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  1. so the excel file would still be useless, since it does prove nothing - they would/could be ending up giving players everything that's on their accounts i think the issue mostly were people abusing their or their friends gm role as well as a bunch of free handouts and way cheaper prices to begin with... and while i wouldnt care too much (if it's not like broken stuff) it seems unfair to others and is bad for business. you could probably even go ahead and add all of these event weapons to that excel file unless there is a way to distinguish them... right? plus imagine comparing thousands of excel files with player databases more or less manually since it would be on an one-to-one customer basis...
  2. you could add things that weren't bought to the excel file (but are on your char for any reason)... it's an excel file, lol (or a csv, who knows)
  3. those could easily be manipulated, so hopefully not
  4. i hate either - but ye nose is the wax to go i guess - after some time you become numb anyway. when i worked at a big company with big toilets with many many stalls (like 20 per floor and kitchen on that floor + near conference rooms - who needs this much!) with only slow aircon i just tried to avoid toilets during midday - especially lunchtime - you are mostly fine the other times the mornings are also bad since ppl drink their first coffee and coffee is laxative... but not as bad as post-lunch shits. in uni toilets are ok except after a party the day before - shit-smell is no issue anymore, vomit-smell is. kill me.
  5. 0.5%: 100 boxes, 0 legendaries: 60.6% (99.5%^100) 200 boxes, 0 legendaries: 36.7% (99.5%^200) 1%: 100 boxes, 0 legendaries: 36.6% (99%^100) 200 boxes, 0 legendaries: 13.4% (99%^200) with 0.5% chance per box the probabilty to get 0 legendaries in 200 boxes is still (bin dist - but since 200 over 0=1 and x^0=1 it's just 0.995^200 - - quite understandable because "what's the chance of losing 200 times?" 99.5%*99.5%*99,5%*... (200 times - so 99.5%^200)) this is around 0.367 - so 36.7% with 1 percent chance you roughly get a third of that - if you buy 200, and the chance is 1% each, there's still a 13.4% chance to get not a single legendary, even with the changes they are making. only the average case is n*p so 200*0.5% = 1. but that's only for the average person. there is pretty high variance in this small amount.
  6. Which server are you on and what's the "theme"? Plus, I think this rather belongs to https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/14-server-marketplace-auctions/ but guess that doesn't really matter.
  7. mobility sling is really good on it, wouldn't wanna miss out on it - i'd get slotted
  8. i dont think it would've been g1s job to find signatures. (plus with ff that's not a thing) patrolling with GMs? which company exactly does that? which one of the size of g1/lo specifically? you can hardly employ 9 minimum wage guys and expect them to do a good job there either. less wouldn't work out even if you just get them in during peak hours. and as i said, you might be thinking of yourself as an ac expert but - even valve gets frequent complaints about cheaters. and none of their games is "ran by cheaters" and so isn't apb. goats cheat epidemic was a situation where it actually was pretty much ran but that's late g1 and i'd claim LO wouldnt let something like that happen.
  9. of course, because what a company with a 100m investment and oversized staff cant do, a small patootie company could do with an investment of "the slightest shit". yes yes. issues that even a multi million company can't fix to customer satisfaction - hint hint, it's producing two of the most successful games in the industry and just at this point in time got over 120million dollars for an ongoing tournament, banned millions of cheaters yet people still claim it is being "controlled" by them. it's not like g1 also tried 2 anticheats that were SotA - or considered that by the players, whined for and then claimed to be shit once they were implemented...
  10. and those could easily be fixed and hackers easily control the game right :^) because UML prevents shitty coding :^)
  11. sinus wave? how would that ever work (and even if you just took the [0;Pi/2] interval it would be an odd "distribution" to go for did you mean normal/gauss distribution?
  12. i liked oc bc you didn't have to tryhard seeing any kind of mmr (even threat) makes me much more competitive but it was empty as hell bc it had its flaws e.g. certain people just went there for easier opp...
  13. you could've just said maximum there xd so min dmg 250, max dmg 750 starting at (min) 60m i guess that would've been fine but i'm also fine with the current way dmr is pretty garbage in comparison unless you go for LTL (or have the AV variant) - even after the nhvr fix what's a bottleneck here? that word doesn't seem too sensical in this context. also, hitting shots up close doesn't require (much) skill, no matter what you believe. but even then this would've been fine - if you'd have two hit two shots with the nhvr up close - the issue that was mainly being addressed is qs'ing and nhvr + perc in cqc.
  14. server? inb4 expecting anything other than hazardous or hammer :^)
  15. the current version of spct wasn't even formed back then iirc lmao are we? i don't feel like it is this situation at all. way less threads filled with complaints in opposition to before. because we already have the dmr (which is not getting utilized much so obviously it's the wrong way - unless you'd agree that snipers should indeed be niche weapons - which i'd totally agree with but then we'd get even more threads like this with a guy complaining his crutch is not viable everywhere anymore) nothing is broken, you just can't use it in broken ways anymore. very skilled qs'ing and nhvr cqc (with percs lmao) needed a nerf and they got it. might as well nerf the damage additionally
  16. comedy gold lmao ITT crutches and whining, op with mood swings
  17. it's a normal patootie pmg. no nerf needed here.
  18. just make it delayed. give it like 100ms to turn red and poof, color triggerbot advantage gone. while normal players can still use it to determine whether or not whoever they are looking at is an enemy or not - which is an issue with the heavy customization apb has. cs and the likes have unambiguous playermodels, we dont. nametags dont always show up (getting blocked by objects, e.g. when shooting under cars)
  19. if they didnt do anything and you reported them falsely, nothing will happen. no consequences except your reports might be treated with less priority/weight. just be sure to use it not as much in future, despite it feeling satisfying to a degree. is retract the word you meant?
  20. are they not the simple color skins? i thought they were. or do they actually have the hazardous-pattern too?
  21. my issue with it just is that it neither has special (or at least good) mods nor is it a special gun. it's just a 2slot tommy gun with an okay mod setup. and of course, not even a special skin. you can buy that one on armas,...
  22. no, that's not how it works. the 0.1% lows are the fpsdrops. it's benchmarks from one system. you can even read the specs of said system on the left side to each of the bar-groups. (plus the build number etc)
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