichever opinion you want, no matter how few sense it makes or how ridiculous it is. But you should also be prepared that people will openly state their reactions and ridicule you for talking nonsense. Greetings, LiLxX69th0t514y3r69Xx
  11. no need to overformat your posts like this, it doesn't magically make your content any better, same goes for signing. noone feels like apb is in a fine spot but we can see work being done vs nothing the last few years. and this is why people downvote - putting lo on the same level as g1 is just bs. ofc, having everything fixed - and quickly and that woulf be nice. we also see the issues, we already experienced that lo makes mistakes but not all of us spout nonsense on the forums or like that well, sorry i said we, only speaking for myself here rly... only know my reasons.
  12. two years? that's cute xbox was/is more fucked. there wasn't even any fix for it out yet pc is their main focus since most players by a margin stop trying to act like a victim sorry you chose the wrong platform ftfy noone gets/got banned for critizing lo. people get banned for not abiding the rules (after multiple warnings). sorry if you couldn't do that.
  13. Exactly what i meant. People read p2w anywhere, be it Steam, district chat or see it in WatchMojo(tm) "Top 10 idiots who watch WatchMojo(tm)" and just start repeating it as their excuse why they always lose. Obviously, some items were p2w in the past. With LO that shit has been eradicated - yet the old accusations still hurt the game till today. Same for hackusations. If it's not p2w you died to, it's a hacker. People hear that APB has a hacker problem, and suddenly everyone else is one. Yes, APB has cheaters. Yes, they are an issue. But it gets widely blown out of proportion - also thanks to people like that one weeb who makes dumb videos on YouTube about dying to "gold hackers" and the new "paperart" or what it's called anime doll he made, whilst also complaining on hacking forums that his free cheat doesn't work anymore. Many people are less extreme than that but still - pointless hackusations still hurt the game. And since the relative proportion of hackers in APB is nothing special compared to other f2p - or even paid games - that's just dumb and the hackusations actually hurt it more than the actual cheaters. Ofc the shit tiggs/g1 pulled with fairfight (which, itself is a quite good anticheat if used in combination) also hurt the game. As well as there being some cheats that were not acted upon much as well as exploits - due to G1 just stopping to care plus using fairfight on its own instead of in tandem with a clientside one. In general, late G1 was the worst that happened to APB - but it's not only them. Early G1 might've screwed things up too - like... the TTK increases (which I think, now, didn't turn out toooo bad) but at least you could see them being invested in the game to a certain degree, almost as much as LO.
  14. sorry, i was wrong. lmao, and i was so sure of it. i remembered it exactly the other way around, also posted by matt. but... no. eh, i think they were somewhat engaging with the community. i mean in the early days they also casually chatted at times. (hopefully also doing their jobs :^)) i think some even were in the irc channels? and ye, i believe there was a statement that was similar to LOs regarding suggestions bug reports were actually addressed and fixed. i've reported a clipping error once, was fixed a month after. they also addressed some of the "not so lazy map fixes" or whatever it was called. but yeah, those days were over way too quickly.
  15. ??? what in the world is this thread/op, clickbait title, baseless topic, nonsensical responses.
  16. i mean, i do remember their monthly blog updates (from jotun). were nice times. worse even, they didn't actually work on the eu for pc much/at all basically (according to LO)
  17. x-d that's why every game is ruined baseless hackusations are way more annoying than the actual hackers one ever encounters plus, new players just learn to call everything that kills them either p2w or hacker. but why would i argue with you xd
  18. pointless hackusations and p2w accusations (partially due to some items being p2w in the past xd) lack of content/updates last years plain milking
  19. just to preface: account transfers likely won't ever happen though since it is being published by different publishers for consoles (that funded the port too) and those want you to spend money on them
  20. ugh yikes you can only whine can you
  21. ??? they are literally removing the last bit that is p2w. premium is very fair in what it offers, the abilities outside of premium are very fair and it is priced fair. i'm tired of decrypting messages about horses, pets and housing that might be english :^) just kidding, nothing mean. but please no.
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