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  1. i guess not. i hope you still realized that some of your points do not make too much sense.
  2. i can't see what's stylish about the first image aaaand guess what, crackdown 1-3 were all M rated.
  3. i'd play that. however, you forgot the unicorns instead of cars (of course the horn would be topped with cotton candy so it stabs no one) (i hope this isn't enough to summon queen of love) idk what op is on. do you want a different game? zombies instead of pedestrians? what? i'd understand if you wanted them to look a bit more rough or something - the city is supposed to be at war - or more aggressive or whatnot but... how would zombies fit into that game idk how T rating would also help this game that much - no one really cares about that rating - if anything, teens wanna play the more "bad" stuff. i get that league, wow and fortnite have T ratings. equally popular games - csgo, cod, gta have higher ratings. i think there's more to being popular than having a low age rating. (well i did, back then) surprisingly PUBG only has a T rating too though?
  4. as far as i know limiting fps is only achievable through config editing (which is not allowed and a bannable offense - sadly, to a degree - especially cause of stuff like this) - except enabling vsync and/or smooth framerate but yikes what an edgelord skin, really
  5. game clearly is p2w at this point :^))) didn't even know about this, haven't seen a thread about this before either (or recently enough to remember) albeit being on the forums every day (yes, i am ) so... maybe they weren't aware of this problem either? they fixed similar stuff quite fast in the past iirc
  6. why does this get downvoted, it's just someones own opinion stated as such lmao i get it here since it's wrong and posted like a fact ursus is slightly better for longer ranges, ntec is slightly better and maybe a bit easier for mid range. in the end, it rather comes down to personal preference and the scenario - i prefer the 5 in most situations. not saying you would. i wish there were trial options, like a shooting stand - i get it, you can't just try for yourself right now - but that's how you can only find out which ones better to you.
  7. i bet their sweaty stack just steamrolled them and had a laugh at how bad they were. oh well. no. g1 has done this and it already severely hurt the game and population, they reverted it within months (which was quick for them ;))))
  8. huh? your steam account will have no sign of being linked to a g1 account. (or at least which account. they might now you authentificated at g1 via steam) g1 saves some sort of steam id that they will get once you login over steam and authorize authentification for the g1 website. why would steam have databases for g1 account info? they would have to have that for every single site you can login with steam on. you can add logging in with steam to any forum or whatever - skin trading services use that. the only reasonable solution is that those that use authentification via steam: ask steam for a token or some identifying information have you login at steam and allow this authentification steam now sends your account specific info to that site the site looks if they have matching info, if so, the account with the matching info gets logged in for your session steam has basically no say where the account specific info gets stored for matching or how the actual login process is on the side of that website - or in this case, g1/lo. they just give the info and it's upon g1/lo to link it.
  9. neophobia


    we have sensible thoughts, you just dismiss all of them because you think you are right. or actually - you say people are trolls because they disagree. most of your points have even been addressed in the past, idk what you are trying to do here. on a side note, "petition"-culture is toxic af to begin with and reading the title already... ah well. i don't see a real "petition" here though anyway. i think he's either using a (very) bad translator or uhhh... has some trouble with the language. what i've learned from this thread: don't try to argue with someone with a "Disturbed" avatar (not sure if that's actually it but seems fair enough)
  10. although it's very probably not as popular as metro exodus, have you thought of doing it like them? people who preordered it on one channel, will get it there - but for the open public it will only be available on EGS on PC i'm not a fan of any of this buuut... yeah. guess any extra funding is good for smaller titles. (not gonna rant about gearbox here.)
  11. sorry, never watched any of his streams apart from the q&a, only read the forums and there has barely been any criticism - if any - here and you yourself said "great guy" lul. guess that changes stuff. the feedback was pretty good regarding the q&a though. of course, as you said, he does not represent the whole community. idk i guess they could just collect the questions and immediately answer them themselves... i do think this seems a bit more personal though. and he is/was the biggest apb streamer lately. i think LO is taking action if any of their volunteers steps out of line though - i've only seen 2 cases of that though (in which LO both acted appropriately) if he is that toxic though... hmm.
  12. fair enough but ye rerolling definitely wasn't endorsed xd they did have a rule about ban evasion, i just wasn't sure about LO they mostly took active old players that seem reasonable enough. should they have taken more random people? also kemp didn't do anything wrong, prove as a bad person or whatever (edit: i guess he wasn't too nice in some of his streams. nvm.) so it makes sense they stick to him since the first q&a was quite successful, even now that he quit (for now). doesn't seem like special treatment to me.
  13. is multiaccounting allowed? xd under g1 it wasn't because of exploited redeem codes and ban evasion buuut... or you just ask a friend who still has slots left :))) whoops, you were faster, didnt see.
  14. what about sending them a message at the mailbox? sorry if you already tried that or just... creating a new character
  15. ok boomer btt: actually like the cases, sadly none for the OP6 - which i totally get. hm. tbf, they ARE a bit too edgy for me too xd pretty expensive cases though... you can get these kinda printed (completely customizable) elsewhere a fair bit cheaper
  16. lol? this should be wayyy worse than yours. it's an i7 - but that should not matter in the slightest since single core matters here - and you both have a 5ghz oc and his is 5 years/gens older. unless it's for his config he must've gotten super lucky with the lows too during his bench - or it was way too short
  17. lmao that site posts a real money trading VK page as "news" http://apb-r.ru/news-2143-black-armas.html https://web.archive.org/web/20190829115339/http://apb-r.ru/news-2143-black-armas.html https://web.archive.org/web/20190829115359/https://vk.com/blackarmas what did you bench that with? how long? would like to try you do have a way better cpu
  18. new forums were never english only (i was corrected by lixil in that regard too)
  19. or just write it, like... i'm not listening to voice recordings he even put a wall of text upfront as the op like it can't be that hard for him to just type it out... and if he just put it as all bullet points (heh... eh...)
  20. when you first started this game you had to create an account that got linked to steam automatically. you can check the address here (if you are signed in, like you are right now): https://forums.gamersfirst.com/settings/ and see if it actually is the one you are checking the whole time. have you checked your spam folder? which mailprovider are you using if i may ask?
  21. it's not even *10^1. of course it is the same scale and not worlds apart - objectively. that's not what your post even said. you can bend it now but no. the concept of replacing is widespread - as you can see with cloud services and e.g. chromebooks. citrix was a commercially VERY successful example. you said the concept was not widespread. this is objectively wrong. stop picking the stuff you want to respond to just so i can/gotta repeat the same arguments lmao. crucially you also just said they want to replace gaming PCs. yes. never said anything contrary. this service is STILL not gonna replace PCs in general and this probably isn't the aim of the project either. this is exactly what citrix is doing in another sector.
  22. uhhh did people really drop low enough to demand titles (based on what they think happened, not actually knowing what did) to be changed
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